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SHINee’s Minho Cast As a Genius Hacker for New SBS Sitcom

SHINee’s Minho is going to play a genius hacker in the new SBS sitcom “Master Doryongnyong and the Phantom Actuators.” The sitcom will begin its broadcast on January 27. The story of this new sitcom has themes of fortune telling, thieves, and shamanism

Why Is Park Yoo Chun's Nickname the "Script Genius?"

For the drama “Rooftop Prince” Park Yoo Chun is showing off his awesome memory. On the set of “Rooftop Prince” Park Yoo Chun is known as the “script genius.” It is being said that because Park Yoo Chun is the main character, he appears in various scenes

JYJ’s Yoochun is a “script genius”?

JYJ‘s Yoochun is being described as a “script genius”. The star currently plays Prince Lee Juk in ‘Rooftop Prince‘, and apparently, he’s caught the attention of fellow actors and staff for his amazing ability to memorize lines

‘Rooftop Prince’ Park Yoo Chun is a genius at memorizing lines

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun, who is well known for memorizing his lines so well, recently revealed his secret. Park plays the role of a crown prince named Lee Gak from the Joseon Dynasty in SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series Rooftop Prince

Jewish way to raise a genius

By Jason Lim Growing up in Korea, I remember a book that my mother used to read religiously. It was a thick tome called, "The Jewish Way to Raise a Genius". Curious that my mother seemed to treasure it so much, I actually leafed through it as a kid, although I must have been less than nine years old at the time

SS501's Kim Hyung Joon Loving the "Genius" Title

At the press conference of upcoming drama SBS Plus "I Love You," SS501's Kim Hyung Joon talked about his role as a computer genius. Kim Hyung Joon plays the role of Jung Min Chae, a genius computer programer who graduated from Seoul National University

[NEWS] ‘Genius composer’ J.Y. Park reveals the production process for “You’re the one”!

J.Y. Park has shown the production process for his title song, “You’re the one” which he came back with, in 2 years. Apparently it’s drawing a lot of attention from the netizen (the internet user crowd)

Jessica Alba says, “Park Chan Wook is a genius!”

Actress Jessica Alba recently released a picture of herself with director Park Chan Wook. On May 24, Alba uploaded a picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “The genius and super freakin amazing director Chan-wook Park! I’m speechless

Super Junior’s Donghae changes into a genius patissier on Panda and Hedgehog #superjunior

Super Junior’s Donghae is currently attracting many people’s attention by changing into a genius patissier on Channel A’s new drama series Panda and Hedgehog. Panda and Hedgehog is a love story between a hedgehog-like picky man named Go Seung Ji (played by Donghae) and a panda-like bakery owner (played by Yoon Seung Ah)

Guitar genius Jung Sungha to collaborate with 2NE1?

Guitar genius Jung Sungha recently posted this image on his Twitter, along with the tweet below, indicating that something is going on with 2NE1. Spoiler~~!! — Sungha Jung (@jungsungha) July 15, 2012 In addition, 2NE1′s Dara also posted the image below to her me2day, with the following: Last spoiler~! 2NE1 meets guitar genius Jung Sungha!!! We were extremely impressed by his Lonely guitar cover last year~ and now we get to see him in person!!! It’s even nicer to see him in better! So touched~What will he show us this time…!?! Jung Sungha + 2NE1

"To The Beautiful You" Shinee Minho possessed as the genius high jumper

Shinee Minho became a genius high jumper. Minho takes on the role of blunt but talented high jumper Kang Tae-joon in the upcoming SBS drama "To The Beautiful You". In the picture revealed, Minho is completely possessed as Park Tae-kang, the high jumping athlete who keeps the highest record for the worldwide championships

2NE1 and 'Guitar Genius' Sungha Jung Reveal Collab Video!

2NE1, Lonely, Sungha Jung 2NE1 and 'Guitar Genius' Sungha Jung Reveal Collab Video! Girl group 2NE1 and YouTube sensation Sungha Jung have revealed their collaboration video online

CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa Emerges as "Songwriting Genius"

CNBLUE‘s Jung Yong  Hwa has written and composed a total of 17 tracks just for the first half of this year, emerging as a “songwriting genius.” Rookie female soloist and fellow FNC Entertainment label-mate Juniel‘s “Fool” was composed by Jung Yong Hwa

Psy "A Mutant Genius" What Will Happen After?

Psy, Gangnam Style Psy "Gangnam Style" Psy was recognized in Korea as an outrageous singer and performer after his debut song "Bird," which was released in 2001. The song "Bird" instantly became a hit and still remains as one of the most popular songs by Psy

"Gangnam Style" Little Psy is Actually a "Korea's Got Talent" Dance Genius?

Korea's Got Talent, Psy, Gangnam Style, Hwang Minwoo "Gangnam Style" Little Psy is Actually a "Korea's Got Talent" Dance Genius? The 'little Psy' that appears in Psy's "Gangnam Style" music video was actually a contestant of "Korea's Got Talent

T-ARA Stay Quiet for 1 Month, Apology Letter Before Comeback...'Acting Genius'?

T-ARA, Hwayoung, Core Contents Media T-ARA Stay Quiet for 1 Month, Apology Letter Before Comeback...'Acting Genius'? One month after Hwayoung's removal, T-ARA finally reveals apology letter

Miss $, Member Change... Genius Girl Producer Kang Min Hee Enters

miss $, kang min hee miss $ kang min hee The girl hip hop unit group Miss $ added a new member to their group, making the group now a three member group. Miss $ made their debut in 2008, and they have been showing impressive vocal skills through every album

[Videos Included] Mysterious Genius Girl From JYPE’s 15& Revealed

On September 27, JYP Entertainment has updated their website to reveal 15& photos and the hidden girl is Baek Yeh Lyn. She has already appeared on local television 5 years ago through SBS’s “Star King” and was nicknamed the “10 year old ballad genius

'Genius Duo' 15& Park Ji Min-Baek Yerin Debut Jacket Cover Revealed!

Park Ji Min, Baek Yerin, JYP Entertainment, 15& 'Genius Duo' 15& Park Ji Min-Baek Yerin Debut Jacket Cover Revealed! Female duo 15& has revealed their jacket cover photos online

'K-Pop Star 2' Park Jin Young Bows 90 Degrees to Dance Genius Kim Min Jung

SBS, K-Pop Star 2, Park Jin Young, Yang Hyun Suk 'K-Pop Star 2' Park Jin Young Bows 90 Degrees to Dance Genius Kim Min Jung 11 year old contestant Kim Min Jung received praise and a 90 degree bow from Park Jin Young