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miss A Suzy Wants a Couple Cell Phone with Kim Soo Hyun?

Girl group miss A member, Suzy, brought up Kim Soo Hyun once again. On the recently aired episode of SBS “100 Million Quiz Show,” MC Kim Yong Man asked the question, “Which advertisement phrase cannot be said at a cell phone retail store by law?” While the program was receiving text message answers from viewers, the stars who appeared on the studio discussed about the topic of cell phones

Leeteuk reassures fans that he will keep his cell phone number

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk has revealed that he will continue to use his cell phone number that he revealed on April Fools’ Day. He tweeted on April 3rd, “I will be going off to the France concert! As it is our first solo concert, we will try to give our best performance! Ah! And I will continue to use that number! I will use it as a place for us to communicate

Leeteuk Changes His Cell Phone Number

Leeteuk from Super Junior changed his phone number. On May 17, Yoon Jong Shin posted a captured screen of his cell phone and a phrase, "Ah, I'm becoming stupid these days." The captured screen of his cell phone was text messages he exchanged with Leeteuk

“We Got Married” Bride Sun Hwa Peeks Through Kwang Hee’s Cell Phone And Gets Jealous

On September 8, the latest episode of “We Got Married: Season 4” was aired. ZE:A’s Kwang Hee and Secret’s Sun Hwa (a recent couple added to the show) were going to Japan and decided to go on a shopping date to prepare for their airport fashion

Dal Shabet Become Models for China Cell Phone Advertisement

Dal Shabet, China, Model Dal Shabet Become Models for China Cell Phone Advertisement Girl group Dal Shabet has been chosen to be cell phone models in China. Dal Shabet will be endorsement models for China's VIVO cell phone

Dal Shabet to be models for ‘VIVO’ cell phone from China’s BBK

Dal Shabet has become the faces for Chinese electronics company BBK’s latest cellular phone ‘VIVO‘. This event has demonstrated the girls’ widespread popularity despite never having debuted nor having targeted promotions in China

Kang Min Kyung Keeping Her Promise, Giving a Cell Phone To All Members of Speed

kang min kyung, davichi, speed, sad promise kang min kyung promise to speed Davichi's Kang Min Kyung will be keeping her promise a day after making it. Kang Min Kyung promised the members of Speed that if group Speed's song "Sad Promise" that she featured for gets into top 10 of music charts, she would buy all the members a cell phone

T-ara’s Qri cosplays her own cell phone case?

Qri threw her fans in for a loop with her newest selca. The gorgeous T-ara member looked pretty with a shower cap pulling back all her hair. But combined with her rather unique cell phone case, the picture turned a little spooky

Park Si-hoo refuses to turn in cell phone

Charged with alleged rape, Park Si-hoo submitted his phone call log and text messages as evidence. Pureme, Park's legal authority has submitted text messages and Kakaotalk contents as well as the call log between Park's junior actor Kim and accuser 'A' to the police as evidence

Review: 90-Second Preview Edit Of Girls' Generation's New Music Video "Beep Beep" Looks More Like A Cell Phone Ad [VIDEO]

Girls Generation, Beep Beep, SM Entertainment In a marketing move that can best be described as confusing, Girls' Generation released the first 90 seconds of their new music video "Beep Beep" on YouTube Thursday

Ha Jeong-woo and Joo Sang-wook donates designed cell phone cases

Actors Ha Jeong-woo and Joo Sang-wook are helping out children with the profits they make from selling designed cell phone cases according to Fantasio. Ha Jeong-woo has been an artist lately and even had a exhibition in March

Wheesung Sentenced to Three Days in Military Jail for Using Personal Cell Phone

It has been reported that Wheesung, who is currently serving in the military, has been sentenced to three days in military jail for using his personal cell phone without permission. Wheesung’s lawyer Son Soo Ho commented, “While Wheesung was serving as an army drill sergent in Nonsan, he suffered injuries on his back and scalp so he had to be admitted to the military hospital

Wheesung Gets 3 Days In Military Jail For Having A Cell Phone: Sentence Will Delay Singer's Release From Army Until August 9

Wheesung, propofol R&B singer Wheesung has apparently had a hard time playing by the rules during his mandatory enlistment in the South Korean Army. R&B singer Wheesung has apparently had a hard time playing by the rules during his mandatory enlistment in the South Korean Army

Wheesung Completes Mandatory Army Enlistment On Friday After Additional Time Added For Cell Phone Violation

Wheesung, army, South Korean Army South Korean R&B singer Wheesung will be complete his mandatory military enlistment on Friday. South Korean R&B singer Wheesung will complete his mandatory military enlistment on Friday

CNBLUE receives cell phones for their two year anniversary

Pop rock band CNBLUE are celebrating their two-year anniversary! On January 14th, leader Jung Yonghwa wrote a long message of thanks to their fans via CNBLUE’s Twitter. “It’s already been two years,” he said

Invincible Youth 2, Sunny gets Lee Dong Wook on the phone!

SNSD member Sunny could not hide how happy she was to get Lee Dong Wook on the phone. On the December 3rd episode of KBS’s ‘Invincible Youth 2′, each of the G8 members were talking about entertainers they would like to invite to the new home of G8

Gary’s relationships, “Three phone calls all day…It’s lousy but…”

Leessang member Gary revealed his simple life. Gary tweeted on January 3rd, “There were phone calls from exactly three people all day today”, opening up to reveal his simple life. Gary continued, “I didn’t necessarily seek out anyone either

Hwang Jung-min Blushes when Talking with Lee Hyori on Phone

On the episode of KBS 2 TV's "Happy Together" that aired on Jan. 19, actor Hwang Jung-min revealed he was a big fan of singer Lee Hyori, attracting attention from viewers. On the episode, all the male cast members, including Hwang, cheered when Lee Hyori's name was called as a close acquaintance of singer Um Jeong-hwa, who appeared on the episode

Why did After School’s UEE change her phone number?

After School’s UEE recently talked about how she deals with male entertainers who ask her out. In the February 22 episode of MBC’s Radio Star, UEE, ZE:A’s Lim Si Wan, MBLAQ’s Lee Jun, and Trax’s Typhoon appeared and showed off their senses of humor

Uee: "I Got Phone Calls from 2 Guy Celebrities"

Posted: February 23, 2012 4:26 PM EST Uee, Afterschool, radio star, lee joon Afterschool Uee revealed that she had been contacted from two guy celebrities. In MBC 'Radio Star' aired on the 22nd, Uee, ZE:A Im Shi Wan, T-Rex Jay, and MBLAQ Lee Joon were starred as 'Acting Idols' special