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B1A4′s Baro looks just like Jan Sil (Bae Noo Ri) in The Moon Embracing the Sun

Boy group B1A4′s Baro is currently hot online as he looks just like Jan Sil (played by Bae Noo Ri) in MBC TV’s drama series The Moon Embracing the Sun. On all online portal sites and community boards, people are writing such posts and comments as: “I’m watching The Moon Embracing the Sun and there’s a girl who looks just like B1A4′s member,” “Jan Sil looks so much like Baro

Miss A Min’s secret meeting with B1A4 Baro?

iCandy, Web Buzz Group B1A4‘s recording studio picture has been revealed. B1A4′s picture from the recording studio revealed on February 28th shows member Baro talking to a woman

B1A4′s Baro and Gongchan in animal costumes: What’s happening?

B1A4′s Baro and Gongchan have recently attracted attention by getting around the downtown areas in Seoul in animal costumes. B1A4 appeared on Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, which will air on March 2, and received a mission to make two million Twitter followers in twelve weeks

Miss A’s Min and B1A4′s Baro in a recording studio!

Some pictures of B1A4 in their recording studio have recently been released and are attracting people’s attention. B1A4 are currently preparing for their new album. On an online community board, two pictures under the title of “A spoiler about B1A4′s new album” have recently been uploaded

B1A4′s Baro and Gongchan transform into animal characters

B1A4‘s Baro and Gongchan drew attention for donning animal character pajamas and walking through the streets of Seoul. The two idols wore animal costumes for the filming of Mnet‘s ‘B1A4′s Sesame Player‘ in order to advertise and fulfill their mission of reaching 2 million followers on SNS (Social Networking Services) in 12 weeks

B1A4 drops pre-release single, “This Time Is Over” & photo teaser ft Baro

Soon after officially revealing news of an official comeback as well as a full tracklist and other details, B1A4 has just released a brand new single titled, “This Time Is Over“! The single, which was announced just yesterday, is B1A4′s official pre-release song, and will be one of the ten tracks on B1A4′s full album ‘IGNITION‘ that is scheduled to drop on March 14th

[Audio/Photo] B1A4 releases "This Time Is Over" + teaser photo ft. Baro

Prior to B1A4's official comeback on March 14, the group's agency, WM Entertainment has revealed new single "This Time Is Over". "This Time Is Over" is a complete 180-degree turn from B1A4's usually cute and upbeat tracks

International Star Charice chooses K-Will over Baro (B1A4) and Ghun (X-5)

Filipina singer Charice Pempengco turned international singing sensation, once again visited Korea and made a special appearance on Star King’s April 7th episode. It is said that Star King played an important role in Charice’ international career as a singer

B1A4's Baro is similar to Noh Hongchul?

B1A4, who is currently promoting their first full-length album "Baby I'm Sorry," made an appearance on MBC's "Weekly Idol," where they showed off their entertainment sense. On that episode, member Baro was given the nickname "Noh Hongchul of the idol world" because of his inability to pronounce the letter "s" properly

B1A4 releases teasers for Jinyoung and Baro for repackaged album

After receiving much success with their first album, ‘IGNITION‘, B1A4 will release a repackaged digital album online on May 24th and the physical album will hit stores on May 29th! B1A4′s homepage was updated with a photo of a smartphone displaying the boys’ teasers, starting with members Jinyoung and Baro greeting fans

B1A4 releases second teaser featuring Baro

Set to be releasing a repackaged version of their first full length album "Ignition," B1A4 released the second teaser featuring member Baro. B1A4's repackaged version will be released digitally on May 24th and physically available by May 29th

'B1A4 Hello Baby', Baro Shows Strong Confidence in Raising Children?

B1A4, baro, KBS 'B1A4 Hello Baby', Baro Shows Strong Confidence in Raising Children? Group B1A4's Baro showed his strong confidence for raising children. On July 24, the press conference for cable channel KBS JOY "B1A4's Hello Baby" was held in Seoul

Which Idol Is the Most Talented Artist? None other than B1A4 Baro!

b1a4, baro, teen top, cap, a pink, naeun Idol Group Member's Best Drawing? None other than B1A4 Baro! Drawings done by idol group members have been gaining much attention. Idol members who are skilled in acting, dancing and singing are now even good at drawing

A child specialist confirms, “B1A4’s Baro will be a good daddy in future”

Recently, B1A4’s rapper Baro was admitted to be good at taking care of kids. You can check that out on KBS Joy’s B1A4’s Hello Baby on August 8. The program is about what the “idol” group B1A4 (composed of Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, CNU, and Gongchan) go through as they take care of a baby

B1A4′s Baro and B.A.P’s Daehyun both wear Joyrich’s designs

On the August 24th broadcast of ‘B1A4′s Hello Baby‘,  member Baro wore a black Joyrich t-shirt with “cool chapel” pattern of cherubs wearing sunglasses. This design is from their fall/winter 2012 line

B1A4 releases Jinyoung & Baro’s teaser for ‘In The Wind’ ~ Latest K-pop News - K-pop News | Daily K Pop News

The boys of B1A4 are gearing up to make their local comeback this month. After revealing the intro teaser earlier, B1A4’s official website has now released the teaser clips for Jinyoung and Baro! According to the website, B1A4 will release its third mini album ‘In The Wind’ featuring the tile track “Try To Walk” on November 12th

B1A4 Reveals Jinyoung and Baro Teaser Images

B1A4, Jinyoung, Baro B1A4 Reveals Jinyoung and Baro Teaser Images B1A4 has revealed Jinyoung and Baro's individual teasers, gaining much attention online. Yesterday on B1A4's homepage, Baro and Jinyoung's individual teaser images were revealed

B1A4 Baro, Food Truck From Fans 'Happy'

Boy group B1A4"s member Baro thanked his fans for the food truck they sent. (Photo : instagram) Boy group B1A4"s member Baro thanked his fans for the food truck they sent. Today, Baro posted on his Instagram, "The food and the coffee today were so good

B1A4′s Baro updates fans with new selca

On November 27th, B1A4‘s Baro uploaded a new selca of himself and tweeted, “My long leg picture ^^”. The picture was taken with Baro lying on a grassy surface at an angle that exaggerated the length his legs

Zia Counts the Year with B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk, B1A4’s Baro, and ZE:A’s Im Si Wan

After exciting fans by announcing her return, Zia has released a teaser for her upcoming mini album Anemone. The teaser for her song One Year, a quiet ballad filled with Zia’s unique voice, was released on December 7