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Super Junior Choi Si Won Topless Self-Cam "Good Morning"

Choi Si Won, a member of Super Junior, uploaded his twitter in the morning of the 12th to say good morning to his fans. He updated his twitter with the words, "Good morning. Beautiful World." and attached a picture of himself taken in bed shirtless

Super Junior?s Siwon sleeps “topless”?

Known for his good looks and dazzling charms that make women melt, Siwon of Super Junior teased fans with a “topless” photo. On February 12th, he posted the titillating pic, writing on his twitter, “good morning beautiful world”

Jay Park goes topless for ‘High Cut’ Magazine

Singer Jay Park‘s defined abs are once again receiving attention. On March 7th, a video surfaced on an online community site with the title, “Jay Park at a photo shoot.” The shared clip revealed footage of Jay Park at his recent ‘High Cut‘ photo shoot, striking various poses in different Spring fashion

Lee Min Jung Looks Topless in Latest Screenshot Photo

A recent photo of Lee Min Jung playing a guitar has been one of the hottest pictures among K-Pop fans lately. It’s because of the way she was holding the guitar, as it almost looks like the star actress is topless in the photo

SHINee Shares Story Behind Topless “Sherlock” Photoshoot

SHINee shared an interesting story behind their “Sherlock” album jacket photos during the March 23 episode of SBS radio “Boom’s Young Street.” They started off by saying, “All the members were very satisfied

Lee Min Jung Looks Topless Again

Last week, Lee Min Jung’s screenshot photo from a recent TV interview made headlines for making her look topless. On March 29, the sequel to that photo, under the title, “Lee Min Jung’s optical illusion part 2,” was posted on an online community board, garnering the attention of many male fans

2NE1's CL accidentally saw topless T.O.P.!! and he was pulling down his pants!

I posted one card on the topic of GD thinks his fellow Big Bang's member T.O.P. has an erotic body. you can read it here: and here is one more story about T

The King 2 Hearts - Episode 5 - Screenshots Part 1 - Topless Seung Gi!!

They finally finished the army training and Jae Ha went back to South Korea, separated, and go back to their real life. The King asks Jaeha to get married with a girl from the North..but The king said that Hang Ah is already eliminated from the candidate…(he looks a little bit sad about that!!) OMG! Look at those muscles!! I bet Lee Seung Gi has been exercising a lot!! Stay tuned for the next part of screenshots in http://www

Lee Seung Gi Topless for "The King 2hearts"

For the episode of MBC’s “The King 2hearts” that was broadcast on April 4 Lee Seung Gi got topless! In the scene Lee Seung Gi was taking a bath and talking to his brother who is the king. The following contains spoilers: The king (Jae Ha) tells Lee Seung Gi’s character that he should do a “meeting” with a North Korean woman

Kim Soo Hyun Goes Topless in New Still Cut for “The Thieves”

Kim Soo Hyun’s topless photo was revealed on April 19, as part of the still cuts for upcoming movie, “The Thieves.” Although the photo only revealed half of his upper body, fans have been going wild over the actor’s surprisingly well-built chest

G.NA Gets Surrounded by Topless Firefighters in New Teaser Video

G.NA just released a teaser video for her upcoming single, “2Hot.” In the 42-second clip, G.NA gives off a seductive vibe with topless firefighters surrounding her. The video takes place at a club that’s set on fire (because of G

Super Junior’s Kibum Looks All Grown up in New Topless Photo

Super Junior’s Kibum took part in a stunning photo spread for the fashion magazine, “1st Look.” The pictorial was shot under the title “A Grown-up Boy,” and features a personal interview with Kibum where he talks about his growth as a celebrity, his role in the upcoming drama, “I Love Italy,” and what he thinks about acting

Super Junior Kibum’s topless still cuts for ‘I Love Italy’ released

On May26th, tvN‘s upcoming drama ‘I Love Italy‘ released several new still cuts of Kibum‘s character, Geum Eun Dong. The photos show the singer-actor flaunting his chiseled body at a pool and a youthful smile, bound to melt the hearts of many fans

JYJ’s Jaejoong Shares a Topless Photo of Yoochun to Celebrate His Birthday

Singer-actor JYJ’s Yoochun celebrates his 26th birthday today, June 4. Earlier this morning, he tweeted, “I was about to go to bed~ when all the messages started pouring in ~ Thank you so much~!” to which Jaejoong responded by sharing photos of Yoochun getting caked

Kim Soo Hyun Goes Topless in Unreleased "Thieves" Photos

Kim Soo Hyun has captivated the public’s attention with his muscular body. In the film “Thieves,” the young actor gave a glimpse of his developed upper body. On August 8, local news agencies also picked up on some previously unreleased stills from the movie that surfaced online

'Thieves' Unpublished Pictures of Kim Soo Hyun Topless, Impressive Muscle Body

Kim Soo Hyun, Theives asdf Filming set pictures that show Kim Soo Hyun's muscular body were revealed. Kim Soo Hyun, who took the role of JamPaNo in the movie "Thieves," showed off his muscular fit body, attracting much attention

Kim Soo Hyun goes topless in unreleased “The Thieves” Photos

A few previously unreleased still-cuts from the set of movie ‘The Thieves‘ capturing Kim Soo Hyun‘s toned body has recently gained much attention from viewers. Kim Soo Hyun has captivated the public’s attention with his muscular body

2PM’s Chansung Goes Topless in Recent Photo Shoot

On August 21, 2PM’s Chansung shared a topless photo of himself on Twitter, reaffirming his “animal-idol” image. In the photo, Chansung is seen wearing only sweat pants, staring into the camera with his trademark “dreamy” eyes

Super Junior’s Reowook says hello from a swimming pool, topless

Recently, Ryeowook of the “idol” group Super Junior (composed of Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Kangin, and Kibum) has posted a picture of him, topless

Jang Dong Gun Goes Topless for Homme Fatale Role in "Dangerous Liaisons"

After his first romantic comedy role in “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” Jang Dong Gun comes back to the public eye portraying a debonair playboy in 1930s Shanghai. Local news agencies recently picked up on his homme fatale persona in still cuts of the actor released from his film “Dangerous Liaisons