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Idols choose Kim Soo Hyun as the star they want most as a group member

Actor Kim Soo Hyun was voted as the star idols want most when it comes to their own group. On May 23rd’s airing of ‘Weekly Idol‘, a survey was conducted asking idols which star they would like to add as a group member

‘K-Pop Star’ contestant Kim Na Yoon in discussion to possibly debut as an idol group member

Former SBS ‘K-Pop Star‘ contestant Kim Na Yoon has been revealed to be considering a debut as an idol group member. An entertainment insider confirmed the speculation, saying, “Apart from the Big 3 entertainment companies (SM, JYP, YG), Kim Na Yoon has been contacted by three separate entertainment companies, and has already finished meeting with one of them

Former Sugar Member Ayumi Dating a Japanese Rock Star Gackt

Ayumi who’s currently promoting her activities in Japan recently confirmed that she is dating Gackt, a famous Japanese rock star. On June 22, SanKei Sports Newspaper released an article that unveiled Ayumi and Gackt’s intimate relationship

Big Star reveals profile images of each member

A new group Big Star (composed of FeelDog, BaRam, RaeHwan, SungHak, and Jude) has revealed profile images of each member on its official blog and reminded fans of their debut before releasing an album on July 12

Big Star's 6th Member to be Electroboyz Member Cha Kun?

Big Star, Electroboyz, Chakun, Raehwan Big Star's 6th Member to be Electroboyz Member Cha Kun? Electroboyz Member Chakun takes a picture with idol group Big Star. Hip-hop group Electroboyz' member Chakun wrote on his blog, "A picture I took with Big Star

Kwang Hee "I Got in a Car Accident with a Top Star During a Car Date With a Girl Group Member"

Kwang Hee, ZE:A, SBS, Strong Heart Kwang Hee "I Got in a Car Accident with a Top Star During a Car Date With a Girl Group Member" ZE:A's Kwang Hee revealed the incident of getting into a car accident with a top star

Member Eunji of A Pink reveals her experience with ‘Reply 1997′ and co-star Hoya’s personality behind the camera

In A Pink‘s Eunji‘s debut drama ‘Reply 1997‘, rookie actors and actresses filled a majority of the cast. Current top actors and actresses in the Korean entertainment industry were no where to be found

Big Star member Baram’s birthday photos revealed!

Big Star‘s Baram recently celebrated his birthday with his fellow members. On October 10th, Big Star uploaded the photos on their official Twitter with the message, “Big Star’s charismatic rapper! We sincerely thank all of onlyONE for wishing Baram a happy birthday^^,” In the photos, Baram is seen happily holding up his birthday cake given to him by fans as well as having a small birthday party with his fellow members

Which TEEN TOP member is a world star?

Well, all of them, of course. However, Chunji threw everyone for a loop when he tweeted, “Hallyu star Lee Byung Hun finally graduated ^^ As a hyung, I hope he works hard in college~ ♥ -Chunji

Who is Former A'Sty1 Member Sung In Kyu? 'Versatile Star'

Sung In Kyu, A'Sty1 Who is Former A'Sty1 Member Sung In Kyu? 'Versatile Star' Today, former A'Sty1 member Sung In Kyu passed away due to cancer. He has been gaining much attention from online users and the public

"K-Pop Star" Contestant Lee Seung Hoon to Debut as Member of New YG Group

SBS “K-Pop Star” season 1 contestant Lee Seung Hoon will debut as a member of the new YG group. According to several sources, Lee Seung Hoon in currently training at YG Entertainment with no weekends

Lee Seung Hoon of ‘K-Pop Star’ to debut as member of YG Entertainment’s new boy group

Lee Seung Hoon of ’K-Pop Star‘ will not be debuting as a solo as previously thought, but rather as a part of YG Entertainment‘s new boy group. According to insiders in the music industry, Lee Seung Hoon is currently training hard as a rapper for YG Entertainment, even sacrificing his weekends to practice

[Star ot the Week] Which B.A.P Member Was the Cutest Baby?

The B.A.P members may be gun-toting badasses in their latest music video for One Shot, but they weren′t always so big and tough. We′ve seen the boys′ bad boy sides through B.A.P′s previous hits like Warrior and No Mercy, so we′re mixing it up this week and going way back to when they were tiny tots - and adorable ones at that

Jung Yong Hwa Reveals That He Was Pursued by a Girl Group Member on “Radio Star”

CNBlue made a guest appearance on MBC talk show “Radio Star” on March 5, where Jung Yong Hwa revealed that he had previously been hit on by a girl group member. “Radio Star” MC Kyuhyun asked Jung Yong Hwa whether he had ever been targeted by any popular girl group members before

World Cup star Hwang Sunhong's daughter, Hwang Hyunjin, to launch as a girl group member!

Hwang Hyunjin, the daughter of one of Korea's national athletes and World Cup star Hwang Sunhong, is set to launch her showbiz career as a girl group member. Hwang Hyunjin dreams of being a singer, thus she has spent two years being a trainee

Star Empire Entertainment answers the member addition issue for Nine Muses after Lee Sem and Eunji leave

After the announcement of the withdrawal of Lee Sem and Eunji from Nine Muses, Star Empire Entertainment clarified the speculations that there are new trainees to fill up the loss. The agency cleared that there will be no replacements for the two

Star Empire clarifies speculations regarding member additions for Nine Muses

Star Empire clarifies speculations regarding member additions for Nine Muses Star Empire Entertainment has debunked rumours that they will be adding two new members after Lee Sem and Eunji’s leave from Nine Muses

Lee Mi Rim of "K-Pop Star 2" to Debut as a Girl Group Member

Lee Mi Rim, who you might remember from season two of SBS’s “K-Pop Star,” is preparing for her debut later this month!  Lee Mi Rim originally gained popularity as a member of YouU, a girl group that was formed on the highly popular survival reality show

Yoon Eun Hye And Gu Hye Sun: From Girl Group Member To Kdrama Star

Yoon Eun Hye, Gu Hye Sun, Uee Yoon Eun Hye Gu Hye Sun   It's no longer news when a kpop star takes a role in a kdrama. Yoona starred in "Love Rain" and IU in "You're The Best Lee Soon Shin

Reps For Star Empire Entertainment Deny Record Label Scammed College Credit For ZE:A Band Member

ZE:A, Star Empire Entertainment Representatives of the record label of the boy band ZE:A, are denying allegations that one of the group's nine members was given college credit for classes he didn't attend