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Big Bang's Comeback "BLUE" Finally Coming 22nd!

The concept of each member of Big Bang have all been released for the upcoming release of their new mini-album. On February 16th, YG Entertainment released the title song through their official blog page

Check out the audio preview for Big Bang’s “Blue”

As many of you know already, Big Bang will release their 5th mini album ‘Alive‘ on February 29th. They will also promote four tracks simultaneously — “Blue”, “Love Dust“, “Fantastic Baby” and ”Bad Boy“

Big Bang "Blue" Teaser Audio Released

The teaser audio file of Blue, one of the title songs of their new album is released. The teaser lasts for 45 secons, but the lyrical melody an the soft vocal showcases a new style, which makes the fans and other K Pop lovers wait anxiously for the full release of the album

Big Bang Releases 30-second Audio Teaser of "Blue"

After the release of the teaser images for Big Bang's T.O.P, Daesung, Seungri, Taeyang and G-Dragon, Big Bang plans to release "Blue," one of the six title tracks of their fifth mini album "Alive" before the album release

Music sample of Big Bang’s new song “Blue” creates a stir

The music sample of Big Bang who will make a comeback soon is creating a stir. YG Entertainment selected “Blue” and “Bad Boy” as the title songs for their new upcoming mini album, but on February 17, all songs were chosen as title songs

Big Bang Is To Release 'Blue' Music Video On 'Strong Heart'

  Big Bang, who is awaiting their comeback on the 29th, has revealed that their music video for title song 'Blue' is to be released through SBS 'Strong Heart.' It has been announced through a phone interview with OSEN that the music video's first airtime will happen during SBS 'Strong Heart

Big Bang's new song 'Blue' music video revealed!!!

Big Bang's new song 'Blue' music video is becoming a hot issue. On the 21st Big Bang released their music video for the song 'Blue' through SBS 'Strong Heart'. The filming of the video took place in New York

Big Bang is back with their MV for “Blue”!

Big Bang has finally broken their long hiatus by unleashing their first title track, “Blue“! “Blue” is a mellow mid-tempo track that sings of rejuvenation in the face of accepting sorrow and loss

Big Bang explains the themes behind “Blue”

Big Bang‘s new music video is just around the corner, but YG Entertainment isn’t quite done with their teasers yet as they’ve just unleashed a last-minute video! The latest clip from YG features a quick interview with the boys, who each talk about the themes and meaning behind “Blue“

Big Bang "Blue" Lyrics Reveal Their True Feelings [M/V]

Big Bang will release their mini 5th album on the 29th of this month. On the 22nd of February, Big Bang released their song "Blue" and caused up a stir in the online communities. The song "Blue" is receiving an incredible amount of attention from the media as well as from their fans since the members of Big Bang admitted that they have put their real thoughts and feelings into the song

Big Bang dominates music charts with “Blue”

As soon as Big Bang released their new track “Blue“, the group has been dominating various music charts and is expected to make a huge impact on the music industry. Since its official release today, “Blue” has claimed the number one spots on various Korean music portal sites such as MelOn, Naver, Nate, and Dosirak

Big Bang jumps to top on music charts with its new song “Blue”

The first title song “Blue” of Big Bang’s five mini album ALIVE was finally unveiled on February 22 via major music-download sites such as Melon, Bugs, Olleh Music, and Soribada. As soon as it was released, the song dominated the sites, showing off its undiminished popularity

Big Bang unveiled Blue MV!

Check out the much anticipated MV of Big Bang's new song Blue!!

Big Bang Sweeps The Nation With "BLUE"

On the 22nd of February, Big Bang's new song "Blue" was released and rose straight to number 1. Their song "Blue" placed number 1 on Melon, Nate, Naver, and DoSiRak; basically all the music charts in Korea

Jung Jun Ha and Haha praise Big Bang’s “Blue”

Everyone is feeling the blaze of Big Bang’s new track, “Blue”, and entertainers Jung Jun Ha and Haha have just expressed praises of their own. On February 22nd, Big Bang released their single and music video for “Blue” ahead of their official album release on February 29th

Big Bang describes “Blue” + “Blue” MV draws over 1.5 million YouTube views

Yesterday, Big Bang kicked off their comeback by unleashing their music video for “Blue“, their first single from their 5th mini-album, ‘Alive‘. In just 24 hours, the MV drew over 1

The MV of Big Bang’s “Blue” is compellingly attractive

The music video of Big Bang’s “Blue” was unveiled. The music video of “Blue,” the first title song from Big Bang’s fifth mini album, was released, drawing keen attention both at home and abroad

Big Bang’s “Blue” tops YouTube charts & surpasses 3 million views

Two days ago, Big Bang kicked off their long awaited comeback by unleashing their music video for “Blue“, their first single from their 5th mini-album, ‘Alive‘. In just 24 hours, the MV drew over 1

Big Bang 'Love Dust', Different Style Than 'Blue'

Big Bang's new song 'Love Dust', a song in Big Bang's fifth mini album 'Alive', was unveiled. The 30 second long video, which was originally uploaded on YG life blog on Feb 24', starts with Phrase saying 'D-5', TOP with impressive yellow hair listening to 'Love Dust' can be seen

Big Bang’s New Music Video 'Blue' Broke 4 Million Viewers Within 2days

The music video of Big Bang’s new song ‘Blue’ on YouTube has surpassed more than 4 million views within 2 days of its release. Unveiling of ‘Blue’ first as part of their 5th mini-album has garnered much attention as it’s been almost 10 months since their last release