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TEEN TOP members clear up the controversy surrounding the lyrics for “Going Crazy”

Boy group TEEN TOP has made a successful comeback with their new song “Going Crazy“, but the lyrics to the song have recently been swept up in controversy. L.Joe‘s rap lyrics are facing controversy because a few words when spoken quickly can be mistaken for profanity

KARA’s Jiyoung see-through top draws controversy

KARA’s maknae Kang Jiyoung had gotten the attention of fans after she was photographed at the airport wearing casual fashion and having a make-up free face. But some netizens are claiming that her outfit was inappropriate for someone her age

SNSD Trademark controversy, 9 categories belong to another party

It appears that SNSD‘s trademark partially belongs to another party. SM Entertainment has set out to seek a solution as the SNSD trademark as been preemptively taken by another party. The other party has currently received the rights for the initials of SNSD in Korean and SNSD name in Chinese characters

Court rules against J.Y. Park in plagiarism controversy case

At the beginning of last year, a plagiarism controversy arose involving IU‘s “Someday” from the ‘Dream High 1‘ OST. “Someday” was found to possess a very similar chorus line to Ash‘s “To My Man“, and as a result, its composer (Kim Shin Il) decided to sue producer J

Sidus HQ responds to the controversy surrounding Jay Park’s new song, “Wasted”

Jay Park recently released his new full-length album ‘NEW BREED‘, and he faced some controversy regarding his track “Wasted“. The song, as the title suggests, is about being under the influence of alcohol

YoonA Abs Cause Controversy

Recently, online communities have been commenting about Yoona’s toned abs. [PIC] See for yourself above.  Netizens also commented, “Wow they are unlikely abs. However whenever I see her I always think she is too skinny,” “Really, gain some weight please, I wish I could live like YoonA for a day,” and “I think those abs are showing because she is so skinny

Block B’s Apology for Thailand Interview Controversy

Block B gave their official apology regarding their controversial interview in Thailand. All 7 members of Block B posted up their apology and remarks on February 20 (local time) early morning through their fan café

Block B stirs controversy with Thai interview, draws response from 2PM

With Block B‘s recent visit to Thailand, the popular news source RYT9 sat down with the young men for an extensive interview about the group’s background, current activities and more. What’s getting viewers around the world riled up is Block B’s playful attitude and a variety of comments they made throughout the video that came across as rude and insensitive

Block B’s Zico shaves his head in response to the Thailand interview controversy

Recently, we reported about Block B‘s controversial interview in Thailand and their individual apologies. Block B’s leader Zico is taking further action to show the group’s remorse. Earlier on Block B’s official site, Block B left a note of apology that read: “We are sorry for stirring public criticism

Dongho’s tweet about Block B interview stirs controversy

U-KISS member Dongho‘s tweet in response to the Block B interview issue has stirred up controversy with netizens’ split reactions. On February 20th, Dongho had tweeted, “Singer worth 7,000 Won ($6)“, which was a response to Block B’s comment on the Thailand flood, as the group had stated they only had 7,000 won to donate to the Thailand flood relief

Block-B appears on ‘Show Champion’ after stirring controversy

Group Block-B, who was blamed for interviewing a Thai media outlet in bad manners, will appear on TV for the first time after they made an official apologize. Block-B will appear on MBC Music’s Show Champion, which will air live on February 21 at 7:00 p

Block B's First Appearance on TV Since Controversy

Block B finished their first broadcast appearance since Thailand interview controversy. The group appeared on a live music program MBC ‘Show Champion’ on February 21, 7PM KST for the first time since their controversial interview

Block B performs “Nanrina” on ‘Show Champion’ for the first time since controversy

On February 21st, Block B performed “Nanrina” for the first time on a music program since their controversial interview. Upon their introduction, Block B walked onto the ‘Show Champion‘ stage in a very humble manner and gave an extended bow to the audience, which looked like their way of once again apologizing for the misunderstandings

Jang Keun Suk Put an End on 'Aoi Sora' Controversy

Jang Keun Suk posted a photo of sushi for 'Aoi Sora' controversy. Jang posted a photo of sushi on his twitter on Feb 21st, with a comment saying "This is it!". It seems to be his appealing to the anti-Korea medias in Japan for his innocence

Senior representative from Brand New Stardom interviewed about Block B’s controversy

By now, anyone who’s a fan of K-pop is aware of 7-member idol group Block B. One of the boys’ interview which took place in Thailand January 30th has stirred major controversy, and the boys have been receiving slanderous remarks from the public and the media alike

Block B controversy carries on in Thailand and Korea

The controversy surrounding newbie Korean band Block B’s careless remarks about the Thai floods of last year has become a topic of national interest in both nations. In Korea, the remarks of the band member Zico, who joked that he would donate 7000 won ($6) to relief efforts, was shown on MBC’s “News Desk” on Feb

Block B's Side of the Story in Regards to Controversy

The seven members of hip-hop group Block B recently learned a valuable lesson about tolerance. During an interview on the group’s recent trip to Thailand the members made controversial comments regarding Thai flood victims

Block B’s P.O. Hospitalized Over Controversy

It’s been reported that Block B member P.O. has been hospitalized as the mental and emotional stress of being in the middle of a controversy seems to have reached too much to handle. Although Block B has officially apologized for their behavior and attitude in the controversial interview in Thailand numerous times criticism towards the group are showing no signs of stopping

Controversy Over SBS "K-Pop Star" Judge Decisions

What exactly does it mean to have "potential" when it comes to recent audition programs?On the episode of "K-Pop Star" that aired on February 26, the last battle to proceed to the live broadcast round took place

Living the Aftermath of Block B’s Thailand Controversy

First and foremost, I’m going to be honest with you all: after the release of Block B‘s Welcome To The Block mini-album a couple of weeks ago, I very quickly became a new Block B fan. Thanks to my fellow writer Gil, who kept goading me down the Block B road with pictures and summaries of the  group’s history and reputation for being atypical idols, or as she calls them, “trolls”, it was hard not to fall in love with Block B’s raw edginess and undisguised goofiness