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Chae Yeon - Look Look Look (ppwappwappwa) (봐봐봐)

Chae Yeon - Look Look Look (ppwappwappwa) (봐봐봐) REUPLOAD coz this has better quality than my first. This is the PV of the song Look Look Look (Crazy Look) by Chae Yeon. Album: Mini Album - Crazy Look (나를 봐) Release date is July 29, 2010

Did Kara’s Han Seung Yeon have a plastic surgery? “Her sharp chin stands out.”

Kara’s Han Seung Yeon is creating a stir with her chin. Recently on an online community board, several pictures titled, ‘Pictures of Han Seung Yeon after losing fat from her chin’ were uploaded. The recent picture was captured from SBS TV’s Animal Farm that she is emceeing in

Chae Yeon updates fans on her whereabouts

Chae Yeon updated fans with a selca on Twitter. It’s been a while since the star has been actively promoting a single so it seems she wanted to let fans know what she’s been up to. The singer posted early in the morning on the 7th, “It’s a bit embarrassing updating with a photo after such a long time

Chae Yeon impresses with her “airport fashion”

Photos of K-pop diva Chae Yeon‘s “airport fashion” has netizens buzzing over her hot look. On April 10th, singer Chae Yeon appeared at Incheon airport in a sleek and comfortable outfit that proved her status as a fashionista

Singer Chae Yeon commits suicide?

Singer Chae Yeon suffered a ridiculous incident due to false reports from a Chinese media. Previously on April 11, a Chinese media published an article titled and said that she killed herself by slitting her wrists

Chae Yeon will not take legal action against false reports claiming suicide attempt

Chae Yeon has recently found herself swept up in rumors from the Chinese media about a suicide attempt. Her agency stated on April 14th, “In China, there were reports that Chae Yeon had attempted suicide

Chae Yeon forgives false suicide report

Singer Chae Yeon has decided to be forgiving about a Chinese media report that falsely reported her suicide, her agency said over the weekend. According to Medialine, Chinese Web site reported through Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, that “Chae attempted suicide on April 9 after leaving a message online that she is feeling extreme sorrow

[Spoiler] "Bridal Mask" Han Chae-ah and Jin Se-yeon fight

Han Chae-ah and Jin Se-yeon had a fight. The fifteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Bridal Mask" showed Chae Hong-joo (Han Chae-ah) and Oh Mok-dan (Jin Se-yeon) getting into action. Chae Hong-joo followed Oh Mok-dan to use her as bait in catching the Bridal Mask

Sexy singer Chae Yeon shares photos of her vacation

Lee Chae-Yeon (born December 7, 1978), better known as Chae Yeon, is a Korean pop singer who rose to fame with her hit single “Two of Us” in 2004 and her wave dance style. Recently, the singer has shared photos of her vacation

Moon Chae-won and Park Si-yeon, intense emotions

Actresses Moon Chae-won and Park Si-yeon are fighting for Song Joong-ki. KBS 2TV drama "Nice Guy" is about to show Moon and Park going head to head in charisma. Moon Chae-won in the drama takes on the role of Seo Eun-ki, the heiress to Tae San Group who has no emotions as she was trained to be the best and Park Si-yeon plays the role of Han Jae-hee, who becomes the wife to chairman Seo of Tae Sang Group from being a well-off reporter

New Stills from "Nice Guy" Reveal Tension Flowing Between Moon Chae Won and Park Si Yeon

New stills from the upcoming drama, “Nice Guy” were released, revealing tension flowing between the two female leads, Moon Chae Won and Park Si Yeon. It seems like there will be a fierce competition between the two characters

Chae Yeon seduces the audience with her sexy curves

Chae Yeon showed off her dancing skills in front of her Chinese fans. On August 25, Jiangsu Chang Zhou Shi held a special concert to celebrate the 20th year of diplomatic ties between China and Korea. As for Korean celebrities, Wonder Girls, Shin Hwa, and Miss A performed on stage

"Nice Guy's" Moon Chae Won, Song Joong Ki, and Park Shi Yeon Express Thoughts on Upcoming Premiere

Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Park Shi Yeon revealed their thoughts on tonight’s premiere of “Nice Guy (full official title: There’s No Such Thing As Nice Guys).”  Song Joong Ki started, “Every scene was hard because it was so emotional, but it’s an honor to be working with writer Lee Kyung Hee, and I know it’ll be very meaningful project

[WED/THU DRAMA 'The Innocent Man'] Moon Chae-won & Park Shi-yeon’s War of Words

Aomori Phone Quiz Time – Four WheelsWho gave up the crown for love?The quiz was just an excuse as Eun-gi missed Maru. Moon Chae-won(Seo Eun-gi) and Park Shi-yeon(Han Jae-hee)’s War of WordsThe two women start arguing with Eun-gi but ends with Jae-hee’s victory

[Spoiler] "Nice Guy" Moon Chae-won, shocked at the picture of Park Si-yeon and Song Joong-ki

Seo eun-ki (Moon Chae-won) found out about the past between Han Jae-hee (Park Si-yeon) and Kang Maru (Song Joong-ki). She discovered their graduation picture on the 27th in the KBS drama "Nice Guy". Previously, Seo Eun-ki was chased out of the house for stopping the demolition of the Resort

Oh Yeon-seo visited a plastic surgeon, but didn't get anything done

After appearing on "Strong Heart" and announcing that despite what people thought, she had never had work done on her face, actress Oh Yeon-seo had to face humiliation when a picture of her posing with a surgeon at a cosmetic surgery clinic surfaced online

Song Joong Ki: Moon Chae Won is a goddess and Park Si Yeon is the sexiest

Actor Song Joong Ki recently talked about actresses Moon Chae Won and Park Si Yeon. The October 13 episode of KBS’s Entertainment Relay interviewed Song, who is drawing a lot of attention with his TV series Innocent Man

[Spoiler] "Nice Guy" Moon Chae-won starts revenge on Song Joong-ki and Park Si-yeon

Moon Chae-won recovered her memory and started her revenge, On the seventeenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Nice Guy", Eun-ki (Moon Chae-won) revealed Ma-ru (Song Joong-ki) and Jae-hee's (Park Si-yeon) relationship to the press

[Spoiler] "Nice Guy" Moon Chae-won witnesses Song Joong-ki and Park Si-yeon's hug

"Nice Guy" Moon Chae-won witnesses Song Joong-ki and Park Si-yeon hugging. Seo Eun-ki (Moon Chae-won) only grew doubt and misunderstandings about Kang Ma-ru (Song Joong-ki) and Han Jae-hee (Park Si-yeon) KBS 2TV drama "Nice Guy"

Who is Joo Wons ideal woman: Han Chae Ah vs. Jin Se Yeon

Actor Joo Won selected Jin Se Yeon as his ideal woman. Joo Won will appear on Story On’s Lee Seung Yeon and 100 Women and will talk honestly about his life and will give a great performance as a musical actor