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San E to comeback with first full-length album in April

San E to comeback with first full-length album in April

San E will make his comeback with first full-length album next month.

Following the release of his mini album “NOT” Based On The True Story” in 2014, the new album will be his first full-length album since debut, attracting much interst from many people. ... Read more

EXO"s album "EXODUS" already hits 500k in pre-sale and tops iTunes charts worldwide


As expected of EXO, the boys are already proving their immense worldwide popularity not only in physical album sales, but also on iTunes!

That”s the power of EXO. EXO”s 2nd album “EXODUS” has sold over half a million copies in pre-sales alone – 321,200 copies of their Korean version and 181,240 copies of their Chinese version – totalling 502,440 albums sold! That”s a new record already for pre-sales! . ... Read more

F.T Island to release "I Will" special album + star in first 19+ reality program for idols

F.T Island to release

F.T Island will be dropping a special edition of fifth album “I Will” on April 6 and premiering their new reality program soon!

According to FNC Entertainment, “The “I Will” special album will have the original eleven tracks as well as a 160-page photo shoot. The photo shoot took place in Paris, France last January, and as the exotic scenery is mixed in with F.T Island”s carefree charms, the holding value has increased.”  160 pages of eye candy for fans? Yes, please. . ... Read more

[Album and MV Review] miss A - "Colors"

[Album and MV Review] miss A -

miss A – “COLORS”
Track List:

1. One Step
2. Only You
3. Love Song
4. Melting
5. I Caught Ya
6. Stuck

It”s been over a year since “Hush” was released and now, the girls of miss A are involved in a serious comeback. They”ve started a reality TV series, there”s now an official fan cafe, and they”ve dropped their 3rd mini-album, “Colors.” It”s clearly an exciting time to be a fan!. ... Read more

EXO bring on the "EXODUS" with 2nd album release

EXO bring on the

EXO has released their full 2nd album “EXODUS“!

The boys brought in The Underdogs, Teddy Riley, as well as SHINee“s Jonghyun for their album. There are 10 songs that span dance, R&B, and ballad genres, so fans can keep their ears busy and happy. We”ve already heard “Call Me Baby” and “First Love“, and the rest are amazing as well! You can listen to all the tracks in the playlist below. . ... Read more

F.T. Island"s "I Will" sweeps weekly album sales across Asia!

F.T. Island

Fans have been waiting a long, long time for F.T. Island“s Korean comeback, and just how long they”ve been waiting is showing up on their album sales!
The boys” 5th album “I Will” ranked #1 in weekly sales on the Hanteo chart for the March 23rd-March 29th week. Not only that, but the boys also ranked #1 on the YinYueTai V-Chart as well as Kugou“s Korea-Japan chart. They”re also #1 on Japan”s Amazon Asian Pop Bestseller chart. . ... Read more

miss A deal declare "Only You" to a peeping tom + "Colors" mini album

miss A deal declare

miss A has released “Only You“!

The girls” third mini album “Colors” is a big change from their previous release “Hush“. The title song features bright colors and a hip hop track rhythm with lyrics from a girl confidently declaring her love to a man. The title song “Only You” is already making a splash, currently ranking #1 on Genie, Bugs, Naver, Olleh, Mnet, Daum, Monkey3, and Soribada. . ... Read more

Jaejoong to release his 2nd album after he enlists

Jaejoong to release his 2nd album after he enlists

Jaejoong will be releasing his 2nd album soon!

During his concert “The Beginning of End“, he said, “After I enlist, my 2nd album will be released. I worked really hard for it. The songs will be released before the physical release. I worked hard for the past month so poeple wouldn”t feel my absence and instead think, “Did Jaejoong really enlist?” I used my throat every day.” . ... Read more

miss A"s "Colors" album spoiler

miss A

miss A reveal the spoiler of their new album!

The girls provide a sneak peek of the tracks that”s included in their 7th project album “Color”. Besides featuring some short preview of their new tracks, the girls” teaser images are added for viewing pleasure, the girls look absolutely stunning!. ... Read more

miss A keeps fans on their toes with "Colors" album highlight reel!

miss A keeps fans on their toes with

After blessing us with the sexiest of solo teasers and MV teasers, miss A is now granting us a sneak peek into their upcoming album “Color”s with an album “spoiler” or highlight reel! . ... Read more