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Park Shin Hye revealed to have donated $48,000 for Sewol ferry tragedy relief

It"s been belatedly revealed that Park Shin Hye donated 50 million won (~$48,100 USD) to relief for the Sewol ferry tragedy.

A rep from Hope Bridge Nationwide Disaster Relief Association, an NGO acknowledged by the South Korean government for disaster relief, told Newsen about the generous donation on April 23, "Park Shin Hye sent the money to Hope Bridge Nationwide Disaster Relief Association"s collection account in her name, but we didn"t know it was the celebrity Park Shin Hye at first. We later found out. A manager from her agency did not let us know she donated. I think they didn"t want it to be known." 

S.A.LT Entertainment also stated that like the rest of the nation, Park Shin Hye was very saddened by the tragedy and decided to donate on her own. 

The actress previously tweeted on April 18, "Please, please be safe

‘Copyright King’ Park Jin Young, He Has 48 Songs Ranking At #1?

JYP Entertainment"s CEO Park Jin Young"s record of copyright income is catching much attention. (Photo : osen)

JYP Entertainment"s CEO Park Jin Young"s record of copyright income is catching much attention.

As a famous songwriter and producer who made many hit songs the past few years, he is now expanding his territory as a judge of an audition program.

Park Jin Young"s songs played twice already in the SBS "K-Pop Star" Top 3 that was aired on April 6. "Honey" and "24 Hours" were both written by him.

Park Jin Young is also the producer of songs most sung in other audition programs, such as "Super Star K", "The Great Birth", and two seasons of "K-Pop Star".

But audition shows aren"t the only places he is receiving income for his copyright songs. Through the audition programs, his other hit songs have also been brought to attention

T-ara Members Look Bright Even After Filming "No.9" MV for 48 Hours

Pictures of T-ara on the set of their new music video “No.9” have been released, revealing a more mature style.

The photos, which were released on October 4 by the group’s agency, show the members in their chic music video outfits giving lively and cute poses for the camera. T-ara’s management released a statement saying, “The members are preparing for their comeback by shooting 48 hours for their music video. We expect the music video to emphasize their sensational performance.”

The members of T-ara are busy preparing for their comeback. After finishing their music video, T-ara headed over to the 2013 Hallyu Dream Concert on October 6 to give their first live performance for their new single “No.9.” The mini album and music video drops October 10

[Video] Added Korean drama ‘Wonderful Mama’ final episodes 47 and 48

Added final episodes 47 and 48 for the Korean drama 'Wonderful Mama'

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"Wonderful Mama" (2013)

Directed by Yoon Ryoo-hae

Written by Park Hyeon-joo

Network : SBS

With Bae Jong-ok, Jeong Yoo-mi, Kim Ji-seok-I, Park Bo-geom, Jeong Kyeo-woon, Ahn Nae-sang,...

48 episodes - Sat, Sun 20:45
Despite modest roots, Yoon Bok Hee (Bae Jong-ok) excels as a financial lender and starts her own real estate business, eventually becoming a millionaire. The view is great at the top of her game, until Alzheimer's redefines her golden years. Bok Hee resolves to focus on her children, who all need major help in getting their acts together, especially eldest daughter Go Young Chae (Jeong Yoo-mi,), a gold-digging designer

[Video] Added Korean drama ‘Cruel Palace – War of Flowers’ episode 48

Added episode 48 for the Korean drama 'Cruel Palace - War of Flowers'

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"Cruel Palace - War of Flowers" (2013)

Directed by Noh Jong-chan

Written by Jeong Ha-yeon

Network : jTBC

With Kim Hyeon-joo, Lee Deok-hwa, Song Seon-mi, Jeong Seong-woon, Jeong Seong-mo, Kim Joo-yeong,...

