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Hyunseung says "I Love You" in latest audio teaser

Hyunseung says

Hyunseung has released his 5th audio teaser for his solo debut!

The song “I Love You” is an emotional pop ballad. You can hear him really commit to the pain and melancholy of the lyrics in the teaser. . ... Read more

[Spoiler] "The Queen"s Flower" Lee Jong-hyuk tells Kim Seong-ryeong, "I realized that I can love again"


Min-joon (Lee Jong-hyuk) confessed his love for Rena (Kim Seong-ryeong).

On the sixteenth episode of the MBC weekend drama “The Queen”s Flower”, Min-joon entered Rena”s apartment because of the pretence she put on that a stalker was bothering her. . ... Read more

"Divorce Lawyer in Love" continues to drop


The viewing percentage of “Divorce Lawyer in Love” dropped and recorded 4.6% on the 4th.

This is 0.2% lower than the previous episode and 0.4% lower than last Sunday.

Divorce Lawyer in Love” So Jeong-woo (Yeon Woo-jin) and Go Chuck-hee (Jo Yeo-jeong) started developing strange feelings for each other after their kiss. So Jeong-woo then confessed his feelings for her. . ... Read more

Junsu guests at Gummy"s solo concert, "Fall In Love"

Junsu guests at Gummy

JYJ“s Junsu was recently spotted at senior singer Gummy”s solo concert where he was revealed to be the guest singer of the day. 

During the concert, Junsu said prior to his performance, “I am on stage with my fellow agency artist and senior singer whom I respect a lot. This is the first time appearing as a guest singer since 10 years ago as a part of TVXQ.  I am very happy and thankful to be on stage with such a great vocalist, Gummy.” . ... Read more

Shin Ji Soo (Shin Zisu) sings "Go Back," asking for the return of her lost love

Shin Ji Soo (Shin Zisu) sings

Rookie artist Shin Ji Soo (Shin Zisu) dropped a special live performance footage in which she is seen singing “Go Back.

“Go Back” is one of the tracks from her recent debut mini-album, “20″s Party,” and the lyrics are heartfelt and sentimental as it”s a personal message Shin Ji Soo wrote for her lost lover to come back to her. . ... Read more

Sean says he fell in love at first sight with his wife Jung Hye Young

Sean says he fell in love at first sight with his wife Jung Hye Young

Sean is one-half of one of the best hip hop duos in the nation, but who knew he was such a romantic?

On the April 30th episode of KBS” “Happy Together 3“, Jinusean featured as guests, and Sean talked about meeting his wife, actress Jung Hye Young. A video of the duo promoting back in the day as well as a performance of them singing their older, hit track “Phone Number” was shown. . ... Read more

Upcoming drama "My Love Eun-Dong" releases still cuts featuring GOT7"s Jr.

Upcoming drama

On May 1, JTBC released still cuts of GOT7“s Jr. looking a little roughed up in upcoming drama “My Love Eun-Dong“. 

“My Love Eun-Dong” is about a popular actor who loves the same woman for 20 years, starring Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang. Jr. will play the teenage version of Joo Jin Mo”s character, Ji Eun Ho.. ... Read more

"Love Clinic" Ha Joo-hee"s see-through fashion


The production presentation for the movie “Love Clinic” was held in GCV Wangsipri on the 30th with Kang Ye-won, Oh Ji-ho, Ha Joo-hee and producer Kim Aaron. . ... Read more

First stills of Jr. in upcoming drama "My Love Eun-dong"

First stills of Jr. in upcoming drama

Actor Jr. (Park Jin-yeong), also a member of the group Got7, turned into a rebel.

Stills of Jr. from the new JTBC drama “My Love Eun-dong” were released on May 1st. . ... Read more

Vibe, 4men, Ben, and more "Celebrate Love" in collaboration MV

Vibe, 4men, Ben, and more

The VIBE Family, composed of ultra talented singers 4men, Vibe, Ben (previously of BeBe Mignon), Im Se Jun, and Miiii, dropped another collaborative track that showcases their beautiful voices and impressive singing skills. . ... Read more