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Brave Guys tops a music chart with the song “I Don Care”

Brave Guys beat formidable K-pop idol groups including TaeTiSeo and Sistar and tops a music chart. The group released the part of their second single, titled “I Don Care” in the episode of KBS2’s Gag Concert that aired on May 13

Smash does a ‘Brave Guys’ parody and reveals, “We’re one week sunbaes of 2PM”

On the June 7th episode of PalmTV‘s ‘IdolTV Smash‘, idol group Smash did a hilarious parody of ‘Brave Guys’. In their parody, Smash’s Youngsuk revealed, “You think we’re rookies, but we’re actually sunbaes of 2PM by one week

Brave Guys release summer jam “Spring, Summer, Summer, Summer”

Brave Guys, the comedians (Gag Concert) turned pop stars have released a refreshing summer jam titled, “Spring, Summer, Summer, Summer”. Blast this jam while driving down to the beach and you’re all set!

Brave Guys releases third single "Spring Summer Summer Summer"

Brave Guys has returned to the summer scene with an equally hot song. Their third single "Spring Summer Summer Summer" was released on July 23rd (KST). This song brings out their distinctive style accompanied by a fresh beat and cool synth sounds

TEEN TOP Parodies 'Brave Guys'

TEEN TOP, GAG Concert, 100% On 'TEEN TOP & 100%' finale, they talked about the episodes and behind-the-scenes stories that occurred in the process of their filming. TEEN TOP parodied 'GAG Concert''s 'Brave Guys' and said all that they weren't able to say to MC Kim Tae Hyun

Brave Guys to hold "Redouble Courage" concert for Yonsei University for students

The Brave Guys stepped up to release the tension of the university students' stress in their tuition fees, by holding a concert called "Redouble Courage". All proceeds of the concert will be donated towards the university tuition fees

Brave Guys Concert Line Up: IU, B2ST, KARA, 4minute&

The line up for the Brave Guys’ concert was recently released. Since the concert is known as a charity concert to help college students, who are suffering from their school fees, many singers said they want to attend the concert

Brave Guys to hold “Redouble Courage” concert and donate full revenue toward tuition fees

The Brave Guys stepped up to release the tension of the university students’ stress in their tuition fees, by holding a concert called “Redouble Courage“. All proceeds of the concert will be donated towards the university tuition fees

Brave Guys’s “I Think I Love U So” MV for ‘Shut Up Family’ OST Vol. 1 to be brought out

‘Gag Concert‘ comedians turned musicians Brave Guys have recently brought out the MV for  ”I Think I Love U So“, which is set to be the theme song for the KBS drama ‘Shut Up Family‘. It will also be added to the Vol

Brave Guys release first and last album ‘A to Z’

Popular comedy group Brave Guys of ‘Gag Concert’ has released its first full-length ‘A to Z’ on December 6th. However, they decided that the new album will be their final one as the group retires from singing and focuses on comedy

“Gag Concert” Brave Guys bring out “Growing Distant” MV

On December 6th, Brave Guys of ‘Gag Concert have officially brought out their music video for title track “Growing Distant” from their first and final album ‘A to Z‘. The album consists of 3 pre-released songs and 7 new songs, showing the various music styles of Brave Guys as well as bringing laughter to listeners

‘Gag Concert’s Brave Guys to issue their first and last album, ‘A to Z’

The first and last album, ‘A to Z‘‘ of Gag Concert‘s Brave Guys has been brought out. It is said that this album consists of all the various types of music which the members would like to perform before ending their singing careers and to concentrate on their main field of expertise

The Brave Guys Release First & Last Album

KBS's comedy show Gag Concert has been growing in popularity immensely this past year. One of the most successful acts to date is the Brave Guys, a regular skit about a three-membered hip hop group that sing/rap their advice to a guy who seems to always be getting rejected (with all the typical "wrong" behaviour), but doesn't realize why

Brave Guys Releases Last Project Before Retiring as Singers

Brave Guys has unveiled its first and last album A to Z. Brave Guys released its 10-track album on December 6, featuring the main song Growing Distant. The group, consisting of comedians Shin Bora, Park Sung Kwang, Jung Tae Ho, and Yang Sun Il, also unveiled its music video for the song, shying away from their usual comedic acting

Brave Guys returns with “Recede” on ‘Music Bank’

Popular comedy group Brave Guys of ‘Gag Concert’ is making its final round of music promotions for their latest title track “Recede” off of their first full-length album ‘A to Z’

Brave Guys’ Shin Bora might become a solo singer

Comedians Brave Guys of ‘Gag Concert‘ recently retired from the music industry after releasing their first and last album ‘A to Z‘ as well as the music video for its title track “Growing Distant”

Gag Concert’s Brave Guys fight back rapper E-Sens

On the December 9th broadcast of KBS 2TV “Gag Concert”, the Brave Guys threw away their hip-hop images to transform into a rock band. Regarding their change, the Brave Guys shared, “Someone doesn’t like us doing hip-hop

Brave Guys and E-Sens already resolved their misunderstandings

Last month, Supreme Team‘s E-Sens left comments on his Twitter account regarding comedians who imitated hip hop artists, causing a big controversy. His tweets quickly drew a lot of attention of the public, who assumed that the E-Sens was directing his comments toward the comedian team Brave Guys from ‘Gag Concert’

Brave Guys segment on ‘Gag Concert’ discontinued

The Brave Guys segment on KBS2TV‘s ‘Gag Concert‘ has been discontinued. According to producers, after the comedians finish filming on the 6th KST, the Brave Guys segment will be officially discontinued

IU on ‘Come to Play’: “I don’t like good-looking guys”

Singer IU recently guested on MBC‘s ‘Come to Play‘, where she revealed, ”I don’t like good-looking guys.” On January 16th, the variety show held a special talk corner called ’Steal IU’s Heart’, in which Joo Hyun, Jung Bo Suk, Park Sang Min, and Kim Joo Hyuk had to hold a ‘meeting‘ with IU and have her pick who she liked best