50 Episodes - Sat, Sun 20:45
Collusion wracks the royal court when the ambitious concubine Soyong Jo (Kim Hyeon-joo) plots to make her son, Prince Bongrim (Kim Joo-yeong), the crown king. The only problem is that there is already someone else in line: Crown Prince So Hyun (Jeong Seong-woon) - not to mention all those that stand in the way of Soyong Jo's diabolical plans

[Spoiler] “Lee Soon-sin is the Best”: Episode 48 Recap

by: Raine


Only one good thing about this's almost over.

AGB Nielsen Nationwide had this episode coming in at 30.8%.

"Lee Soon-sin is the Best" is directed Yoon Seong-sik by and written by Jeong Yoo-kyeong and features IU, Jo Jeong-seok, Ko Doo-sim and Lee Mi-sook.

Episode 48 recap

Jung-ae tells Mi-ryeong to get out of their lives, which makes Mi-ryeong's nasty temper flair

[Video] Added Korean drama ‘Lee Soon-sin is the Best’ episodes 47 and 48

Added episodes 47 and 48 for the Korean drama 'Lee Soon-sin is the Best'

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"Lee Soon-sin is the Best" (2013)

Directed by Yoon Seong-sik

Written by Jeong Yoo-kyeong

With IU, Jo Jeong-seok, Ko Doo-sim, Lee Mi-sook, Jeong Dong-hwan, Kim Yong-rim,...

50 episodes - Sat, Sun 19:55
Also known as "You Are The Best!"
Lee Sun-shin goes through hardships after the death of her father. Sun-shin and her mother struggle to find happiness. Her love story continues in the mist of ups and downs of her life.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2013/03/09

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Episode 48

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Watch on DramaFever

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Ordering Galbi (갈비) for the first time

Written by Dorothea Suh

Having lunch in Korea with friends or family mostly resembles a small feast and if you are visiting a traditional restaurant in Korea for your first time, it can be overwhelming!
When I'm in Germany and attending university, I mostly grab something to eat with my classmates in the uni cafeteria or just slap a sandwich together when I'm at home. But in Korea, having lunch (or dinner) is an event itself.

When visiting a restaurant in Korea, I've made the experience that it is always better to go there in a group (at least two people), especially the amount of delicious side dishes will be easier to finish off if you are not alone.

One of my favorite dishes when I'm out with friends is Galbi (갈비), marinated or raw beef or pork ribs

Princess Aurora Episode 48 Review: Oh Chang Suk Gives Up on Jun So Min

In Princess Aurora, episode 48, Hwang Ma Ma(played by Oh Chang Suk) gave up on Oh Ro Ra(played by Jun So Min).

Ma Ma yelled at his sisters, “I’m going to live with Ro Ra.” Then the sisters started to cry. Hwang Si Mong(played by Kim Bo Yun) said, “How could you do this to us?” Shortly, Ma Ma answered, “Alright then.” As the sisters asked, “What do you mean?” Ma Ma replied, “I’ll break up with Ro Ra.”

As soon as Ma Ma left, the sisters laughed with joy and said, “Did you see Ro Ra?” “If she becomes our sister-in-law, she’ll probably take control over us.”

Princess Aurora Episode 48 Review: Oh Chang Suk Gives Up on Jun So Min eng Subtitle. Watch online new korean drama in korean Series

Princess Aurora Episode 48 Review: Jun So Min Goes on a Shopping Date with Seo Ha Joon

In Princess Aurora, episode 48, Oh Ro Ra(played by Jun So Min) went on a shopping date with Sul Sul Hee(played by Seo Ha Joon).

Sul Hee took Ro Ra shopping and said, “Try on any clothes you like.” Ro Ra politely refused, but tried on each one of the clothes she liked. Every time she came out in new clothes, Sul Hee praised her.

Princess Aurora Episode 48 Review: Jun So Min Goes on a Shopping Date with Seo Ha Joon eng Subtitle. Watch online new korean drama in korean Series. Princess Aurora Episode 48 Review: Jun So Min Goes on a Shopping Date with Seo Ha Joon Recap Watch Episodes Reviews