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G8 members Woori, Suzy, Bora, & Yewon snap a photo at the ‘Idol Star Championships’

The G8 members Jewelry‘s Kim Yewon, miss A‘s Suzy, SISTAR‘s Bora, and Rainbow‘s Go Woori snapped a few different photos together. Kim Yewon shared some of the photos above via her official Twitter page and wrote, “We met at the Idol Championships! It was tough, but it was fun ^_^* Wahoo~~~~ We’re cute, aren’t we?” The photos were taken during the MBC Lunar New Year special, ‘Idol Stars’ Track-and-Field & Swimming Championships‘

SISTAR’s Bora reveals that the members walk around naked in the dorm

SISTAR’s Bora has revealed that all the SISTAR members walk around naked in their dorm! Bora was part of the latest recording for SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart – Couple Special‘, where she revealed, “The SISTAR members all walk around without any clothes on

KARA?s Jiyoung and SISTAR’s Bora become ‘gag-girls’ on ‘Invincible Youth 2′

On the latest episode of KBS’s ‘Invincible Youth‘ KARA‘s Jiyoung and especially SISTAR‘s Bora made a shocking transformation in order to make comedian Im Ha Ryong laugh

KARA Kang Ji Young and SISTAR Bora's Comic Makeover

KARA, Kang Ji Young, SISTAR, Bora, makeover, invincible youth KARA member Kang Ji Young and SISTAR member Bora revealed a comic picture of themselves and caught the attention of fans.  On the 29th, Kang Ji Young posted on his twitter a picture, along with the comments, "I know its embarrassing but out members tried out best in the cold

SISTAR’s Bora thanks fans for the birthday wishes

SISTAR‘s Bora celebrated her birthday recently, and she’s shared a special photo to thank fans for their well-wishes. On January 31st, Bora tweeted, ”Wow, I’m so happy for the overwhelming amount of birthday wishes from everyone

SISTAR Bora's Cute Heart

SISTAR, Bora, birthday, wishes, picture, thank Group SISTAR member Bora sent her gratitude for her birthday wishes with a picture of herself.  On the 31st, Bora posted a picture on SISTAR's official twitter, along with the comments, "I am so happy that so many people congratulated me on my birthday

Sistar’s Bora fractures thumb during performance

Sistar’s Bora fractured her thumb after falling on stage. The group performed their comeback song Shady Girl at the Let’s Start Sharing Concert on the 28th.However, the group had to withstand the pouring rain during the performance, eventually leading Bora to fall flat on her face

Sandara Park asks about her encore fashion, “Do I look like Uhm Jung Hwa unnie?”

Sandara Park brings her fans a wave laughter once again with a cute selca. Group 2NE1 member Sandara Park sent word of her latest through Me2Day on January 22nd. “‘Don’t know. Can’t figure it out!’ Dalong‘s encore fashion! For encores, we get on stage with freestyle fashion using the goods at the concert! How should I use the YG Family towel today? Put it around the neck or hang it on the pants, or wear it around the head, then decided on the lamb hair! Do I look like Uhm Jung Hwa unnie?” In the picture, Sandara Park has turned the YG family towel into headphones that remind netizens of Uhm Jung Hwa during her promotions for ‘Molla’

The Moon that Embraces the Sun, princess Jin Ji Hee takes a picture with princess Nam Bora

An affectionate picture of actresses Jin Ji Hee and Nam Bora has been revealed. Jin Ji Hee and Nam Bara each play the child and adult roles of princess Min Hwa on the popular MBC drama ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’

After School, Uee together with unnie Kahi at ‘Music Bank’

Singer Uee took a picture together with Kahi looking affectionate like the prettiest of sisters. Uee posted on her Me2Day on January 6th, “Everyone, today is my first day as MC on ‘Music Bank’

Song Joong Ki, “I was so embarrassed with all the aegyo for Shin bora”

Actor Song Joong Ki talked about his popularity in Japan. On the December 10th installment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Broadcast’, Song Joong Ki, who has captivated the hearts of Japanese women recently, talked about his popularity in Japan

SNSD Sunny Embarrassing Photo with SISTAR BoRa

SNSD, Girls Generation, Sunny, SISTAR, BoRa On the 4th, a reality TV show was aired. Appearances made by SNSD Sunny, HyoYeon, Miss A Suzi, SISTAR BoRa, f(x) Amber, Rainbow WooRi, Jewelry YeWon, and KARA Kang Ji Young

Sistar BoRa and Actor Ji Hyun Woo Working Together

On early morning of the 12th, BoRa of Sistar updated her twitter with the words "Seaweed farm. It was cold and tiring but it was a new experience!!! HyunWoo oppa!! We worked so hard." She included a photo in her twitter update

Sistar BoRa And Ji Chang Wook - A Couple?

Photos were released at an online community on the 12th of this month with titles like "BoRa and Ji Chang Wook, what are they?" In the picture, BoRa and Ji Chang Wook seem to be talking to each other while standing at a red light smiling at each other

Who’s that guy with Sistar’s Bora?!

A paparazzi shot of Sistar's Bora with actor Ji Changwook is escalating curiosity among fans. On the 12th, several pictures of the two were posted online titled "What's going on between Bora and Ji Changwook? They look like a couple from Chungdam Dong

Sistar’s Bora and Ji Chang Wook’s paparazzi photo sparks interest

A recent paparazzi photo of Sistar‘s Bora and actor Ji Chang Wook startled netizens for a moment as they believed it to be proof of a real relationship. On February 12th, the two-set photo was uploaded onto an online community board under the caption, “Bora, Ji Chang Wook

SISTAR's Bora Captured with Ji Chang Wook: Are They Dating?

Paparazzi shots of SISTAR's Bora and actor Ji Chang Wook together are drawing attention online. On February 12, a series of pictures of the two, titled "Bora-Ji Chang Wook, What's their relationship? They look like a couple," appeared on several online forums

K.Will releases ?I Need You? MV starring Bora & Ji Chang Wook

After unleashing his digital single, “I Hate Myself” two weeks ago, the talented K.Will has released his newest EP, “I Need You”. Additionally, the music video for his title track, “I Need You” was also revealed

K.Will Unveils "I Need You" MV Featuring Bora and Ji Chang Wook

K.Will has just unveiled the full music video to his new track, “I Need You” on Starship Entertainent’s official YouTube channel. The music video features SISTAR’s Bora, actor Ji Chang Wook and upcoming young actor (from The Moon That Embraces the Sun) Yeo Jin Goo

SISTAR’s Bora has a ‘window kiss scene’ in K.Will’s “I Need You” MV

K.Will has released a new single entitled “I Need You“, and his music video stars SISTAR‘s Bora and actor Ji Chang Wook as a loving couple. One scene is particular is becoming a hot topic online, thanks to its romantic setup