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BEAST releases MV for "Mystery"

BEAST has just unleashed a special music video for their previous hit track "Mystery". The song, which was released back in 2009, is included on their debut mini-album "Beast is the B2st". Premiered during their "Beautiful Show" concert in Seoul, the video features clips of the boys and a dancing and fingerboarding hand

BEAST Reveals Special MV of "Mystery" for Valentine's Day!

BEAST has a gift for all their fans this Valentine’s Day! As a special present for fans across the world, the group has released a music video for one of their older tracks, “Mystery,” taken from their very first mini album

BEAST surprises fans with “Mystery” Valentine’s Day gift!

Unlike any other normal video greetings or online cafe messages, BEAST surprises fans with an even bigger greater better gift for Valentine’s Day. A special music video for the song “Mystery” (released in their first mini album BEAST Is The B2ST) was uploaded on their youtube channel

BEAST 'Mystery' Music Video Number 1 In China

BEAST's music video for the song 'Mystery', released in 2010, has been named number one on China's largest music video site, Yin Yue Tai.  'Mystery' was part of BEAST's debut album two years ago. This song was beloved by Korean fans and the music video has been reedited for BEAST's world tour 'Beautiful Show

BEAST's "Mystery" Hits No. 1 on China's K-Pop Video Charts

BEAST gets a warm welcome from their Chinese fans ahead of the six-member group’s visit to the country. BEAST’s special music video for “Mystery,” off their 2009 debut mini-album, reached the top of China’s music web site Yineutai

BEAST's Yong Junhyung Appears In a Mystery Teaser

Yong Junhyung, BEAST, teaser Yong Junhyung Appears In a Mystery Teaser BEAST member Yong Junhyung appeared in a unknown teaser.  Yong Junhyung appeared in a short teaser that was released today through YouTube that is about 40 seconds

Airport Fashion: SNSD, MBLAQ, BEAST, Kara and Other Idol Stars Heading to the Golden Disk Awards in Japan

Airports in Korea and Japan have been hustling and bustling for the past two days due to the major outflux and influx of top idol stars traveling to the 26th Golden Disk Awards in Osaka, Japan. For two straight days, January 11-12, the 26th Golden Disk Awards will be held

BEAST’s Doo Joon and Dong Woon Hold Cooking Showdown

On January 15, BEAST’s Yoseob shared a few amusing photos of fellow group members, Doo Joon and Dong Woon, hold a cooking showdown. He first tweeted, “Wow, these guys are really good…You guys keep cooking

Kara's Goo Hara and BEAST's Yong Jun Hyung Quiet Breakup Rumors

Kara’s Goo Hara and BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung were spotted wearing couple bracelets, confirming their relationship is still going strong. Recently, several photos were posted online under the title, “Yong Jun Hyung-Goo Hara, Is it a Couple Bracelet?” The photos of Yong Jun Hyung were fan-taken photos, while Goo Hara’s photos were screenshots of her appearance on SBS “Inkigayo

Kara, DBSK, SNSD, 2PM, BEAST, and Jang Geun Suk Win “The Japan Gold Disk Awards”

The Recording Industry Association of Japan announced the winners of “The Japan Gold Disk Awards 2012” on January 27, 2012. In its 26th year,  “The Japan Gold Disk Awards 2012” are based on the number of DVD/album/single sales in the year 2011

BEAST Lee Ki Kwang's Past Pictures

BEAST, Lee Ki Kwang, past, innocent, picture Group BEAST's Lee Ki Kwang's past pictures have caught the attention of fans.  In the pictures revealed, Lee Ki Kwang has dark skin and frameless glasses

BEAST Yong Jun Hyung Asleep on the Floor

Although undeniable excitement rippled across the world when BEAST announced their world tour, many fans still couldn't help but worry over the boys' health because it meant triple the work load for the group

Is BEAST Better at Singing Ballads?

BEAST has shown another side of them by displaying strong ballad skills through their latest single, "I Knew It." Currently, BEAST's new single "I Knew It" topped major music charts and is ranked at #1, 2 and 3 on Melon, Mnet, and Bugs, respectively

After School Lizzy & Beast DooJoon’s spork kiss

After School Lizzy and Beast DooJoon’s having a “spork kiss” in drama All My Love. Credits: Afterschooldaze, Joker (Korean)

BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung Reveals BTS Video for New Solo Single

BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung has released a behind-the-scene video for his upcoming solo single, “Living without You.” In the 38-second clip, you get a glimpse into the recording studio and working space of one of the most promising young songwriters in the industry

BEAST Yoseob, complete with winter hat & mask ‘did he catch a cold?’

Group BEAST (B2ST) member Yang Yoseob revealed a picture wearing a mask. Yang Yoseob tweeted in the morning of December 5th, “Finished rehearsals!Did you have a good night? I’m going to go to sleep” along with a picture

IU and Kim Ji Ho, the Joseon era ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Comedian Kim Ji Ho and IU‘s Joseon era ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is the latest buzz on the web. Currently a regular on KBS 2TV’s ‘Gag Concert‘ Kim Ji Ho tweeted on the 26th, “Taken during the Lunar New Year special episode with the national little sister, IU~~ I love you IU~~^^ I!U!Jjang! lol” and he revealed the photo above

BEAST Yong JunHyung "Living Without You" Solo Debut

BEAST, Yong JunHyung, New Debut, Solo Member of BEAST, Yong JunHyung will solo debut with the song "Living Without You" on February 3rd. The song was created by Yong JunHyung himself with Kim TaeJu. The genre of the song is hiphop and the lyrics express the love a man feels for a woman that has cheated on him

BEAST London concert, fans go wild and faint out of excitement

The footage of BEAST‘s (B2ST) London concert has been revealed. Cube Entertainment‘s artists BEAST, 4Minute, and G.NA held their first concert in London U.K, on December 5th at the Brixton Academy under the title, ‘United Cube in London’

Boyfriend rises as a blue chip in the ad industry along with BEAST and INFINITE

Idol group Boyfriend quickly rose as a blue chip in the ad industry. Boyfriend has seen two hits in a row with ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ and recently their new song ‘I’ll Be There’ is quite popular as well resulting in many proposals from the ad industry