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“Shut Up, Flower Boy Band” Will Be Better Than “Boys Over Flowers?”

“Flower Boys” are a popular concept used in dramas. “Coffee Prince,” “Boys Over Flowers,” “Heartstrings,” and “Flower Boys Ramen Shop” have all used this concept. The flower boy definitely scratches an itch for female fans and usually the dramas will expand beyond Korea to overseas fans

‘Pledis Boys’ reveal their official name: NU’EST!

Pledis Entertainment has finally revealed the name of their newest boy group! Known initially as the Pledis Boys after doing promotions with their seniors, Son Dambi and After School for their Happy Pledis 2012 “Love Letter” single, they have been officially named as NU’EST and will debut soon as a 5-member group

What is Pledis Boys' Real Name?

Pledis Boys, the new boy group from Pledis Entertainment, has revealed their official name and first official photo today. The group better known as “After School Boys,” for coming from the same agency as After School, is in fact going to promote under the name, “NU’EST

‘Dangerous Boys’ put on their first guerrilla concert in front of a live audience

The boys of the JTBC program, ‘SNSD and the Dangerous Boys‘ successfully put on their first guerrilla concert. Ahead of their Street Jam Dance Competition scheduled to take place on February 5th, the boys put on a surprise guerrilla concert at an Arts College in Seoul

Girls’ Generation ‘The Boys’ album places high on Billboard’s “Heatseekers” + “World Album” charts

Girls’ Generation US album ‘The Boys‘ has placed high on the Billboard chart. The album has ranked 22nd on the ‘Heatseekers Albums‘ category of Billboard, while impressively placing 2nd on the ‘World Albums Chart‘

TEEN TOP’s pretty boys pose for a picture

Earlier this week, TEEN TOP was chosen as one of the top four idol groups who looked great in hanboks. As if to prove their ‘pretty boy’ reputation, TEEN TOP members Chunji and L.Joe shared a selca that boasted of their handsome looks

SNSD'd Dangerous Boys Are Dangerously Great

snsd, girls' generation, guerrilla, concert, dangerous, boys The Dangerous Boys from JTBC's "SNSD and Dangerous Boys" have successfully completed aguerrilla concert whch lured swrms of fans to attend

SNSD "The Boys" Debuts at #2 on Billboard's World Chart

SNSD entered the Billboard chart!  On January 17, they released an international maxi version of their hit single "The Boys" in the U.S, Canada, France and the U.K. The album which consists of SNSD's third album's main track "The Boys" and remixed versions entered the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart at #2

SNSD’s ‘The Boys’ International Album Release Revealed

As some of you know, Girls’ Generation will be marketing a special copy of ‘The Boys’ in Europe, North America and other parts of the world. The tracklist along with other important information has been revealed… The album will contain a whopping 17 tracks

SNSD & The Dangerous Boys Ep 3 [Eng Sub]

A big shout out to taenacity for the speedy subs every week. Here’s episode 3, enjoy! Rest of the parts under the cut~   Source: taenacity@youtube

SNSD and the Dangerous Boys Episode 2 [Eng Sub]

Hot off the press to your monitor is the second episode of SNSD and the Dangerous Boys English subbed.  Enjoy this week’s episode (the rest of the parts under the cut)! Credits: taenacity@youtube

Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys [Episode 1]

On SNSD’s new reality show, “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys”, the girls are tasked with mentoring five troubled teenagers from different areas of Korea, hoping to solve their problems and see positive change in their characters

Fancy “The Boys” In Lights ?!!

With the Christmas holiday season approaching and the current popularity of our favourite ladies’ top musical hit “The Boys”, something like this is bound to happen sooner or later

Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys’

As you know, SNSD has been hired by jTBC to host their very own variety show, which is titled “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys’” The girls will become mentors to five teenagers who have strayed off the path a bit

S♡NEs – Are Fan boys > Fan girls?

SONEs, just who are they? Well, according to snsdkorean’s “Soshictionary”, the term “S♡NE – [pronunciation: so-won]” is used to describe “ People of all ages who found anything unrelated to So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) totally irrelevant

Triple Triple Crowns for SNSD’s ‘The Boys’!

SNSD have won the their third Mutizen Song Award (Inkigayo) for ‘the Boys’! Following Triple Crowns on M! Countdown and Music Bank, this marks their third and final Triple Crown win for this promotion cycle! Inkigayo was not broadcasted last week, therefore SNSD were awarded the Mutizen Song award for last week’s chart (Nov 6) earlier on today’s show, and at the end also received a third #1 for this week’s music chart

The Boys Album 2nd on Oricon Charts!

I thought this was an interesting news bit… SNSD’s 3rd album “The Boys” has charted second during the time frame of October 24 to October 30 in Japan!  With no promotional activities in Japan, the album sold a healthy 21,227 copies shooting them to second

The Girls brought the Boys out on Music Bank

And with those outfits… who wouldn’t come outof the closet ? Seriously loving the clothes this time; kinda reminds me of After School’s concept but more.. elegant? Of course, Soshi takes the crown again this week, congrachuuulations to the girls! Winning Cut & Encore (wooo! wooo!!): cr; monmonsnowSeason4@youtube, girlsgeneration@facebook

“The Boys” Global Cover Contest!

SM Entertainment has been heavily promoting “The Boys” around the world (Global Generation!) and their latest Facebook Contest has SONEs singing, dancing and editing their way to the top for some very unique prizes! The contest started on October 20th, and SONEs have been submitting a plethora of user created content and dance covers for the past 10 days

“The Boys” ranked 3rd on Youtube Worldwide Music Category!

SNSD’s lead song “The Boys” has ranked 3rd on Youtube’s Worldwide Music category for the week of Oct 25th. As of this moment, the Korean and English versions combined have over 15