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Yoona Voted Most Popular Idol Group Member

Well, being an equal opportunity SNSD member support blog-site, here now is a little something for supporters of our Deer Yoong…. On a recent episode of Arirang TV Pops In Seoul, Yoona ranked Number 1 in a poll to determine the most popular member of an idol group

Former H.O.T member Tony An to make a comeback in a multi-member group

Solo artist Tony An announced that he would be returning to the music scene in a multi-member group, but he is keeping silent in regards to the details, evoking more curiosity amongst the public. His representatives informed Star News on the 31st, “It is true that Tony An will be joining a group for the first time in 8 years, however, it is still in the works and therefore we are unable to reveal any of the details on this new project

Blady to return as a 5-member group

Girl group Blady is gearing up for their return with a new member! On February 1st, SY6 Entertainment revealed, “Blady, who made their debut with ‘Crazy Day‘ and was recognized as one of K-Pop’s Top 10 on YouTube by people all over the world, will be recruiting a new member

T-ara to become 7-member group

The forewarned big changes for Korean girl band T-ara have been revealed: they will be adding a new member to their current six-person line-up and member Boram will become the group’s new leader

Kara disputes resolved, remain as 5-member group

Kara fans rejoice!!! Kara’s management company DSP Media announced Thursday that the three Kara members, Nicole, Jiyoung and Seung-yeon, who had previously wanted to leave the group, will stay on

Rainbow's Ji Sook Used to Date a Member of an Idol Group

Ji Sook from the girl group Rainbow revealed the truth about dating someone who is now a part of a popular idol group. Ji Sook appeared on the episode of SBS “Strong Heart” that will broadcast on February 14

Rainbow’s Ji Sook, “My ex boyfriend is an idol group member”

Rainbow’s Kim Ji Sook recently said that she had a boyfriend even after her debut. Kim appeared on the Valentines Day special episode of SBS’s Strong Heart, which will air on February 14, and surprised people by saying, “My ex boyfriend that I started dating before my debut is a popular idol star

Rainbow's JiSook Confession: Dated a Member of Idol Group

Rainbow JiSook confessed that she used to date a member of a 5-member idol group. On the 14th, SBS 'Strong Heart' casted many girl idol group stars in celebration of Valentine's Day. One of them, Rainbow JiSook, confessed that while she was still being trained, she dated a idol singer

Rainbow’s Jisook admits she dated a member of a boy group

Jisook of girl group Rainbow opened up about her former boyfriend. On the episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘ that aired on February 14th, Jisook remarked, “There is a guy I met while I was a trainee, and we dated for a while

Which girl group member did Son Ho Young date during his g.o.d days?

During the upcoming episode of KBS quiz show ‘The Chair Korea’, singer Son Ho Young will reveal his past relationship with a girl group member. During the true/false corner, So Ho Young was given the statement, “I have dated an idol girl group member during my g

Son HoYoung Confession: "I dated a member of a girl group"

Boy group god's Son HoYoung confessed that he used to be attracted to Ok JooHyun. On the cable channel KBS Joy Quiz Show 'The Chair Korea' aired on the 22nd, Son HoYoung revealed many things that he could not have revealed during the days of god

Son Ho Young Admits That He Dated a Girl Group Member in the Past

Singer Son Ho Young admitted that he dated a girl group member in the past from his g.o.d. days. The singer recently appeared on KBS Joy blockbuster quiz show, “The Chair Korea,” to truthfully admit various episodes as a g

Former H.O.T Member Tony An Comeback With Idol Group Smash

The original idol group H.O.T member Tony An is to comeback with his idol group Smash. Star News reported on February 23, Tony An will be joining Smash as one of their members starting from their new album in March

Chinese Member Increase in K-pop Idol Group

Number of foreign members in k-pop idol group has been increasing. Compared to the past when there were more 2nd generation Korean involved in the group it seems now there are more non-Korean members such as Nichkhun (Thailand, 2PM), Joy (Thailand, RaNia), Tomo (Japan, A’st1)

T-ara’s Ji Yeon is the prettiest girl group member

T-ara’s Ji Yeon was recently selected as the prettiest girl among other girl groups members. On March 1, according to a plastic surgery hospital, they did a survey starting on January 20 through February 29 asking 486 people who are in their 20s and 30s, “Who has the most beautiful face line among K-pop girl groups members?” Ji Yeon ranked first with 210 votes

Jiyeon voted #1 as the girl group member with the prettiest face shape

News Girl group T-ara’s Jiyeon has been recognized for her beauty. A cosmetic surgery clinic has conducted a survey on, ‘Domestic girl group member with the prettiest face shape’

Choi Hong Man reveals he dated a famous girl group member

The 7’2″ tall MMA fighter, Choi Hong Man, recently revealed that he had once dated a famous girl group member. During the most recent episode of ‘Talk Show No Comment’ he stated, “It is true that I dated a girl group member

T-ara’s Agency May Change Members to Make 9 Member Group

As reported earlier this week, T-ara will undergo major changes to their overall structure by next month. On March 15, Kim Kwang Soo, the head of T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, gave a more specific answer regarding the group’s future

[news] DSP media new 7-member boy group DSP Boyz to debut through reality program this April

DSP Media or formerly known as DSP Entertainment has released information on their new upcoming boy group. This boy group will be the next SS501 and the group is named "DSP BOYZ" (Tentative name) and will have 7 members

Five-member girl group Aurora transitions itself from a teuroteu group to a dance girl group

Five-member girl group Aurora recently had some members substituted and launched its third generation. On April 9, its agency, High Star Entertainment stated, “Having pursued to be a teuroteu—Korean style country music, Aurora had recently three members substituted and will transition to a dance group