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Big Bang's Seungri Asks Fans to Buy Him "Odari" Ramen

Recently Big Bang's maknae, Seungri, uploaded a photo on his Me2Day account asking fans to buy him ramen. In the picture, he appears covered from head to toe. He wrote: "It's so cold, buy me Odari (a brand of Ramen) buy me NorthFace, buy me NorthFace

Big Bang's G-Dragon Cherishes his Fan Letters

Earlier this morning, Big Bang was spotted at the Kimpo International Airport on their way to Japan for the “15th Anniversary YG Family Concert.” A photographer for a local media snapped a photo of G-Dragon as he was walking towards the gate

CNN Names Big Bang as One of "12 Reasons to Visit Korea in 2012"

On December 30, CNNGo published an article listing the top 12 reasons to visit Korea in 2012. Among the list, “Hallyu Madness” ranked third, listing Big Bang’s upcoming concert and the “21st Seoul Music Awards" as some of the reasons why 2012 will be a good year for K-Pop

Chaos Has a Member Named Park Taeyang: Big Bang Fans Are Infuriated

A new boy band duo named “Chaos” that will be debuting soon is causing a lot of Big Bang fans to have beef. One of the members is named Park Taeyang and because of that their agency (Winning Insight) is receiving complaint calls from Big Bang fans

YG Entertainment’s Stylist Reveals Secret to Big Bang’s Fashion

It’s been reported that YG Entertainment’s stylist, Ji Eun, gave a special lecture at the Seoul Art Technical College. During the guest lecture, Ji Eun stated, “For idol groups, it’s important to respect each member's preference and express their distinct characteristics

YG shares official clips from ’2011 Big Bang Big Show’

As Big Bang prepares to make their comeback, YG stoked the level of anticipation even higher by sharing official performance clips from the ‘2011 Big Show‘ concert! The concert was held at Seoul’s Olympic Park Stadium in February of 2011, and drew approximately 14,000 fans

YG announces Big Bang comeback, but what about the new girl group?

YG Entertainment, home to some of K-Pop’s most iconic idols, has announced that none other than Big Bang will be making their return this February. Although the news has stirred up an overwhelming haze of anticipation among fans and the like, the news has also posed a question as to the plans for YG’s elusive girl group project, announced last July

2,000 fans gather to see B.A.P.’s Bang Yong Guk and Zelo in Malaysia

B.A.P.‘s leader Bang Yong Guk and maknae Zelo shook Malaysia with a pre-debut fan meeting! On January 14th, Bang Yong Guk and Zelo held a fan meeting in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The fan meeting took place at the center of a popular shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur called Sungei Wang Plaza, where approximately 2,000 fans gathered to welcome Bang Yong Guk and Zelo’s first official visit

Watch Big Bang’s Performances from “Big Show 2011”

As reported earlier, YG Entertainment just released a batch of live performance videos from both Big Bang’s “Big Show 2011” and 2NE1’s “NOLZA 2011” concerts. In this article, we’re sharing the two Big Bang clips from the “Big Show 2011” held last February

Big Bang's New Album Delays Release of YG's Girl Group

Earlier this past year, YG Entertainment revealed that they were working on a new girl group. In the past there had been hints that the group would make their debut as early as January. Ever since, Big Bang’s comeback has been forecast for February, the company’s focus has shifted to their preparations

“2012 Big Bang Concert – BIG SHOW” Teaser Video Released

YG Entertainment has released the promotional video for the upcoming “2012 Big Bang Concert – BIG SHOW.” Released through the YG Concert official YouTube channel, the one-minute video contains footage of Big Bang’s previous “Big Show” concert

Big Bang and 2NE1 to perform at Japan’s ‘Springroove Festival’

It’s just been revealed that Big Bang and 2NE1 will appear at one of Japan’s biggest music festivals, ‘Springroove‘! This will be their first time participating in Springroove, and the two groups will take the stage alongside world renowned artists like LMFAO and David Guetta

Big Bang’s Taeyang brings “Mr. Teydaddy” out to play

Big Bang‘s Taeyang brought his goofy side out to play while working on a photoshoot recently. The idol donned a giant bear head on set and convinced someone to take his photos while he posed with it on

Big Bang reveals two new song titles from upcoming album

After unveiling two tracks from their upcoming album yesterday, Big Bang has done it again with two additional songs. On January 28th, YG Entertainment uploaded an image to their YG-Life blog with the title and information for two new songs

Big Bang reveals the name of two songs from upcoming album

As we edge closer to Big Bang‘s comeback, YG Entertainment is slowly beginning to open up about the boys’ upcoming release. On January 27th, the agency updated their ‘YG-Life‘ blog with a tracklist of two songs: “Intro (Alive)” and “Blue“

Big Bang Releases Partial Track List for New Album

YG Entertainment’s blog, “YG Life” ( released two songs from their track list for Big Bang’s upcoming album. Big Bang will be coming back in February with their new album. The two songs that were revealed are “Alive” and “Blue

TEEN TOP’s Niel, C.A.P. and Chunji cover Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ on 1000 Songs Challenge

On the January 29th episode of SBS’s ‘1000 Songs Challenge‘, TEEN TOP surprised the audience by perfectly singing Big Bang‘s “Sunset Glow“. As if they prepared in advance, the boys confidently sang, rapped and danced to the song, but failed to advance to the next level

Big Bang and 2NE1 to Perform at Same Event with LMFAO and David Guetta

YG Entertainment labelmates Big Bang and 2NE1 will be guesting at one of Japan's biggest R&B and hip hop festivals, the "SPRINGROOVE!"  The festival recently released their stunning line-up of top hip hop artists, revealing that 2NE1 and Big Bang would also be making attendances

Big Bang-Endorsed North Face Jackets Lead to Gang Violence in Korea

K-Pop fans are sure to remember the recent ad campaign for the North Face. Popular group Big Bang was chosen as the celebrity endorsers for the brand. The campaign had even taken the members to New Zealand for promotional photo shoots and commercial filming of the fellas and gear in action

YG posts the date '2012.2.01' beginning of another BANG

yg On the 27th YG Entertainment posted '2012.2.01' on their official website without any explaination. This is the first initiative of YG's project in year 2012. YG did not post anything else besides the date so netizens want to know exactly what the date signifies