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BoA's Real Estate in Namyangju and Cheongdamdong

BoA, real estate, namyangju, cheongdamdong New plutocrats in their 20s are emerging and exponentially increasing their earnings.  Among these young plutocrats, BoA who is considered to be "a walking company" and she owns an enormous amount of real estate

Moon Geun Young has been offered a lead role in Cheongdamdong Alice

SBS recently reported that it has offered a lead role in the new drama series Cheongdamdong Alice to Moon Geun Young. On August 10, a spokesperson for the Drama Department of SBS said, “We’re currently talking about casting Moon Geun Young for the new drama series Cheongdamdong Alice

Park Sihoo to star in "Cheongdamdong Alice"?

Following Moon Geunyoung, actor Park Sihoo has also been offered a leading role in the upcoming SBS drama “Cheongdamdong Alice.” On August 14, a staff member of the drama revealed that Park Sihoo had been suggested as a possible candidate for the role of the male protagonist; however, Park Sihoo’s agency has stated that the actor is still unsure of whether he will participate in “Cheongdamdong Alice

Moon Geunyoung confirmed for upcoming drama "Cheongdamdong Alice"

Good news for all of Moon Geunyoung's fans! After much deliberation, Moon Geunyoung has finally decided to star in the upcoming SBS drama "Cheongdamdong Alice"! "Cheongdamdong Alice" will mark the actress's comeback to the small screen after a two year break

Moon Geunyoung ends her 2-year hiatus and joins SBS drama "Cheongdamdong Alice"

Actress Moon Geunyoung will finally make a comeback to the small screen. It's been 2 years since her appearance in the KBS2 drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night," and it was recently reported that Moon Geunyoung has been confirmed for a role in SBS drama "Cheongdamdong Alice

Park Shi Hoo to Romance Moon Geun Young in "Cheongdamdong Alice"

It’s been confirmed that Park Shi Hoo has joined the cast of new SBS series “Cheongdamdong Alice.” The upcoming drama will mark his comeback to the small screen in 18 months, his first since starring in “The Princess’s Man” with Moon Chae Won

Park Sihoo confirmed for SBS drama "Cheongdamdong Alice"

Park Sihoo has been confirmed to star in the new SBS drama "Cheondamdong Alice"! After beingoffered the lead role in the drama this past August, Park Sihoo has finally decided to take the offer and join actress Moon Geunyoung for this upcoming SBS drama

BTS photos of Moon Geun Young on the ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’ set released!

BTS photos of actress Moon Geun Young on the set of ‘Cheongdamdong Alice‘ have been released . The photos show Moon Geun Young as the main character Han Se Kyung with her hair up in a simple updo and minimal make up on

AOA's Hyejeong joins the cast of upcoming SBS drama "Cheongdamdong Alice"

Hyejeong of rookie girl group AOA will be making yet another drama appearance as the younger sister of actress Moon Geunyoung on the upcoming SBS television series "Cheongdamdong Alice." On October 21st, FNC Entertainment said, "Hyejeong will appear on 'Cheongdamdong Alice

Still cuts of Moon Geun Young for “Cheongdamdong Alice” to be revealed

A few still cuts of Moon Geun Young in her upcoming SBS weekend drama, “Cheongdamdong Alice,” were brought out, where the actress took the role of the main character Han Se Kyung. In the revealed photos, Moon Geun Young is sitting on a lawn wearing a white-bear costume

'Cheongdamdong Alice' Moon Geun Young Smiles On Set

Cheongdamdong Alice, Moon Geun Young SBS weekend drama "Cheongdamdong Alice" released pictures of the set where actress Moon Geun Young is coming back for the first time in two years. Moon Geun Young's management company Namoo Actors released photos from the set on Friday through their official Facebook page

Photos of Moon Geunyoung on the set of "Cheongdamdong Alice" released

Moon Geunyoung's agency Namoo Actors recently revealed through their official Facebook pictures of the actress filming for the upcoming SBS drama "Cheomdamdong Alice." Winking at the camera and doing the victory pose, Moon Geunyoung's cheerful and lively personality can be felt through the photos

“Alice in Cheongdamdong”: Moon Geun Young’s family photo to be revealed!

A family photo of actress Moon Geun Young from the SBS upcoming drama “Alice in Cheongdamdong” was recently revealed, drawing a lot of attention. The photo is a portrait of Han Se Kyung’s (played by Moon Geun Young) family, showing the main character, her younger sister (played by AOA’s Hye Jung) and her parents

'Cheongdamdong Alice' Moon Geun Young's Family Photo

Cheongdamdong Alice, Moon Geun Young, Park Si Hoo, AOA, Hyejeong 'Cheongdamdong Alice' Moon Geun Young's Family Photo Moon Geun Young's family portrait was revealed. SBS new weekend drama "Cheongdamdong Alice" is about a regular girl who wants to marry into a Cheongdamdong family and the drama deals with the conditions of marriage and true happiness

Moon Geun Young shows off a young, fresh look on Cheongdamdong Alice

Moon Geun Young appears in SBS TV’s new drama series Cheongdamdong Alice as a high school student. The production team of the series says, “Moon Geun Young looks the best in school uniform from among all celebrities

Moon Geun Young transforms into a high school student for ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’

  The upcoming drama ‘Cheongdamdong Alice‘ recently revealed several still cuts of female lead Moon Geun Young, drawing a lot of interest. Moon Geun Young played the role of a new designer named Han Se Kyung in the drama

'Cheongdamdong Alice' Reveals Second Teaser Video

SBS, Cheongdamdong Alice, Moon Geun Young, Park Si Hoo 'Cheongdamdong Alice' Reveals Second Teaser Video The second teaser for SBS weekend "Cheongdamdong Alice" was revealed. It will begin airing on December 1st and is about a normal girl trying to marry into a rich family in Cheongdamdong

Moon Geun Young’s cute photos from the set of ‘Alice in Cheongdamdong’ revealed

On November 22nd, Namoo Actors – Moon Geun Young‘s agency uploaded several photos of the actress on their official Facebook page. The photos were taken from the set of “Alice in Cheongdamdong,” Moon Geun Young’s latest drama

Park Si Hoo to play a comical character on Cheongdamdong Alice

Actor Park Si Hoo will play a comical character in SBS TV’s new drama series Cheongdamdong Alice. The series Cheongdamdong Alice, which will start airing on December 1, is about an ordinary girl named Se Kyung (played by Moon Geun Young) trying to become a wife of a rich man living in Cheongdamdong

SBS drama "Cheongdamdong Alice" releases dreamy poster

A dreamy poster for the upcoming SBS drama "Cheongdamdong Alice" has been released! Inspired by "Alice in Wonderland," the new poster shows the drama's two protagonists (Moon Geunyoung and Park Sihoo) venturing into a fairytale-like land