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BTOB Reveals Member Photos and First Teaser Video Feat. A Pink’s Chorong

On March 19, Cube Entertainment’s upcoming new boy group, BTOB, finally unveiled its member profile photos and first teaser video, starring A Pink’s Park Chorong. In the photos, you get to see Lee Chang Sub, Yook Sung Jae, and Peniel Shin for the first time

“America’s Next Top Model” catwalk coach Miss J. is now a BTOB’s member?

J. Alexander a.k.a “Miss J.“, who is currently the catwalk coach on survival program “America’s Next Top Model“, recently updated his fans that he’s now a new member of Korean boy group BTOB

Miss J Alexander Declares Himself the Newest Member of BTOB

“America’s Next Top Model‘s” catwalk guru and model mentor, Miss J Alexander, got to meet K-Pop boy band BTOB and declared that he was their newest member. On March 25, Miss J Alexander tweeted a photo he took with the group and wrote, “I’m now the new K-Pop boy band member of B2B [sic]

BTOB Yook Sungjae, Dressed Up As A Girl? 'Girl Group Member'

Boy group BTOB"s member Yook Sungjae revealed a picture of himself dressed up as a girl. (Photo : twitter) Boy group BTOB"s member Yook Sungjae revealed a picture of himself dressed up as a girl. Yesterday, Yook Sungjae posted on his Twitter, "Minsook, you"re a little pretty

BTOB Member Changsub Promises To Shave His Head If 'Beep Beep' Reaches No.1

(Photo : Cube Entertainment) (Photo : Cube Entertainment) A special surprise might be in store for BTOB fans soon. On February 17, seven-member K-Pop idol group BTOB made a comeback with their fourth mini-album, Beep Beep and the title track of the same name

BTOB’s Seo Eun Kwang Becomes Fixed Member on ‘SNL Korea’

BTOB’s member Seo Eun Kwang will be joining Saturday Night Live Korea as a fixed crewmember. According to multiple staff members of the show, Seo Eun Kwang will become a fixed member of tvN’s Saturday Night Live Korea 5

[UPDATED] EXO Reveals Member Se Hun

SM Entertainment’s new group EXO-K and EXO-M revealed one of their members “Se Hun” on January 10. The official homepage and online channels will contain a teaser clip of Kai and Se Hun dancing together

T-ara's 8th Member to Be Picked Up Through Auditions

Seven-member girl group T-ara is looking for their eighth member through an audition. Cable channel KBS Joy and ETN co-audition program “Global Super Idol” are giving the winner the glory of being the eighth member of T-ara

Chaos Has a Member Named Park Taeyang: Big Bang Fans Are Infuriated

A new boy band duo named “Chaos” that will be debuting soon is causing a lot of Big Bang fans to have beef. One of the members is named Park Taeyang and because of that their agency (Winning Insight) is receiving complaint calls from Big Bang fans

Ex-Seeya Member Makes a Comeback with "Run”

Kim Yeon Ji, ex-member of the girl group Seeya, has made a comeback to the music scene with her newest single, “Run." Her album has been released on January 13, and is produced as part of the “M/Project”

CHAOS member Park Taeyang is well connected for a rookie

Photos of CHAOS member Park Taeyang with various senior artists have caught the attention of netizens. On the official Facebook page of CHAOS, a photo of Park Taeyang and Trouble Maker duo Hyunseung and HyunA posing for the camera was revealed

B.A.P reveals fourth member, Dae Hyun

B.A.P’s Bang Young Gook and Dae Hyun charismatic album jacket pictures have been revealed and thus started their debut countdown. On January 16, B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment said, “There are ten days left until the album release date and B

Chaos Member Park Taeyang Misses His Teacher, Actor Choi Min Soo

Park Taeyang of new boy band Chaos recently revealed that he misses his teacher, actor Choi Min Soo. Park Taeyang first met Choi Min Soo on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday: Zero Member” in 2006. “Zero Member” was a show that helped misbehaving high school students get on the right path in life

Two Months member Do Dae Yoon apologizes to IU and Taeyang fans

Two Months’ member Do Dae Yoon apologized via Twitter for his comments pertaining to singer IU and Big Bang member Taeyang. The Superstar K3 contestant tweeted on the 17th stating, “I’m not that good looking, what do you think of me, IU? Will you even see this?” The tweet was in response to IU’s previous statement on a talk show where she stated that she preferred men who are not good looking

Girls’ Generation member Seohyun & Kim Hyun Joong look like ‘campus couple’ for a recent photo shoot

Photos of Girls’ Generation member Seohyun with singer Kim Hyun Joong were shared online. The above photos surfaced on an online community site on the 26th, and were taken while the two were filming an advertisement for a cosmetics brand

Which Girls’ Generation member cares the least about her appearance?

Which Girls’ Generation member cares the least about their appearance? According to a few members, it’s none other than Sunny! On the January 27th broadcast of SBS FM‘s ‘Park So Hyun’s Love Game‘, Taeyeon, Sooyoung, and Seohyun appeared as guests and revealed some interesting info about the group

Girls’ Generation member Sunny makes a cameo in Miryo?s solo teaser

Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo released four different image teasers earlier for her solo debut album, and now she’s followed up by unveiling her first video teaser! The teaser features a cameo from Girls’ Generation member Sunny, who’s seen moving towards a club with a VIP pass in her hand

Girls’ Generation member Sunny shocks with her sexy see-through look

Girl’s Generation member Sunny has shocked netizens with her sexy see-through concert attire. An online community board post titled, ‘Sunny’s provocative attire shows off her curvy body‘ recently surfaced with the two photos seen above

Which SNSD Member Pays the Least Attention to Her Looks?

SNSD members Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun chose Sunny as the member who pays the least attention to her looks.On January 27, members Taeyeon, Sooyoung and Seohyun were guest-starring on SBS radio show Power FM "Park Sohyun's Love Game - Reading the Stars" and revealed some stories about the group's members

Dal Shabet Member Gaeun's Shocking Figure

Dal Shabet, Gaeun, figure, body, official, bag, camera, charisma Group Dal Shabet's member Gaeun's unchanged photo has caught the attention of fans.  On the 28th, a picture of Gaeun was posted on Dal Shabet's official twitter account, along with the comments, "This is a picture of Gaeun's photo that has not been altered