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CNBLUE, FTIsland, AOA & Juniel Send Encouragement To ’2014 FNC Entertainment Global Audition’ Participants In China

Going on stage and performing for a huge audience can be intimidating.Your heart is pounding, the crowd is watching you, you are hoping that you do not make a mistake, and you want to entertain the crowd.This can be nerve-wracking for a rookie artist.

FNC Entertainment is holding the "2014 FNC Entertainment Global Audition" and looking for new young talent to join their company.They just finished up auditions in Shanghai, China, on February 22nd and 23rd. The next place they are going is Guangzhou City, China which will kick off May 3rd and continue to the 4th.The auditions will be held at STYLEMALL Mingsheng Plaza, NO. 238 Beijing RD.

AOA, Juniel, CNBLUE, and FTIsland made short video messages for all the people who are going to audition.The messages encourage those planning to audition to never give up and to achieve their dreams

AOA are preppy, sporty, and sexy in sketch for shoe brand ‘SBENU’

A sketch has been released featuring the ladies of AOA looking hot for shoe brand "SBENU".


AOA’s Chanmi dances to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry

AOA's Chanmi shows off her dancing skills on Idol Dance Battle D-Style.

She covers Super Junior's popular song Sorry Sorry on the show and impresses with her dancing ability, watch her performance below:

Girl’s Day & AOA – Relay Comebacks, But This Time It’s Not Sexy

Earlier this year Girl"s Day and AOA caused a scene with their sexy concepts, and they"re having relay comebacks once again.

These two groups are both planning for June comebacks, and it"s highly likely that those dates will overlap. In January Girl"s Day was stirring up a sexy scene with their song "Something" when AOA"s "Miniskirt" took the baton. There"s great expectation as to whether their comebacks will cause a synergy once again.

What"s impressive is that neither of the girl groups are going with "sexy" as their main concepts. They really nailed it in the beginning of this year with their sexy comebacks, but it seems as if they"re planning to showcase a different charm than sexy for their upcoming comebacks.

At the time of their "Something" days in January, Girl"s Day"s Minah said, "I hope you don"t all expect our next comeback to be with a sexy image

AOA to Come Back Again With a New Style

AOA, who became known as "sexy idols" in their short skirts in the beginning of the year, comes back again with a new song.

Although the date is not specified, AOA is projected to return by May. Though their last title song put forth a sexy theme, the new song will probably target another concept. AOA plans to return before their popularity gained at the beginning of this year fades.

AOA, although a girl dance group, also performs as a band. Though they have gained more popularity as a dance group, AOA is determined not to lose their identity as a band. Staff commented, "AOA is also practicing as a band while preparing for their comeback. It requires more effort and practice, but we don"t want to lose sight of AOA"s true strengths."

AOA was awarded the first place trophy in SBS "Inkigayo" on February 9, joining the band of popular girl groups

AOA members become new models for shoe brand “Sbenu”

AOA members have been chosen as the new endorsement models for shoe brand “Sbenu“.

The girls will be promoting the brand’s “S-Line” sneakers. In their new pictorial, they showed off their flawless legs in mini skirts and colorful sneakers.

A representative from “Sbenu” shared, “We anticipate a synergy effect with “Sbenu” and AOA who became a hot girl group with “Miniskirt” upon the brand”s launching.”

Take a look at the photos below!

AOA play a prank on ChoA on “Cheongdamdong 111 – N.Flying’s Way to Be a Star”

Girl group AOA played a prank on member ChoA on the reality program ”Cheongdamdong 111 – N.Flying’s Way to Be a Star“!

On this episode, member Mina acted as she got sick and set tears during their game. ChoA showed her worry and took Mina out to comfort her. Meanwhile, the other AOA members prepared for a surprising party in celebration of ChoA’s birthday.

Watch the hidden camera on ChoA above!

AoA’s Seolhyun and ChoA pose for “Esquire”

ChoA and Seolhyun from girl group AOA recently teamed up in a photoshoot for ”Esquire” magazine.

Their agency FNC Entertainment revealed some of the photos from the pictorial on March 22, catching a lot of attention.

In the photos, ChoA showed up with her chic and cool look in short, blonde hair while Seolhyun captured viewers with her feminine look with in long, wavy hair. Their professional poses were always praised by the staff on set.

Seolhyun and ChoA’s full pictorial will be available on the April issue of “Esquire”!


AOA’s Cho-A & Sul Hyun ooze with sexiness on ‘ESQUIRE’ April issue

AOA is featured on 'ESQUIRE' magazine April edition.
On the photo which was released by their agency, FNC Entertainment, AOA's Cho-A & Sul Hyun flaunted their elegant sexiness while wearing see-through tops and white shorts. It was said that the girls of AOA impressed the staff members of the magazine with their beauty and hotness.
The whole pictorial and interview with the girls of AOA is in the April issue of 'ESQUIRE.'
written by: [email protected] SOURCE: Star News

AOA Members Say They Want Just a Day of Rest

AOA has been keeping busier than ever since winning first place, and it has been wearing the members down.

During the March 20 broadcast of tvN’s Cheongdam-dong 111, AOA revealed that it wants just a day of rest.

AOA’s Chanmi said, “I hope I can sleep in for just a day,” to which Mina responded, “All the sunbaenims got their vacation...”

Upon hearing this, Jimin said, “We shouldn’t complain,” but also agreed to the other members by saying, “But it’s true CN Blue and FT Island sunbaenims got to go on vacation.”

The AOA members then decided to make a request for vacation to the company.

Photo credit: tvN