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Lee Min Jung Looks Topless in Latest Screenshot Photo

A recent photo of Lee Min Jung playing a guitar has been one of the hottest pictures among K-Pop fans lately. It’s because of the way she was holding the guitar, as it almost looks like the star actress is topless in the photo

Love Rain Episode3 Screenshot Recap

Details Love Rain Episode 3 Recap Title: 사랑비 / Sa-rang-bi Love Rain Episode 3 Also known as: Love Rides the Rain / Love Rain Genre: Romance, Melodrama Episodes: 24 Broadcast network: KBS2 Broadcast period: 2012-March-?? to TBA Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55 Production Company: Yoon’s Color Director: Yoon Suk Ho Screenwriter: Oh Soo Yun Synopsis “Love Rain” depicts a 1970′s pure love and a love from the presentday at the same time

Love Rain - Episode3 - Screenshot part 1

Finally Inha show his feelings to Yoonhee!!! This scene is particularly beaufitul with pink sunset and river flow ♥♥♥♥ My Prince never let his love down!!

Love Rain - Episode3 - Screenshot part 2

Hyejung and Dongwook Finally get to know relationship of Yoonhee and Inha! Now it's finally getting to the part of tragedy? Anyway Poor Dong-Wook.... I first hated the guy but now it seems that he is the man who has a sincere heart for someone he loves

Love Rain - Episode4 screenshot 1 - lovely date of Inha and Yoonhee

Two lovely angels' last happy date, Right after this scene sad story begins...

Love Rain - Episode4 screenshot 3 - New Story Begins

OMG OMG OMG!!!! You need to take a look at this scene!!!!!!! Prince JKS now so much handsome and stylish >< Now Finally new story begins after 30 years later. Also Yoona now look so much pretty and this character looks like outgoing person

Love Rain - Episode4 screenshot 2 - Spoiler Alert!

palpable cliche and I think almost everybody who watch Love Rain already expected this. Anyway because of her incurable disease, Yoonhee decided to leave Korea. it's suprising that this palpable cliche still works

Love Rain - Episode4 screenshot 4 - cry cry cry

in Episode 4, there are many crying scene... so sad story... wish both Yoonhee and Inha would be together...

Love Rain - Episode4 screenshot 5 - LOVE RAIN OST

the most beautiful and moving scene in Love Rain ever! LOL... You have to listen to the music!! everybody reminisce about good memories of their love. I do love OST of Love Rain ♥♥♥♥♥

Love Rain - Episode4 Screenshot 5 - Dong-wook

To be honest, I did hate Dong wook at first since he was the reason that Inha and Yoonhee couldn't be together. LOL But now I get to know that he is the man with truthful heart for his friends and also for his love

Love Rain- Episode5 screenshot part1 - Real romance begins!

You have no Idea how good the couple looks in this drama! JKS looks sexy, Yoona looks so cute!! LOL LOL So good So good. Photographer Seo Joon, a guy who had never fallen in love before, falls in love with Hana in less than 3 seconds

Love Rain- Episode5 screenshot part2 - Fight between JKS and Yoona

It's quite amusing to watch them bicker Especially you need to take a look at Yoona's expression!! ♥♥♥ Cute Cute Cute

Love Rain- Episode5 screenshot part3 - beautiful Japanese snowy landscape

In this Episode, Japan's snowy landscape is soooooooo beautiful. I wanna go trip to the place.Seo Joon(JKS) took Hana(Yoona) to the place to see legendary diamond snow. Anyone who know this place??

Love Rain- Episode5 screenshot part4 - Are you going to kiss already?

I thinks this scene is definitely the best scene in Epi5!! Seojoon tries to seduce Yoona to fail... But Yoona... she succeeded!! Romantic 꺄악 ></// I had to hold my breath at the end of this scene ♥♥♥♥

Love Rain- Episode5 screenshot part5 - legend of diamond snow

There is a legend of diamond snow. You will fall in love with someone who see the diamond snow falling together...

Love Rain - EP8 Screenshot part 1.

SeoJoon and Hana couple is SOOOOOOO CUTE >_<// ♥♥♥ SeoJoon starts to treat Hana well showing his feeling actively. I like this kind of part//// ^=^ I want to have a boy friend like JKS/// I want! P

Love Rain - EP8 Screenshot part 2.

Today's best scene!! Hana becomes Seojoon's model!! she was scared at the first but after she changed her dress, she was very very lovelyx100 This couple will be best couple of this year! ></// P

Love Rain - EP8 JKS screenshot best

Best Prince Sukkie screenshot I selected! He gets more cute as episodes proceed P.S: I saw some people using my screenshots without my permission and pretending that they made it. Please credit my post if you want to use my screenshot post

Love Rain - EP8 Screenshot part 3.

New rival of Hana appears! and Seojoon's friend now began to like Hana! Relationship of all characters so complicated... P.S: I saw some people using my screenshots without my permission and pretending that they made it

Love Rain - EP8 Yoona screenshot best

Best Yoona screenshot I selected >< P.S: I saw some people using my screenshots without my permission and pretending that they made it. Please credit my post if you want to use my screenshot post