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[Exclusive] BIGBANG "Alive" Showcase on Soompi!

Hi Soompiers,As all of you must know by now, BIGBANG is making their much-anticipated comeback! Soompi has been working with YG Entertainment to give our members the inside scoop! Please check out our exclusive BIGBANG showcase, which will be updated with information about BIGBANG's upcoming album, "Alive," and future exclusive opportunities for Soompiers

BIGBANG to Unveil "BLUE" Tonight at Midnight

With the release of BIGBANG’s fifth mini-album a week away, YG Entertainment has announced that it will unveil one of its title tracks, “BLUE,” tonight at midnight. It’s been six years since BIGBANG debuted; and over the years, the group received tremendous love and support for their distinctive music style, as well as fashion sense

BIGBANG Releases "Blue," Explains the Song in Video Message

On February 22, BIGBANG released “Blue,” the title track for their fifth mini album, “Alive.” It’s the group’s first album since their special edition album from last April. Shortly after the song was made available online, BIGBANG updated its official YouTube channel with a video titled, “About the Song ‘Blue’ Part 1,” where each of the members briefly talk about their latest single

BIGBANG Releases Music Video for "BLUE" + Translated Lyrics!

BIGBANG finally unveiled its highly anticipated music video for "BLUE!" From Daesung's car accident to G-Dragon's use of marijuana, 2011 was a tough year for BIGBANG. However, they were able to overcome the hardships and returned as an even stronger team

BIGBANG Dominates Music Charts with Popularity “Kicking Through the Roof”

BIGBANG’s latest single, “Blue,” has been enjoying massive popularity since its release at midnight on February 22. It easily topped all online music charts such as Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh, and Monkey3, as well as real-time key word search rankings as well

BIGBANG Further Explains the Meaning Behind “Blue” in New Video Message

BIGBANG just released “About the Song ‘Blue’ Part 2,” a short clip containing a mini interview by all five members. In the brief 31 second video, the members of BIGBANG further explain the meaning and style of their latest single, “Blue

YG Yang Hyun Suk Doesn’t’ Believe He Could Make Another Group Like BIGBANG

In a recent interview at YG Headquarters, YG President Yang Hyun Suk revealed that he doubted he could create another group like BIGBANG. He stated that “I’ll probably be producing a lot of groups in the future but I think it would be difficult to create a group like BIGBANG, where the positive points of each member come together nicely like a well matched couple

BIGBANG Unveils Teaser for Fourth Title Track "Ain't No Fun"

BIGBANG just unveiled the teaser for their fourth title song "Ain't No Fun." "Ain't No Fun" shows yet another side of BIGBANG. The song sets itself apart from the previously released title songs "Blue," "Love Dust" and "Bad Boy," but still is faithful to Big Bang's unique sound

BIGBANG Unleashes Fifth Teaser for Alive with Electro Title Track "Fantastic Baby"

YG Entertainment's BIGBANG just revealed the teaser for their fifth title track, "Fantastic Baby."This time, it's BIGBANG's maknae, Seungri, who is featured in the video teaser. He is seen cooly singing and driving a fancy car

BIGBANG T.O.P's Witty Answer to Idol Groups Five Year Life Span

BIGBANG T.O.P shared his opinion regarding the life span of Idol groups. On the February 26 episode of MBC "Section TV Entertainment Relay,"  the topic of the time left before idol groups break up was brought up

Kim Yoo Jung Chooses BIGBANG’s TOP over Kim Soo Hyun as Her Ideal Type

Earlier today, MBC’s “Good Morning” took viewers behind the scenes of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s” Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung’s Domino Pizza CF shoot. When the interviewer asked the actress who her ideal type is, Kim Yoo Jung answered, “BIGBANG’s TOP is my ideal type

Fans Accuse KBS "Celebrity Broadcast" of Foul Play with BIGBANG

BIGBANG recently appeared on KBS 2TV “Celebrity Broadcast,” and the title for their segment was “BIGBANG’s comeback, is it a return that is already forgiven?” BIGBANG fans were suspicious whether KBS was deliberately trying to down play BIGBANG’s comeback

BIGBANG to Join Cast of MBC “Infinity Challenge”

BIGBANG is all but set to rejoin the cast of MBC “Infinity Challenge.” On February 27, local media quoted a YG Entertainment representative as saying, “BIGBANG has finished their meeting with the production team of ‘Infinity Challenge

BIGBANG’s “Blue” MV Earns Same Recognition as Taylor Swift and Zac Efron’s Duet Video

BIGBANG’s latest music video for “Blue” has earned the group two gold medals from YouTube. The online video site has a system of rewarding gold, silver, and bronze medals to videos uploaded on its site under three different categories that include, “All Time Most Popular, “Recently Most Popular,” and “Trending

BIGBANG's Seungri Has Talent for Getting Slapped, Wanted to Take Off His Pants for Teaser

BIGBANG's T.O.P slapped fellow member Seungri. On the February 26 episode of MBC "Section TV Entertainment Relay," T.O.P drew laughter after slapping Seungri on the face. Seungri who recently made an appearance on MBC "Light and Shadow" boasted, "I have a talent for getting slapped

BIGBANG Reveals Teaser for Daesung’s Solo Track “Wings”

BIGBANG has finally unveiled the teaser video for Daesung’s solo track, “Wings.” This is the sixth and final track (excluding the intro) from BIGBANG’s upcoming fifth mini album, “Alive.” In the brief teaser, you get a sneak peek into Daesung’s pure and powerful vocals for his latest solo track

BIGBANG’s “Alive” Pre-Sale Orders Reach 260,000

BIGBANG’s new album “Alive” has just recorded 260,000 pre-sale orders. This will be their 5th mini album and it will be released on February 29. YG Entertainment (Hereafter YGE) stated that up until February 27 the amount of pre-sale orders in South Korea were 240,000

BIGBANG to Appear on Lee Hyori's "You and I"

BIGBANG will appear on SBS “You and I” (The full name is Jung Jae Hyung and Lee Hyori’s You and I) with the band that will join them on their world tour. This episode will broadcast on February 18 and they will perform together

BIGBANG Unleashes Fifth Mini Album “Alive” and Full MV for “Bad Boy”

The long wait has finally come to an end! BIGBANG has finally unleashed all six tracks of their fifth mini album, “Alive.” They also revealed the full music video to their second title track, “Bad Boy

BIGBANG to Endorse Sunny 10 Drinks Again

Prior to their comeback on music programs, BIGBANG will appear on a commercial they recently filmed. A representative of the Coca-Cola Company revealed on February 28, "We chose BIGBANG as models for our brand of Sunny 10 Sparkling Ade drinks