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4minute?s HyunA hams it up for Sohyun?s selcas

4minute’s Sohyun cracked up her fans with this series of cute pictures featuring herself and fellow member HyunA. On January 16th, Sohyun shared the pictures through her Twitter and wrote, “Cute HyunA-unni is always following me around ♥ Unni, you are so CUTE!!!” In her photos, Sohyun gives the camera a shy smile

4minute to make group comeback this February

The ladies of 4minute are confirmed to make their official group comeback this February! To set all comeback rumors aside, Cube Entertainment, the girls’ agency, have announced official return information on January 17th, stating that the original date was “supposed to have been in January” but was pushed to the next month

4minute’s Jihyun reveals a photo from the set of ‘The Thousandth Kiss’

4minute‘s leader Jihyun recently revealed a photo from the set of the drama ‘The Thousandth Kiss‘. Jihyun, who is the character Jung Soo Ah in the drama, posted this photo onto her Twitter with the description, “Because of the ample amount of scenes, the filming will most likely take place until morning

4minute MTV Friends Day

4minute shoot a special show for MTV, titled 4minute’s Friend Day in which members of the girl band will become friends with civilians.Some BTS photos on June 15 filming. Credits:Photographer Lee Jin-hyuk + Editor Jessica Kim jesskim @ 10Asia

4minute’s Sweet Secret in Hong Kong

4minute on High Cut magazine, photo shots in the streets of Hong Kong. Credits: HighCut (Korean)

4minute on Ceci October

4minute is featuring on Ceci magazine’s October 2010 issue. Credits: Ceci (Korean)

T-ara & 4minute & Spore

T-ara and 4minute at a Spore Sharing National Movement (direct translation) event in Seoul on June 14. Credit: Topstarnews (Korean)

4minute Charity Hanmadang Osaka

4minute at some charity event on May 22 for Japanese earthquake relief. Credit: airinz@Soompi

4minute Elle magazine

4minute on Elle magazine. Credit: Elle (Korean)

4minute – Heart to Heart MV & concept photos

4minute’s Heart to Heart music video and concept photos. Credits: 4minuteofficial@YT, Daum (Korean)

4minute Ceci April

4minute members on Ceci magazine, with solo pics of Hyuna, Gayoon and Sohyun. Credits: Ceci (Korean)

4minute profile

4minute members profile. Jihyun Real name: Nam Ji-hyun (???) DOB: January 9, 1990 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 167cm Blood type: A Education: Sangmyeong University, Dance Department (status unknown) Specialities: Dancing, Ballet, English Hobbies: Just dance Position: Leader, vocal Starred in drama It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (2010)

4minute’s Gayoon apologizes for questionable photo

Embroiled in a controversy over a picture her 4minute groupmate Jiyoon uploaded which showed Gayoon throwing up the middle finger, Gayoon apologized through 4minute’s official fancafe on January 16

4minute leaving to Japan

4minute at the airport, leaving for Japan for the Billboard Awards, I think. Credits: 090618 (Korean)

4minute visits Taiwan toilet restaurant

4minute’s Hyuna and Sohyun Twitted some pics of the group visiting a toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan during their performance trip. Credits: Hyuna’s Twitter & Sohyun’s Twitter

4Minute members reveal their ideal type of guys

4Minute was on SBS Powerful Choi Hwa-jung’s PowerTime on 29th June when they revealed their ideal male celebrities. HyunA’s comment that she likes “guys who are short” has garnered much interests on the show

4minute Diamond concept pictures

Concept photos of 4minute’s Japanese album, Diamond. Credits: xxUntilwhenever@Soompi

4minute’s HyunA and After School’s Lizzy

4minute’s HyunA and After School’s Lizzy at the backstage of MBC Gayo Daejun.Both on them turned 20 in 2011 in Korean age. Credits: Lizzy’s Twitter (Korean)

4Minute’s full special interview with Oricon Style

4Minute is currently doing their promotions for their first FULL-Japanese album entitled: DIAMOND.In part of their promotion, Oricon style conducted an interesting interview with the cute girls of 4Minute

4minute cries while recording due to low recognition

On a recording of SBS E!TV’s 4minute All-In, there was a section which showed interviews with random people on the streets.The interviews asked questions about the group, and the answers given by the random people were quite shocking to the girls