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Lee Min Ho Selected as the Winner Actor of 2011 in China

Last year, was the best for Lee Min Ho in China. He recently was selected as the winner actor of 2011 in China and also he entered in the top 10 list of 2011 in China by The young actor held several activities since he wrapped up his drama "City Hunter" which gained him a huge amount of followers on Weibo right after the drama finished airing in China

Miss A meet fans in China

Miss A held a fan meeting in Beijing on November 22.In case you don’t know, two of Miss A members (Fei and Jia) are from China. Credits: Stareastasia

Wonder Girls – China Mobile Concert backstage

Photos of the Wonder Girls at the backstage of China Mobile Concert. Credits: Wondergirlsworld

Wonder Girls at Chloe China anniversary

Wonder Girls attending the 5th anniversary celebration of Chloe fashion in China. Credits: Chooney (Korean) & qoxie@soompi

Victoria checks in from Sichuan, China

f(x)‘s leader Victoria enjoys a little down time between filming. Victoria posted a short message along with the photo above on the 19th, “It’s been a while~^^ The weather in Sichuan is really nice~ Good day!”

JYJ Kim Jae Joong solo fan meeting in China a huge success!

JYJ member Kim Jae Joong showed off his popularity. Kim Jae Joong held a dedicated fan meeting at the International Gymnastics Center in Shanghai, China on December 10th. The fan meeting was planned in order to thank the fans for their love for SBS drama ‘Protect the Boss’ and the 4,000 tickets were sold out as soon as they went on sale

Ha Ji Won’s cute selca from her hotel in China

Actress Ha Ji Won shared a picture of herself taking a breather in her hotel room. Ha Ji Won posted on her Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter) on December 5th, “Just came back to the hotel after the stage greetings

Chinese ‘We Got Married’ scheduled to air in China just in time for Valentine’s Day

The Chinese version of ‘We Got Married‘ is drawing interest from fans for incorporating both top Chinese stars as well as Hallyu idols, and will finally be airing it’s first episode in China just in time for Valentine’s Day

Lee Min Ho Awarded Winner Actor of 2011 in China

Posted: January 8, 2012 8:00 PM EST Lee Min Ho was selected for the winner actor of 2011 in China. He also entered the top 10 list of 2011 in China by Due to the popularity of his drama ‘City Hunter’ he has gained huge followers on Weibo after the drama finished airing in China

"We Got Married" China Special to Air on MBC on February 25

MBC’s special Chinese edition of “We Got Married” is set to hit Korean airwaves following its Valentine’s Day airing in China. According to reports from local news agencies, MBC will air the special Chinese episode of “We Got Married,” featuring T-ara’s Hyomin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun paired with Chinese celebrities on February 25

‘We Got Married’ Chinese Version Receives High Ratings in China

MBC’s Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ has reportedly eared high viewer ratings in the local area where it was aired in China. “The Chinese ‘We Got Married’ aired on February 14 at 8PM recorded higher-than-average viewer ratings,” shared MBC on February 15

“City Hunter” Lee Min Ho’s Popularity in China Continues

We last reported that Lee Min Ho appeared on the Chinese television show, “Happy Camp,” on January 14 to take the number one viewership spot throughout China. Lee Min Ho’s episode was also the highest rated program in the past two years

Miss A’s new album Touch making its way to China

Miss A’s recent release Touch is sweeping top ranking on all music charts in Korea, and it is now expanding its field to China, ranking no. 1 on Yin Yu Tai, the biggest music video website in China. According to Miss A’s agency on February 20, as soon as the group’s new EP of “Touch” was released on February 20, it ranked at the top of Melon, M

BEAST 'Mystery' Music Video Number 1 In China

BEAST's music video for the song 'Mystery', released in 2010, has been named number one on China's largest music video site, Yin Yue Tai.  'Mystery' was part of BEAST's debut album two years ago. This song was beloved by Korean fans and the music video has been reedited for BEAST's world tour 'Beautiful Show

BEAST's "Mystery" Hits No. 1 on China's K-Pop Video Charts

BEAST gets a warm welcome from their Chinese fans ahead of the six-member group’s visit to the country. BEAST’s special music video for “Mystery,” off their 2009 debut mini-album, reached the top of China’s music web site Yineutai

Super Junior Kyuhyun and T-ara Hyomin Join MBC Studio Panel for "We Got Married" China Special Airing

The special “We Got Married” China episode is all set to air on MBC in Korea on February 25. The special, pairing two of K-Pop’s most recognized idols with Chinese celebrities was an instant hit with Chinese audiences on its Valentine’s Day airing

Actor Jang Keun Suk treated as the most valuable model in Greater China

Jang Keun Suk, the Asia Prince, is treated as the most valuable model in Greater China, in addition to Japan. Recently, Jang is selected as a model for a fruit drink of the most influential brand in Greater China, Uni-President Enterprises Corporation

2PM’s 2nd Stop in Hands Up Asia Tour: Nanjing, China

2PM’s second stop of their 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour led them to Nanjing, where the members held a Hi-Touch session on February 24 a day before their concert. 2PM also donated part of the concert proceeds to the “Change the Tables and Chairs for the Children” event on Weibo, that changes school furniture for over 200 students

2PM Captivated China!

On the 25th of February, members of 2PM held a concert in China as a part of their "Hands Up Asia Tour". On the 25, a total of 9,000 fans showed up at the concert. On the day of the concert, over 10,000 fans gathered just to greet the members of 2PM

2PM to donate proceeds from Chinese concert to China

2PM 2PM took its “Hands Up Asia Tour” to Nanjing, China, on Feb. 25. The sell-out performance in front of more than 9,000 fans took place at Nanjing Olympic Center Gymnasium. Following the show, the band announced that part of the proceeds from the show will be donated toward the needy in China