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Bangtan Boys gets the 'Rookie Artist of the Year' on '2nd Yin Yue Tai V-Chart Awards'!

On the '2nd Yin Yue Tai V-Chart Awards,' Bangtan Boys was bestowed the 'Rookie Artist of the Year.' On April 15th, Bangtan Boys received their 8th award since they were introduced in the K-Pop scene in June 2013 with their first title song 'No More Dream

Bangtan Boys sing 'Just One Day' on Kiss The Radio

Bangtan Boys show off their live singing ability on Kiss The Radio, check out their performance below:

Bangtan Boys release 'appeal' version of their 'Just One Day' practice video

Bangtan Boys surely know how to make the hearts of their fans flutter by releasing a very 'appealing' dance practice video for 'Just One day'.Forget the proper choreography and sharp dance moves and just enjoy their adorable and dorky moments in this special practice video only for you

Bangtan Boys offer some bromance in 'Now: BTS in Thailand' photobook

Bangtan Boys have more to offer as they release their photos online from their first photobook 'Now: BTS in Thailand'. The photobook will be released on April 9 and can be ordered online.However, the copies are selling out even before the release so the boys are generous enough to share some exclusive photos from Thailand on their Facebook account

Bangtan Boys' BTS photos from 'Just One Day' MV shooting unleashed!

Bangtan Boys released the BTS photos of their latest MV shooting for their 2nd single 'Just One Day' from their 2nd mini-album 'Skool Luv Affair.' On the photos, Bangtan Boys were wearing black and white and showed that they were enjoying while filming the music video

Bangtan Boys to promote 2nd title track 'Just One Day'

Bangtan Boys (BTS) is scheduled to promote 'Just One Day' as their second track from their 2nd mini-album 'Skool Luv Affair.'The first title track was 'Boy In Luv' which was well-received resulting to a decision of having a follow-up track

Bangtan Boys dance to SPICA's 'You Don't Love Me'

BTS or Bangtan Boys are once again will crack you up with their latest 'Bangtan Bomb' release.For this time, the energetic boys dance to SPICA's 'You Don't Love Me' showing their hilarious yet sexy charm

Hitman Bang’s new boy group Bangtan Boys reveals a graduation song

Hitman Bang‘s ‘Bangtan Boys‘ released a graduation song, which goes along to the beat of the well known song,”Young, Wild & Free‘. Ever since their introduction in December, the boys have been steadily preparing for their debut

Bangtan Boys reveals making of for their "graduation song"

Early February Bangtan Boys uploaded their own graduation song to YouTube. A short making of video for its music video was now revealed to the boys' official channel. The song featured members Jongguk, Jimin and J-HOPE, and was written to the instrumentals of Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa's "Young, Wild and Free

Bangtan Boys release dance version of 'Boy In Luv' MV

Bangtan Boys follow-up their music video for 'Boy In Luv' with the dance version released on the 21st.The boys show their flawless choreography and formation in the video. If you are still not satisfied with their performances from the music shows, get to watch their awesome dance MV and see how impressive these impressive and cool uniformed-students executed the dance moves

Happy birthday to Bangtan boys' J-hope

Birth Name: Jung Ho Seok Stage Name: J-Hope Birthday: February 18th 1994 Label: Big Hit entertainment Group: BTS/ Bangtan boys Position: Rapper & Dancer Blood Type: A Family: Me, dad, mom, older sister

Bangtan Boys to return with mini album ‘Skool Luv Affair’

Bangtan Boys held a showcase to promote their second mini album ‘Skool Luv Affair’ at the Lotte Card Art Center in Hapjeong on February 11th. The group released two single albums, “2 Cool 4 Skool” and “Oh! Are you late, too?” in 2013 and received “The Rookie of the Year” at the year-end music awards such as the Melon Music Awards, the Golden Disk Awards, and the Hi-one Seoul Festival

Bangtan Boys releases BTS photos from 'Boy In Luv' MV shooting

Bangtan Boys revealed the behind-the-scene photos from their music video shooting. The music video was shot in a high school, but the boys portrayed a more mature image contrasting the youthfulness of their setting

Bangtan Boys release their comeback showcase video

Bangtan Boys treat you to their Comeback Showcase event which took place on February 11.In this clip, you would see their very 1st live performance of 'Boy In Luv' and 'Jump'. The boys released their album on February 12 and had their comeback stage in m!Countdown on February 13

Bangtan Boys MV "No More Dream" Lacks Reality

Bangtan Boys MV “No More Dream” Lacks Reality Bulletproof Boy Scouts, aka BTS, aka Bangtan Boys, has finally debuted after loads and loads of marketing hype. This hip-hop inspired rookie group comes under Big Hit Entertainment, a subsidiary of JYP Entertainment, and has been in the making for a long time

Bangtan Boys Debut as "2 Cool 4 Skool"

Bangtan Boys Debut as “2 Cool 4 Skool” The Bangtan Boys, alternatively known as the Bulletproof Boy Scouts or BTS, have been teasing about their debut for half a year. It’s been through small things, pre-debut clips, features with other artists, a couple of music videos and dance practice videos

BTS's Rap Monster Injured During 'No More Dream' Shoot: Bangtan Boys Say Their New Song Is 'Gangsta Rap' About Studying Hard

BTS, Bangtan Boys BTS's Rap Monster was injured in a recent music video shoot for the band's new song, "New More Dream." The 18-year-old leader of the seven-piece South Korean band BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys), Rap Monster was injured in a recent music video shoot for the band's new song, "New More Dream

Bangtan Boys release 'Boy In Luv' MV

Bangtan Boys melt girls's hearts with the release of their MV for comeback song 'Boy In Luv'.The tough and good looking guys showcase their acting skills showing how a typical guy falls in love. The boys didn't show their sweet and gentle acts toward the girl they love but it's enough to make you feel how sincere they are

Bangtan Boys release tracklist and solo concept photos for 'Skool Luv Affair'

Bangtan Boys release the tracklist and individual concept photos for their 2nd mini album 'Skool Luv Affair'After impressing their fans with their trailer for upcoming comeback track 'Skool Luv Affair', the boys released two sets of solo concept photos showing their fierce charms as they wear make ups and white and black uniforms

Bangtan Boys release trailer and concept photos for comeback 'Skool Luv Affair'

Bangtan Boys surprise their fans with the announcement of their comeback. A trailer video and concept photos were gradually released.The trailer suggests a retro hip hop concept with RAP Monster's rapping