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Baek Ji Young Opens Online Shopping Mall for Pet Dogs

Singer Baek Ji Young, who is well known as an animal lover, recently opened an online shopping mall for pet dogs. In July of last year, she opened a pet cafe for dogs called "Grr” at Shinsa Dong in Seoul

Baek Ji Young to host MBC’s ‘Pit-a-Pat Shake’

It’s been announced that Baek Ji Young will be the sole MC for MBC‘s Lunar New Year special, ‘Pit-a-Pat Shake‘! On January 10th, representatives revealed, “The recording for the show hasn’t begun yet so we don’t know any of the details, but it’s true that Baek Ji Young has been confirmed to be the sole MC for the show

Kangta, Gil, Baek Ji Young, & Shin Seung Hoon to serve as coaches on ‘Voice Korea’

Prior to the pilot broadcast for ‘Voice Korea‘, Mnet aired a special called ‘Mnet Voice Korea V-Point’ on February 3rd to further heighten anticipation for the show. The four coaches (Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Kangta, and Leessang‘s Gil) each revealed what they’ll be looking for in the contestants

Baek Ji Young and 2PM's Taecyeon Asked to Sing "My Ear's Candy" at a Wedding

Is the dance track “My Ear’s Candy” appropriate music for a wedding reception? Apparently so, if the song’s original artists are among the wedding guests present. A photo of Baek Ji Young and 2PM’s Taecyeon, taken at Baek Ji Young’s manager’s wedding, recently surfaced on the Internet and circulated on online community boards

Baek Ji Young & Taecyeon sing “My Ear’s Candy” at a wedding

It’s been revealed that singer Baek Ji Young sang her hit track “My Ear’s Candy” at her manager’s wedding. Recently, an online community board posted this photo under the title, “Baek Ji Young and 2PM‘s Taecyeon at her manager’s wedding“

Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Kangta and Gil Cover Secret's "Magic"

Music fans are always in for a treat when veteran singers cover a track from some of K-Pop’s most popular groups. Secret’s fans are anticipating how the girl group’s “Magic” would sound like when interpreted by their seniors Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Kangta and Gil

Kangta, Baek Ji Young, Gil, & Shin Seung Hoon to perform remake of SECRET’s “Magic”

The four coaches from ‘Voice Korea’ have come together to perform their version of SECRET‘s hit song, “Magic”. Though they’ve been busy with their respective schedules, Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Gil, and Kangta made sure to pencil in rehearsals in order to deliver an outstanding performance

Baek Ji Young boasts about her boyfriend’s rock-hard abs

While guesting on a variety show, ballad queen Baek Ji Young boasted that her boyfriend, Jung Suk Won, owns rock-hard abs. On the February 12th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Qualifications of Men‘, Baek Ji Young went into Jun Hyun Moo‘s dressing room with a bowl of ramyun

Baek Ji Young and boyfriend Jung Suk Won reveal a lovely couple pictorial

Celebrity couple Baek Ji Young and her boyfriend Jung Suk Won recently modeled for an online shopping mall. The two wore couple sweaters and used balloons as well as cupcakes to advance the ‘sweetheart’ concept

Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won's Couple Photoshoot

Baek Ji Young is all lovey dovey with her boyfriend, Jung Suk Won. The couple recently had a photo shoot as models for an online shopping mall. The concept for the shoot is sweethearts. The couple looked very much in love and wore matching sweaters

Baek Ji Young Spotted Painting On Garosu Street

Photo of Baek Ji Young paiting on a wall titled 'Baek Ji Young on Garosu Street?" was posted online.  In the photos, Baek is painting on a wall by herself wearing orange colored outfit with a black fur hat and sunglasses

Actor Jung Suk Won talks about Baek Ji Young and their relationship

Actor Jung Suk Won opened up about his relationship with singer Baek Ji Young. Kim Bo Sung, Jung Suk Won, Lee Sang In, and martial arts coach Jung Doo Hong guest-featured on the ‘Action Star’ special of MBC‘s ‘Come To Play‘ that aired March 5th

Jung Suk Won Shares His and Baek Ji Young's Love Story

Actor Jung Suk Won recently shared a few bits of his love story. He is dating sexy singer Baek Ji Young. The two have publicly acknowledged their relationship and even participated in photo shoots as a couple

Coach Baek Ji Young Cries on ‘The Voice Korea’

Baek Ji Young said in tears, “I regret having the two of them face-off against each other.” Singer Baek Ji Young started to cry after seeing Yoo Sung Eun and Lim Jin Ho on stage. On March 9th, Mnet’s ‘The Voice Korea‘ had their participants face off in a battle round to see who would move on to the live broadcast

Combinations of celebrities’ faces: Shin Bong Sun + Baek Ji Young = IU?

Combinations of celebrities’ faces are currently attracting many people’s attention. A post under the title of “Combinations of celebrities’ faces” was recently posted on an online community board

Baek Ji Young & ALi release songs for ‘Rooftop Prince’ OST

  Queen of OSTs, Baek Ji Young, has participated in the OST for ‘Rooftop Prince‘. Baek Ji Young’s agency WS Entertainment stated, “Baek Ji Young will be participating in the OST of the new SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince’, and her song will be the main title track

Baek Ji Young celebrates her 36th birthday

On March 25th, singer Baek Ji Young (36) celebrated her birthday by uploading a proof-shot of her feast prepared by fans. She wrote on her Twitter, “The birthday meal given to me by Rouge (her fanclub name)! Eating my first meal on my birthday

[Audio] Baek Ji Young and ALi release OST for "Rooftop Prince"

The queen of OST, Baek Ji Young, participated in the OST for the new drama "Rooftop Prince." Baek Ji Young released the single "After A Long Time", the new OST which will be used as the song that describes the love relationship of "Rooftop Prince" between JYJ's Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min

Way Back Wednesday : Baek Ji Young

No other K-pop star can say that they have been down the road that Baek Ji Young has traveled. Debuting as a sexy, sultry dance singer, she went through the most public of humiliations yet was able to transform herself into a confident, beautiful balladeer

Baek Ji Young reveals the line-up she wants to see on ‘I Am a Singer 2′

Baek Ji Young, who was one of the first contestants on season one of ‘I Am a Singer‘, revealed the line-up she wishes to see on ‘I Am A Singer 2.’ In an interview found in the recently published book, ‘I Am a Singer – Singing through a Book‘, Baek Ji Young recommended Ha Dong Kyun, Jung In, and Lee Seung Chul for ‘I Am A Singer 2′