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Chaos Park Taeyang Is Close with Other Celebrities

Rookie boy band Chaos’ Park Taeyang has already been under the spotlight for having the same name as Big Bang’s Taeyang. This time around, he has aroused netizens’ interests by showing off his close relationship with celebrities via photos on Chaos’ official Facebook page

Kim Gu Ra "SME Celebrities Are Better at Variety Shows than YGE Celebrities"

The comedian Kim Gu Ra who is well known for his sharp tongue gave criticism about each entertainment agency and whether its members were good at variety shows. He appeared on JTBC’s “Idol Preview” and told miss A and MBLAQ “We shouldn’t pick JYP (JYP idols) because they are not good at doing variety shows

Celebrities’ expensive homes are revealed to the public

Ever wonder which Korean celebrities own the most expensive homes? On an episode of KBS ‘YeoYooManMan‘ that aired on January 16th, the celebrities living in the most expensive and lavish homes were revealed to the public

TVXQ, MSN Japan’s most searched male celebrities

TVXQ ranked #1 on the list of male celebrities most searched in Japan this year. On MSN Japan’s recently announced ‘Search Keyword Yearly Ranking 2011′, TVXQ topped even the popular Japanese artists to take the #1 spot on the top 50 list

Top celebrities participate in a charity photo shoot to assist face burn victims

Actor Yoo Ji Tae and his wife Kim Hyo Jin completed a photo shoot together for the first time since getting married. They took part in a photo shoot for ‘Another Face Another Dream‘, which was held by optical brand Look Optical and ‘DAZED‘ Magazine

Which celebrities do netizens want to give chocolates to the most?

As we approach Valentine’s Day, online surveys revolving around the holiday are quickly becoming a hot topic in Korea. The latest Valentine’s Day survey asked young adults, ”Which celebrity do you want to give chocolates to the most on Valentine’s Day?” The poll drew responses from 1,300 users in their 20-30′s; it was divided into two separate quizzes for the single men and women

[BREAKING NEWS] Whitney Houston Dies at 48 and Many Celebrities Post Condolences on Twitter

Celebrities and television personalities reacted to the death of popstar Whitney Houston on Saturday, whose death comes just a day ahead of music's biggest television showcase, the Grammy Awards. Her publicist Kristen Foster said the singer, 48, died on Saturday afternoon without specifying a cause or location, according to the Associated Press

[Hot Fashion Tip] Celebrities in distinctive ski outfits

In this snowy winter, many people are going skiing and snowboarding. If you don’t know what to wear before going skiing, getting some tips from celebrities’ distinctive ski outfits is recommended. Let’s take a look at some celebrities’ distinctive and lively ski outfits

Male celebrities to be discharged from the military in 2012

With Lee Jun Ki recently being honorably discharged from the Korean military, netizens are becoming increasingly interested as to which other male celebrities will be discharged and return to the entertainment scene in 2012

Celebrities Join Together To Raise Money For Facial Burn Victims

A group of celebrities got together to do some good for those that are victims of facial burns. Titled "Another Face Another Dream", the charity photo shoot was held by an optical brand and a magazine company

'Healing Camp' GD talks about his scandals with female celebrities

Big Bang leader GD talked about his scandals. On the 20th broadcast of SBS 'Healing Camp' GD appeared with other Big Bang members and was questioned about being 'Big Bang's biggest scandal maker'

After School's Uee Was Asked Out by Two Male Celebrities

On the episode of "Radio Star" that aired on February 22, After School's Uee spoke about how two male celebrities showed interest in her after she recently earned much popularity through her acting. MC Kim Goo Ra stated, "Uee is very popular amongst the men

Uee: "I Got Phone Calls from 2 Guy Celebrities"

Posted: February 23, 2012 4:26 PM EST Uee, Afterschool, radio star, lee joon Afterschool Uee revealed that she had been contacted from two guy celebrities. In MBC 'Radio Star' aired on the 22nd, Uee, ZE:A Im Shi Wan, T-Rex Jay, and MBLAQ Lee Joon were starred as 'Acting Idols' special

HyunA, Suzy and Other Top Female Celebrities Support the "Pink Wings" Campaign for Vogue Girl

Top female stars lent a helping hand toward families with parent-less children. Fashion magazine Vogue Girl opened it's third annual "Pink Wings" campaign for "jo son" families, which are families where the grandparents take care of their grandchildren without the parents

Forbes Korea ranks the ‘Top 40 Celebrities’ of Korea

In celebration of their 9th year of establishment, Forbes Korea has reported this year’s list of the top 40 ‘Power Celebrities’, and Girls’ Generation has topped the list for the second year in a row

Forbes Korea: SNSD No. 1 Followed by Big Bang on ‘Top 40 Celebrities’

SNSD (Girls’ Generation) topped Forbes Korea list of top 40 ‘Power Celebrities’ for the second year in a row. Forbes Korea released the result of the top 40 ‘Power Celebrities’ in celebration of their 9th year anniversary

The Korean Forbes “40 Power Celebrities” List – Is It Accurate?

Ah, the Forbes list(s): surely the ultimate form of recognition after the Nobel Peace Prize. And now we have the Forbes Korea “40 Power Celebrities” list, ranking them based on influence, income and fame

Celebrities Entering University This Spring

It's that time of year in Korea where a new school year starts! Let's look at some of the celebrities who are to enter university this coming March. Lizzy and E-young from After School and "Superstar K3" contestant Shin Ji Soo will become new freshmen at the Kyung Hee University

Celebrities show their Korean pride for the March 1st Movement

  Many Korean celebrities have changed their profile pictures to pictures of the Taegukgi, the Korean flag, in honor of the March 1st Movement. On March 1, Se7en wrote the South Korean pledge of allegiance to the flag on his personal twitter, “Before this proud Taegeukgi, I firmly pledge my loyalty and will devote my body and soul to the eternal glory of my country and people

Yoo Jae Suk and IU- #1 Celebrities to Travel Abroad With

MC Yoo Jae Suk and singer IU were picked as the number one male/female celebrities to travel abroad with. During February 20-26, the online travel agency, Expedia, surveyed 600 working men and women in their 20-40s