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Teen Top's Ricky, Changjo and C.A.P. Childhood Photos Revealed

Teen Top's younger members, Ricky and maknae Changjo, recently revealed their childhood photos through their Me2Day accounts while older member C.A.P, uploaded his childhood picture on Teen Top's Twitter

TEEN TOP’s Changjo takes a selca for Parents’ Day

TEEN TOP‘s Changjo uploaded a selca he took with his mother on Parents’ Day. On May 8th, Changjo added the photo on the group’s me2day with the message, “Today, did you spend the day thanking your parents for their great love? I love you

Teen Top reveals 2nd video teaser for 3rd mini album "aRtisT" feat. Changjo and Ricky

Set to release another three video teasers later this week, ahead of their new mini album and music video release, Teen Top revealed the second one today. Different from the first one which was released yesterday, this one shows us members Changjo and Ricky

[VIDEO] Teen Top releases second teaser ft. Changjo and Ricky

After releasing the video teaser of L.Joe and Chunji, Teen Top has just unveiled new video teaser for “To You” from their upcoming mini-album ‘aRtisT’! The teaser video titled “Love is Pure” features members Chanjo and Ricky

TEEN TOP’s Changjo releases a dance tutorial video for “To You”

TEEN TOP‘s Changjo has released a dance tutorial video for “To You” in response to fans’ explosive response to the new song and addictive choreography. He walks fans step by step through the key points of the dance routine , making it easy for everyone to easily follow along at home

TEEN TOP releases comeback teaser photos featuring Niel and Changjo

allkpop previously reported that TEEN TOP would be making a comeback in early August shortly after ending promotions for “To You“. New comeback teaser photos featuring members Niel and Changjo appeared on TEEN TOP’s official website today

Teen Top reveals image teaser ft. Niel and Changjo ahead of comeback

Teen Top is preparing to releasing their 3rd single album and has released two images teasers to the public. On July 24th, Teen Top revealed attractive and compelling image teasers featuring Niel and Changjo through their official Korean website

[PICTURE] Teen Top releases teaser photos ft. Niel and Changjo

Teen Top recently concluded its promotion activities for latest track “To You.” However, the boys won’t be gone for long as they will be making a comeback with new album this August

TEEN TOP Niel, Changjo Hinted Comeback with a Teaser Image

TEEN TOP, Niel, Changjo TEEN TOP released a teaser image of its members Niel and Changjo and hinted their comeback on 24th. The image contained a quote 'I Wanna love you all day...' with Niel wearing a see-through black sweater and Changjo lying on the bed and staring at someone

Teen Top’s Ricky and Changjo To Display Their New Convertibles

Ricky and Changjo of idol group Teen Top uploaded a funny picture on Twitter. They wrote, “Sports Car 95 Line! The back is full so we can’t give anyone a ride. Next time we’ll give you a ride.” The picture showed Ricky and Changjo standing inside gigantic toy cars

TEEN TOP’s Changjo does push-ups with one arm

TEEN TOP‘s Changjo showed off his built figure by releasing a work-out selca of himself. Changjo uploaded a selca of himself doing push-ups with one arm on TEEN TOP’s official Twitter and wrote, “Working out during my break time! So I can do it with one arm!!! Eum ha keke”

Teen Top Changjo, A Cup Of Morning Coffee 'Sexy'

Group Teen Top"s member Changjo revealed a picture of himself enjoying his morning coffee. (Photo : twitter) Group Teen Top"s member Changjo revealed a picture of himself enjoying his morning coffee. Today, Changjo posted on his Twitter, "Last concert

Teen Top’s Changjo Looks like He Just Jumped out of a Fashion Magazine

You know those images that make you do a once over? This is one of them. Teen Top member Changjo catches your eye with his selca showing him drinking a cup of morning coffee after a refreshing show. Changjo wrote on his Twitter March 31, “Last performance

Teen Top reveals video teaser for ?No. 1? featuring members L. Joe, C.A.P and Changjo

As announced earlier in February, Teen Top will be making their comeback with their first full length album, “No. 1.” Having pre-released their song and music video for “I Wanna Love,” which will be featured on the new album, Teen Top has just revealed their first video teaser

TEEN TOP’s Changjo joins Twitter!

Following L.Joe and Chunji, Changjo is the next TEEN TOP member to join Twitter. Changjo shared his first tweet to fans, “First thing in the morning!! I started Twitter keke,” along with the photo above

Teen Top Changjo, Self-Camera With Older Sister

Boy group Teen Top"s member Changjo revealed a picture taken with his older sister. (Photo : twitter) Boy group Teen Top"s member Changjo revealed a picture taken with his older sister. Today, Changjo posted on his Twitter, "Had a date with my mom but why picture with my sister?" along with a picture

TEEN TOP’s Changjo snaps photos with his ‘twin’

TEEN TOP‘s Changjo snapped photos with his ‘twin’! Changjo posted a pair of selcas on Twitter that made fans do a double take. The first one was captioned with, “D-18 TEEN TOP concert

Teen Top’s Ricky and Changjo, VIXX’s Hyuk, BTOB’s Sungjae, NU’EST’s JR Pose for “Age 20″ Theme in “Arena”

On January 22, men’s fashion magazine “Arena Homme+” released several cuts from its special photo shoot titled “Special Moments of the Age 20,” which features five male idols who have turned 20 years old this year, including NU’EST‘s JR, Teen Top‘s Ricky and Changjo, VIXX‘s Hyuk and BTOB‘s Yook Sung Jae

The Changjo ‘twins’ find a third brother

It looks like TEEN TOP‘s Changjo is really having fun with his multiple selves! Recently, Changjo snapped a few photos with his ‘twin’ and posted them to his Twitter, and he’s back at it again! Except this time, the twins seem to have found a third brother, making them triplets

TEEN TOP’s Changjo triplet becomes a quadruplet

TEEN TOP‘s Changjo has found himself another ‘twin’! Changjo shared on his Twitter, “Changjo and Jonghyuns together in a long time”, introducing the fourth member of the Changjo clan, Jonghyun (Changjo’s real name)