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[Updated] The Beatles Code – Soshi Edition

Updates: + Added episode with full subs (-ferrerorocher9) + Added 4 new subbed segments “Ideal Types”, “SNSD Wishes”, “Worldwide Fans and the Future”, “Boy Talk” Recently, 8 of our lovely SNSD members guest starred on Korean Variety Show, The Beatles Code

Super Junior’s Shindong vows to lose 11 kg for ‘Beatles Code 2′

Super Junior‘s Shindong has announced that he will be losing 11 kg to promote his Mnet show, ‘Beatles Code 2‘! As the new MC of the show, Shindong revealed that he would be dropping his weight down to 80 kg (from 91 kg) to show his determination as an MC of the show

Beatles Code 2: SHINee makes a kiss note

Recently released “Sherlock,” SHINee appeared on Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 and made a kiss note. Making a kiss note is featured in a commercial recently shot with Sandara Park, and it allegedly makes your wishes true when you put down a name of one you wish to kiss

SHINee reveals their income distribution system on ‘Beatles Code 2′

Popular idol group SHINee revealed how they distribute their income. On the April 5th episode of Mnet ‘Beatles Code 2‘, the boys of SHINee were asked how much they made. The boys answered, “We make an amount that’s hard to earn for anyone our age

Shindong Reveals Weight on "The Beatles Code 2"

On the April 5 episode, Super Junior’s Shindong revealed his weight on Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2.”  Before stepping on the scale, he grandly pledged that, “Just for ‘Beatles Code 2” to do well, I vow that if my weight remains in the 80kg-89kg range, Jang Dong Min can stay on the show

Shinhwa’s Eric discusses his unique way of waking people up on ‘Beatles Code 2′

On the May 3rd broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘, Shinhwa‘s Eric guested on the show and answered fan questions about his 2006 drama, SBS‘s ‘Invincible Parachute Agent‘

Super Junior’s Donghae shows his loyalty to 4minute’s Jihyun on ‘Beatles Code 2′

Super Junior‘s Donghae has been dubbed as a “warm city man” for his caring act towards 4minute‘s Jihyun. The latest recording of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘ featured the members of 4minute putting on a hidden camera show against their close celebrity friends

4 Minute's Nam Jihyun Asks Super Junior Donghae For Large Sum of Money on 'Beatles Code 2' [VIDEO]

Super Junior, 4minute, donghae, nam jihyun, beatles code 2 4 Minute's Nam Jihyun Asks Super Junior Donghae For Large Sum of Money on 'Beatles Code 2' Super Junior’s Donghae and 4minute's Nam Jihyun friendship was revealed

4minute’s Sohyun prank calls f(x)’s Sulli on ‘Beatles Code 2′

4minute‘s Sohyun‘s surprise prank call which almost led to f(x)‘s Sulli shedding tears. On a recent broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘, a few of the guests members were asked to test their friendship with other celebrities through a prank call

After School’s UEE reveals that her first kiss was with a fellow trainee on ‘Beatles Code 2′

After School‘s UEE has revealed who her first kiss was with on Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘, surprising the viewers, whom had believed her first kiss was with actor Yoo Seung Ho. On the July 16th broadcast, which featured the members of After School and singer Tak Jae Hoon, the emcees asked the singer, “It says that you had your first kiss with a fellow trainee when you were in your 2nd year of high school?” To this, UEE nodded and explained, “He did debut, but he’s no longer active

Super Junior Ryeowook and Eunhyuk Fights over Appearance Rankings on 'Beatles Code 2'

Mnet, Beatles Code, Super Junior, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook super Super Junior Eunhyuk and Ryeowook argued over their physical appearance rankings. In the recent filming of Mnet "Beatles Code 2," Super Junior made everyone laugh by fighting one another like real siblings

'Beatles Code' Super Junior Eunhyuk, "I Asked Leeteuk Why He Hit Me and He Said It was Because of My Gum"

Beatles Code, Mnet, Super Junior, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Yesung eunhyuk Eunhyuk revealed, "I think it's because of my extremely pink gum that Leeteuk hit me." In cable Mnet "Beatles Code 2" aired on the 30th, Super Junior and Firetruck's episode continued

Kwanghee Talks about First Kiss on "Beatles Code 2"

In the upcoming episode of Mnet “Beatles Code 2,” ZE:A and Dr. Lee, a trailblazing trot singer, appeared as guests of the week. During this episode, members of ZE:A will talk about their first kiss experiences in “Musicology 101″ segment

ZE:A's Siwan Shows His Loyalty to ZE:A on "Beatles Code Season 2" Episode

On the August 27th broadcasted episode of cable channel MNet variety show “Beatles Code Season 2,” Dr. Lee, known for his ground-breaking trot, and idol group ZE:A, enjoying high popularity with the release of their second album “Spectacular,” appeared as guests on the show

Younha chooses B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk as her ideal type on ‘Beatles Code’

Singer Younha chose B.A.P‘s leader Bang Yong Guk as her ideal type. On the September 3rd, Younha became a guest  episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code Season 2‘, where she chose Bang Yong Guk from a list of ten candidates, which included the four hosts on the show

SECRET’s Hyosung talks about her fans’ response on her weight loss on ‘Beatles Code 2′

After revealing last week that her fans seemed to be disappointed with her weight loss, SECRET‘s Hyosung discussed more on the responses of her fans through the latest episode of ‘Beatles Code 2‘

Block B talks about their incident during an interview in Thailand on ‘Beatles Code 2′

On the October 22nd broadcast of ‘Beatles Code 2‘, Block B opened up about the Thailand interview incident which had brought many negative comments to the boy group During the filming, Block B claimed “The incident that happened eight months ago during the Thailand interview was out of line and it was wrong

“Beatles Code 3D”, MBLAQ”s G.O used to suffer from narcolepsy while singing

On this week”s “Beatles Code 3D“, MBLAQ”s G.O revealed he used to suffer from narcolepsy, which is a tendency to fall asleep easily. He said, “I had narcolepsy, but it”s disappeared these days

Girl’s Day members break into tears on ‘Beatles Code’

Girl’s Day along with Hong Seo Bum feature in the latest episode of  ‘Beatles Code‘. At one point of the show, the hosts asked member Yura to rank themselves alongside Hong Seo Bum. Yura then placed Hong Seo Bum last

Ailee reveals her thoughts on K.Will on ‘Beatles Code’

Ailee and K.Will both appeared as guests on the November 26th broadcast of ‘Beatles Code‘. At the beginning of the show, MC Tak Jae Hoon introduced K.Will, stating, “He’s not an idol nor a veteran singer, so he’s sort of awkwardly in the middle