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Battle between the rookies in Korea for the month of April as top idol groups concentrate on World Tours

While top idol groups are now concentrated in heading abroad for their overseas activities, rookie groups are now beginning to flourish in Korea. Top idol groups, such as Big Bang, Super Junior, B2ST, and more, will be circulating around the world for their world tours

Idol group trainee Oh Jung Suk enters cooking competition show ‘Master Chef Korea’

On O’live‘s ‘Master Chef Korea‘, which is set to air its first broadcast on April 27th, an idol group trainee who dreams of becoming a “cooking idol” will appear. Oh Jong Suk is 21 years old and known as the “Cooking Rapper” on the show

‘China Idol,’ Chinese version of Super Star K begins accepting applicants for preliminary in Korea

Organized by Ice Enter Company, China Idol, Chinese version of Super Star K, is to held for the six month, from May 28 to November 20, Sponsored by Century Hero Media Group, a major movie production company, China Idol is to hold a preliminary globally in Korea, the U

Rookie Idol group CHI-CHI To Make Their Comeback In Korea After Successful Debut In Japan

5020 chi Rookie group CHI-CHI, who just had their successful debut in Japan, has recently revealed a comeback jacket photo. On June 25, CHI-CHI's entertainment company, Trophy Entertainment, revealed a jacket image of the group

T-ARA Eunjung To Be First Idol On "SNL Korea 2"

T-ARA, Eunjung, clazziquai, ses, Bada Eunjung SNL T-ARA member Eunjung will appear on tvN's "SNL Korea 2" on July 7. She's the first among idols to appear on this show. The production crew recruited Eunjung for their seventh epsiode, titled, "Singer Actors

T-ara’s Eunjung to be first idol guest on ‘SNL Korea 2′

T-ara‘s Eunjung will be the first idol star to feature as a guest on tvN‘s ’SNL Korea 2‘. Eunjung will be hosting alongside sunbae singers Bada of first generation idol group S

Japan AV Star Tatsumi Yui "Korea's Sexiest Idol Group? 2NE1"

Tatsumi Yui, 2NE1 Japan AV Star Tatsumi Yui “Korea’s Sexiest Idol Group? 2NE1” Japan AV actress Tatsumi Yui selected 2NE1 to be Korea's sexiest idol group. Tatsumi Yui is in Korea to attend the press conference for the movie, "AV Idol

Boy group idol ZE:A to represent Korea At the Asian ‘I Am A Singer’ being held in China

At the ‘Asian’ I Am A Singer contest which will being held in China, Idol group ZE:A will be representing Korea nation. ZE:A will be competing in the survival program ‘Sung Dong Yao Jia Woo (聲動亞洲)‘ taking place on September 5th and 6th, according to ZE:A’s agency Star Empire Entertainment

The presidential candidates of South Korea reveal their favorite idol stars

The three presidential candidates of South Korea recently participated in an interview with 20 Question – 20 Answer. During the interview, in response to the question which asked the candidates to list their favorite idol star, candidate Park Geun Hye chose the Wonder Girls, candidate Moon Jae In picked IU, and last but not least candidate Ahn Chul Soo chose miss A‘s Suzy

16 idol groups to participate in MBC’s Chuseok special ‘Miss and Mister Idol Korea’

On October 1st, MBC will be airing a new special show called ‘Miss and Mister Idol Korea‘ for the Chuseok holiday. This show will feature members of 8 girl groups including KARA, 4minute, SECRET, Orange Caramel, A Pink, and more, as well as members of 8 boy groups including 2PM, INFINITE, MBLAQ, ZE:A, and others

'Idol Korea' 2PM Wooyoung and KARA Goo Hara Wins "Most Beautiful K-Pop Idol"

2PM, Wooyoung, KARA, Hara 'Idol Korea' 2PM Wooyoung and KARA Goo Hara Wins "Most Beautiful Idol" 2PM Wooyoung and KARA Goo Hara has been chosen as the best idol. On the MBC Chuseok special, "Miss and Mister Idol Korea," the mister and miss idol members for 'Idol Korea' was chosen

'Shuffle Audition Idol Made' Search for the Next Idol Star in Korea and Japan!

MBC, Keyeast Entertainment Shuffle Audition Idol Made Shuffle Audition Idol Made Music channel MBCmusic, Japan's Digital Adventure (D.A) and Keyeast Entertainment of Korea have come together to create a once in a lifetime opportunity for a select group of people

MYNAME to Attend Japan Biggest Fashion-Music Event, 'Korea's Idol Representatives'

MYNAME, Japan, H2 Media, Girls Award Boy group MYNAME will be performing at the "Girls Award" event in Japan. MYNAME will be performing at the "Girls Award 2012" event tomorrow. This event began in 2009 and is the biggest fashion and music event in Japan

Korea & Indonesia Collaboration Idol Group S4 Begins Activities

A male idol group created in collaboration between Korea and Indonesia called S4 has begun their promotional activities. S4’s management YS Media announced on November 12th that the group’s digital single title, ‘She is My Girl’ ranked 27th on Melon’s International Pop Song Chart last week and 19th on the actual chart

Korea’s Idol Prep Schools and the Parents Who Fund Them

Note: This post is a summary and analysis of ethnographic work primarily done by Swee-Lin Ho, in “Fuel for South Korea’s ‘”Global Dreams Factory”‘: The Desires of Parents Whose Children Dream of Becoming K-pop Stars

Popular Idol Group EXO To Release New Album In Both Korea And China On April 21

Popular idol group EXO will be releasing their new mini album, Overdose, on April 21. This album will release in two different versions, a K-Version and an M-Version. Since the group is made up of 2 subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, they will be releasing two different versions in both Korea and China

Jackie Chan to Create his own K-Pop Idol Group? 'Korea and China Debut'

Jackie Chan, Idol, K-Pop Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan is preparing to debut his own idol group. His agency commented, "He is currently preparing for an idol group that will debut both in Korea and China

Jackie Chan To Produce Idol Group In Korea

Internationally-renowned action star Jackie Chan is eyeing out the k-pop market. According to his Korean management label, Chan is preparing to debut an idol group under the name of Double JC in May or June of this year

‘News Desk’ offers insight into Universal Korea’s idol group ‘Boys Republic’

Remember when Universal Music Group (UMG) announced their plans to debut their first idol group last year ? It’s really happening! Recently MBC‘s ‘News Desk‘ spotlighted the label and their new boy group called ‘Boys Republic‘ under the Korean branch, Universal Korea

Idol stars bring out their airport fashion after ‘Korea Music Wave in Bangkok 2013′

‘Airport fashion’ has become something that fans look forward to, and the phenomenon struck again as your favorite idol stars returned to Korea from the ‘Korea Music Wave in Bangkok 2013‘ concert on the 17th