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Block B reveals ‘Welcome to the Block’ intro!

Block B have just kicked off their promotions for their comeback mini-album, ‘Welcome to the Block‘! On January 13th, Cho PD tweeted, “Welcome to the BLOCK intro“, and linked a video from Block B’s official Facebook page

Block B reveals new 15-second teaser!

Block B‘s comeback is just around the corner, and the boys have just kicked up the hype with a new 15-second teaser! On January 28th, Block B released a video for “Commotion“. The members are seen confidently looking into the camera, as if to assure fans that this time, they’re going to shake up the industry and won’t hold anything back Check out the teaser below (and click here for their tracklist info!)

Block B’s showcase tickets sell out in 24 seconds

Hip hop idol group Block B will be holding a showcase and a fan meeting with their BBCs, just one day before the release of their 3rd mini album, ‘Welcome to the Block’. Although the showcase was only advertised through their fanclub and SNS, all 2,000 seats were reportedly sold out 24 seconds after they went on sale! Additionally, 100 fans from Block B’s Japanese fan club scheduled a visit to Korea just for the showcase, and so Brand New Stardom decided to prepare seats for them as well

Block B New Teaser Video "Commotion"

Block B Block B‘s newest album is just around the corner, and the boys have just kicked up the hype with a new 15-second teaser of their new video “Commotion“. "Commotion has yet to be banned by KBS, the network that has already banned two of their five new songs

Block B reveals second MV teaser for “Nanrina”

The boys of Block B are readying to rock the industry with their comeback, and to build up the hype, they’ve unleashed their second music video teaser! This 30-second clip gives a longer glimpse into Block B’s new style — a fusion between flower boy looks and street punk swag

[Exclusive Video] Get Ready for Block B’s comeback with ‘Nanrina’!

The boys of Block B are gearing up for their comeback with their new song, “Nanrina“! They released a teaser just days ago, bringing a brand new image and sound for their second mini-album, scheduled for release on Thursday, February 2nd (KST)! Additionally, all of the tracks were produced by none other than Block B’s leader, Zico

Block B Releases Second Teaser Video for “Nanrina”

Block B just followed up their first comeback teaser video from last week with the second teaser video for “Nanrina.” The 30-second clip is an extension of the first video, showing more swagger and force of each Block B member

Block B Second Teaser “Nanrina”

block b BrandnewStardom released second music video teaser of Block B’s “Nanrina” as fans are waiting in anticipation of their comeback. The 30-second teaser gives a glimpse of the group’s new style, a mix between flower boy looks and street punk

Hottest Fashionista on the Block

On February 9th, Mnet’s “Trend Report Feel” discussed the fashion choices of various Kcelebs. From IU’s innocent style to Hong SooA’s glamorous look, stars were seen flaunting individual fashion senses

Block B unleashes full MV for “Nanrina”

Block B is back with a sizzling MV for “Nanrina“! The seven-member hip hop group are bringing their swagger to the forefront by transforming into stylish troublemakers, who scuffle on rooftops and cause a lively ruckus

Block B Unveils Full MV for “Nanrina”

Block B has finally unleashed the full music video for their comeback single, “Nanrina.” After teasing us with two videos, they finally released the full MV that puts the group’s fierce and powerful energy on full display

Block B’s “Welcome to the Block” achieves an all-kill

After completing a successful showcase for the release of their new album, “Welcome to the Block“, Block B has more good news to share, as they’ve taken over the real time charts! All five of the new songs off of their second mini-album ranked in the ‘Top 5′ on digital music sites like Melon, Cyworld, Olleh, and Dosirak just moments after its release

Zico expresses his thoughts on Block B’s song bans

As previously reported, Block B held an exciting comeback showcase for their new mini-album, “Welcome to the Block“. The showcase was comprised of performances and interviews, and it was during a Q&A session that member Zico addressed the issue of their banned songs

Block B's Zico Responds to Songs Being Banned

Block B revealed their candid thoughts in relation to deliberations over two of their latest songs. On February 1, a press conference was held to commemorate Block B’s latest release. During the event the group put on a powerful performance to kick-off promotions for their second mini-album, “Welcome to the Block

Block B returns to ‘M! Countdown’ with “Nanrina”!

The seven boys of talented hip-hop group Block B are finally back with a new mini-album titled ‘Welcome to the Block‘. When fans first heard that all the tracks were composed by Zico himself, attention grew instantaneously which ultimately led to the welcoming of new fans

Block B Worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter

block b Block B ranking first recently on several music charts in Korea. They held their showcase yesterday, February 1, while releasing their mini album “Welcome to the Block” on February 2

Block B releases ‘Nanrina’ full MV

Block B has finally released the much anticipated MV for the group’s new song ‘Nanrina’. The music video is audacious and bold just like the song and the lyrics. The dances in the music video are fun and easy to follow, looks like we got a new hit in ‘Nanrina’

Block B “Excited to come back after 6 months…”

Group Block B revealed, “We’re very excited and anxious” about the release of their new album. Block B attended the showcase marking the release of their 2nd mini album ‘WELCOME TO THE BLOCK’ on February 1st at Ilji Art Hall

Block B to make a comeback with the ‘G-Code’ concept

The 7 member boy band Block B (Zico, Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Kyung, P.O) is readying a comeback with a unique concept. After the group’s debut in 2011, Block B won over many hardcore music fans with their good looks and undeniable talents

Cho PD reveals he considered taking out a loan for Block B

Cho PD, the mastermind behind Block B, has revealed that he once inquired about a loan for the first time in his life. Cho PD said that he estimated the amount of money it would take to push the seven-member idol group and agency Brand New Stardom to the top; the figure made him think about putting in a loan application for the first time in his life