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4minute to make group comeback this February

The ladies of 4minute are confirmed to make their official group comeback this February! To set all comeback rumors aside, Cube Entertainment, the girls’ agency, have announced official return information on January 17th, stating that the original date was “supposed to have been in January” but was pushed to the next month

4Minute members express their wishes for the new year with their comeback imminent

Group 4Minute said hello to the fans and talked about their plans for the new year. 4Minute is scheduled to make a comeback sometime in February and the members were noticeably giddy about the prospect of meeting with the fans soon

4Minute's comeback pushed to February

4Minute has confirmed that their official comeback was pushed to the next month. Back on December, during a press conference held in Lotte Hotel, Sogondong, Seoul, 4Minute has announced to make their return on January 17th

4minute pushes comeback date back to April

Bad news for 4NIAs around the globe: 4minute‘s impending comeback has been delayed yet again. The pop quintet’s album, which was originally scheduled for January then pushed to March, has been rescheduled yet again for April, according to a recent statement from CUBE Entertainment

[NEWS] The reason for the continued delay of 4minute's comeback

The continuous postponement of 4minute's comeback, which was originally expected to be in January, is stirring fans' curiosity.4minute is a group that has always captured a lot of attention becauseof their unique, powerful, and charismatic performances

[news] 4minute to make a comeback this month with new mini album Volume up!

It's confirmed! 4minute is making their much awaited comeback this year after it has been postponed for quite some time. Cube Entertainment has confirmed that 4minute will be releasing their 4th mini album Volume up this 9th of April

4minute Reveals Comeback Teaser Image for “Volume Up”

On April 3, 4minute released the first teaser image for their comeback single, “Volume Up.” The teaser was revealed through the group’s official teaser site for “Volume Up,” the title track of 4minute’s third mini album

4minute’s ‘Volume Up’ comeback tops the digital charts

4minute‘s comeback album is already taking over the charts just a day into its release! The girls made their long-awaited comeback with the digital release of ‘Volume Up‘ along with their music video, which immediately dominated portal search rankings and digital charts

4Minute’s So Hyun and Ji Yoon after their comeback performance

4Minute’s So Hyun and Ji Yoon released a picture of themselves taken right after their comeback performance. On April 12, So Hyun uploaded a picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “This picture was taken with Ji Yoon after finishing 4Minute’s comeback performance and before having a meal

4Minute Makes Their Comeback Performances on Music Core

4Minute makes their comeback this week with their new album "Volume Up." After releasing the music video for "Volume Up" on April 8, they have begun their live promotions this weekend. Along with their title track, they have also been performing "Dream Racer

[VIDEO] 4minute makes hot comeback on Music Core

After a year of being away from the K-Pop radar, the five charismatic ladies of 4minute finally made their long-awaited comeback! On April 14th, 4minute hit the stage of MBC’s ‘Music Core’ and delivered a powerful first comeback performance

4Minute Makes Their Comeback Performances on Inkigayo With "Dream Racer" & "Volume Up"

With their performance on Inkigayo today, 4Minute has completed their first weekend of comeback performances for their new album. Along with their title track, "Volume Up,"they have also been performing "Dream Racer

4minute attracts attention in China with ?Volume Up? comeback

4minute has caught the attention of many Chinese fans with their latest comeback track, "Volume Up." The song has been continuously placing at the top spot on China’s biggest music video website, Yinyuetai

[Exclusive] Interview with 4minute on their ?Volume Up? comeback!

The beautiful ladies of 4minute made their comeback recently with the release of their sexy track, “Volume Up“. With the unique ‘vampire’ theme combined with their hot choreography and strong vocals, the group did not let their fans down! allkpop had the privilege of catching up with the beautiful members of 4minute for an exclusive interview for allkpop fans! Check out the interview below to listen to the girls open up about their album, concept, and music video shoot! Video edited by @_enigMatt

Solbi Releases Comeback MV "Ottogi" Feat. 4Minute's Jiyoon

Female soloist Solbi makes her comeback after a three-year long hiatus with her song “Ottogi” featuring 4Minute‘s Jiyoon. Her new single, also titled “Ottogi,” was released on August 23

BEAST, 4minute, A Pink's Eunji, and Seo Inguk leave messages for BTOB's "WOW" comeback

Yesterday, Cube Entertainment revealed that their youngest male group, BTOB would be making their comeback to the Korean music industry. After releasing their first mini album, "Born To Beat," on April 3rd, the group will be releasing their second mini album, "Press Play," next week on September 12th

4minute's Hyuna releases image teaser for solo comeback with "Ice Cream"

4minute's Hyuna will be back this Fall as scheduled! Cube Entertainment tweeted on October 10th on Cube United's Twitter the first image teaser for Hyuna's solo comeback, posting, "20121017 HYUNA is BACK! 'ICE CREAM

4minute Hyuna's ‘Melting’ Comeback Delayed by a Week

Cube Entertainment, 4minute, HyunA, melting, comeback 4minute Hyuna's ‘Melting’ Comeback Delayed by a Week Cube Entertainment delays 4minute member Hyuna's comeback by a week. Pushing the release of her mini album Melting from October 17 to October 22

4minute’s HyunA makes hot comeback on ‘Music Bank’

After making quite a buzz with the release of her new album ‘Melting’ and music video for “Ice Cream”, 4minute’s HyunA is officially kicking off her promotions tonight on ‘Music Bank’

4minute’s HyunA makes hot comeback on ‘Music Core’

After making quite a buzz with the release of her new album ‘Melting’ and music video for “Ice Cream”, 4minute’s HyunA is officially kicking off her promotions on ‘Music Core’, showcasing an upgraded side of herself