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Big Bang top China"s "QQ Charts" in song, album, and MV categories!

Big Bang top China

Sweep, sweep, sweep. Big Bang have swept Korean charts, international iTunes charts, and Youtube, Billboard, live music shows, you name it! And now to add to their sweeping spree, the boys have topped China”s “QQ Music” charts! . ... Read more

Weekly Recap: Big Bang"s takeover and dilemmas, "call me the most watched video baby", and real-life "Pinocchio"?

Weekly Recap: Big Bang

From sexual harassment reports to rumors of a possible real-life drama couple, there was just too much to keep track of in the past seven days. If you need to catch up on the news of the K-pop world, just keep reading! . ... Read more

KARA"s Youngji is a stunner in pictorial with "International bnt" + reveals Big Bang inspired her to become an idol


KARA”s maknae Youngji showed four different sides of herself in her latest photoshoot with “International bnt“, and she easily pulls off every look!

For the shoot, she”s wearing Style Nanda, Le Shop, Lemite, Akiii Classic and Le Coq Sportif. Taking on four types of concepts, Youngji looks great in every single photo. Our favorite is her mature, sexy vibe in the black dress! . ... Read more

Big Bang is Anything but “Sober” in Its Latest MV

Big Bang is Anything but “Sober” in Its Latest MV

Big Bang is Anything but “Sober” in Its Latest MV Written by Morgan On July 3, 2015

Big Bang released the ‘D’ of their MADE comeback on July 1st. Despite being comprised of the two singles, “Sober” and “If You”, it was only paired with one MV; the MV for “Sober”. With “If You” climbing higher on the charts, was this a mistake or for the better? . ... Read more

Director Han Sa Min criticized for seemingly shunning 2PM"s "My House" MV to film Big Bang"s "Sober"

Director Han Sa Min criticized for seemingly shunning 2PM

There are rumors that the director who turned down JYP Entertainment and 2PM”s MV filming is the same one who produced Big Bang”s latest comeback MV for “Sober,” resurfacing previous controversy in regards to the sudden cancellation of 2PM”s comeback MV filming.. ... Read more

Big Bang"s G-Dragon and Taeyang film for "Infinity Challenge" music special

Big Bang

It looks like Big Bang”s Taeyang and G-Dragon have already been spotted filming for an upcoming music special of MBC“s “Infinity Challenge“!

According to an insider, G-Dragon and Taeyang officially started filming for the popular variety program on July 2. Their appearances on “Infinity Challenge” have already sparked curiosity about which of the cast members the idol stars will be teaming up with. . ... Read more

Netizens point out similarities between Big Bang"s "Sober" and The Wanted"s "Glad You Came"

Netizens point out similarities between Big Bang

Big Bang have another hit on their hands with “Sober“, but as you know, along with popularity comes more scrutiny from the public, and that has led to speculations about possible plagiarism from some. . ... Read more

Big Bang"s Taeyang gives romance advice to fan

Big Bang

Big Bang”s Taeyang, who is not only renown for his abs and vocals, but also for being hopelessly in love shared some relationship advice with fans.

While conversing with fans in real time through Starcast, a question was directed towards Taeyang regarding relationships. The fan asked him, “What kind of guy should I meet?” Taeyang answered earnestly, “I think you should meet someone who will really like you and protect you. Make sure to meet someone who will adore and love you.” . ... Read more

[Album and MV Review] Big Bang - "D"

[Album and MV Review] Big Bang -


1. If You
2. Sober

July is here, and with the new month, as promised, Big Bang has dropped the latest in their series of singles, “D.” G-Dragon, T.O.P., and company also have released yet another madcap MV to go with it.. ... Read more

Big Bang"s Seungri says he doesn"t need dating advice

Big Bang

Big Bang”s Seungri said that he”s not really in need of any dating advice on the June 30 episode of Naver Star Cast”s “Countdown Live“.

One fan asked G-Dragon for dating advice, and the Big Bang leader then suggested that Seungri get involved. Seungri responded, “I don”t have anything I”m worrying about. To be honest, when I”m dating I don”t have problems.” After the group”s latest song “If You” played, he also revealed, “I broke up with someone recently, so this song is even more sad.”

Taeyang then said, “I have a cheerful personality, so I”m not sad even if I break up with a girlfriend.” 

Have you heard their song “If You” yet? . ... Read more