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2PM’s Taecyeon and Chansung speak up about the Sewol ferry incident

2PM"s Chansung and Taecyeon spoke up about the Sewol ferry incident.

Unlike many other idols who spoke up in compassion, Chansung had something to say about the rescue process. Yesterday, he tweeted, "Accidents can happen. But how we manage the accidents show how we are as a society. You can see what kind of environment we are in through one situation. Also, this isn"t just someone else"s problem - it could hap[en to us. I think our society is ill."

e hearts of people who are already suffering through the spreading of unconfirmed information. These people... I hope they suffer as much as they caused..".

Today, Taecyeon also had something to say to those who were spreading rumors and lies about the situation

2PM, 2AM and More Express Frustrations with Ongoing SEWOL Tragedy

The frustrations of a delayed rescue and politics surrounding the SEWOL ferry disaster have been building up with not only the parents of the missing students crying out, but even celebrities.

On April 20, 2PM’s Chansung tweeted, “Incidents can occur. However, the handling of these incidents shows us our society. Through one incident, we can see what kind of environment we’re in, and that [incident] is something that isn’t just somebody else’s but something that could easily happen to us. I think society is ill right now. It’s sad and unfortunate…. After the accident, I’ve been in low spirits. It’s not just because of the accident, but because of all the wicked acts and unconfirmed truths that have been circulating after the accident that have stabbed the hearts of those in pain, making my heart hurt even more. Those kinds of people… I hope they hurt as much as the pain they caused

‘Sunken S Korean Ferry’ 2PM & 4Minute Send Condolences As Well

Many stars have been sending condolences to the victims and families of the sunken S Korean Ferry. (Photo : ajunews)

Many stars have been sending condolences to the victims and families of the sunken S Korean Ferry.

On April 16, the Jindo ferry that was on its way to the Jeju Island containing high school students, teachers, and workers, tilted to the side, starting to sink.

That day, 2PM"s member Nichkhun posted, "I"m praying for the ferry. I hope the number of rescued people goes up." Jun.K also posted saying, "I sincerely pray that all passengers will be safely rescued." Chansung said, "I hope more people will be rescued."

4Minute also gathered their thoughts. Kwon Sohyun said, "My heart really aches. I will really be praying that all the missing people will be rescued

2PM Chansung Expresses Dark Feelings About Sewol Ferry Disaster

Group 2PM Chansung revealed a self-camera picture taken during concert rehearsal. (Photo : twitter)

With the entire nation of South Korea focused on the ongoing search and rescue efforts of Wednesday"s tragic Sewol Ferry incident, new evidence is coming into light that has upset many.

Among the outspoken is idol group 2PM"s Chansung.

Over the years, Chansung has become somewhat well-known for his no-holds social commentary and voicing his opinions freely through his personal Twitter account.

Early on April 20, the boy band member opened up about his feelings regarding the sad circumstances surrounding the Sewol Ferry disaster stating that "Society is diseased."

In a long message to his fans and followers Chansung expressed, "Accident can occur.Bus the way it is handled reflects our society

2PM’s Chansung: “Society Is Diseased”

2PM member Chansung, who in the past has been vocal about various societal issues through his personal Twitter account, continues to speak his mind. He recently tweet in the early morning of April 20 KST about the recent ferry tragedy, expressing his anger and frustration at the way people were taking advantage of the situation and the way the disaster was handled.

In the first part of a long message, Chansung wrote, “Accidents can occur. But the way it is handled reflects our society. Through this one accident, we can learn what kind of environment we are in. It is also something that can happen to us and not just to strangers. I think society is diseased.”

Chansung continues in the second part, “I am deeply saddened and upset…My heart feels very bad after the accident. I feel like this because of the accident, and also because of the vicious deeds and unverified stories going around, hurting people already in pain

2PM’s Taecyeon shows off his muscular arms in ‘beastly’ stills for ‘Very Good Days’

2PM"s Taecyeon has been in his share of dramas but that doesn"t mean his "beastly idol" ways are long gone.

In stills for "Very Good Days", Taecyeon played the part of the rugged "beastly idol" by setting up a tent on a camping site in Donghae, Gangwondo on April 15 and looking hot while doing it! Luckily for all of us, Taecyeon pulled his sleeves up to show off his muscular arms, which looked even better in broad daylight. He was full of beastly expressions while getting to work with his hammer.

Stay tuned for updates on whether or not "Very Good Days" will be canceled this week in light of the tragic ferry incident in South Korea.

Ice Cube reveals a video of 2PM’s Wooyoung at Club Belasco

Ice Cube uploaded a new Instagram video of himself at Club Belasco, and one shot in the video showed 2PM”s Wooyoung enjoying his time there as he nods to the beat and does west side hand gestures!

The boys of 2PM were in Los Angeles for the free K-pop concert and it looks like Wooyoung decided to enjoy some of his free time at Club Belasco on the night Ice Cube performed. It appears Wooyoung is having a super fun time to the catchy rap and beat, so check out the video below to see Wooyoung!


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2PM’s Nichkhun surpasses 3 million followers on Weibo

2PM“s Nichkhun has reached the 3 million follower mark on his Weibo account!
As all of his fans know, Nichkhun has always been active on his social networking accounts. He always communicates with his fans and sometimes even uses them to directly talk to his fans. It”s no surprise that he”s already reached 3 million on the Weibo account.

Congratulations to Nichkhun! If you have a Weibo account, you can find his here!
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f′s Victoria, 2PM, CN Blue Return from LA

preview nextview 1/9 preview nextview Victoria is spotted coming out of the gate in a preppy casual look

After performing for K-Pop fans stateside at the LA K-Pop Festival, the stars returned to Korea via the Incheon International Airport on April 14.

Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Han Hyung

Victoria opts for a relaxed fit jean

After performing for K-Pop fans stateside at the LA K-Pop Festival, the stars returned to Korea via the Incheon International Airport on April 14.

Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Han Hyung

Sunglasses are a must at the airport as well

After performing for K-Pop fans stateside at the LA K-Pop Festival, the stars returned to Korea via the Incheon International Airport on April 14

2PM’s Nichkhun states that he always takes care of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

2PM”s Nichkhun assured fans that he”s taking good care of his girlfriend Girls” Generation”s Tiffany!

Nichkhun took time to answer fans” questions, possibly during his preparation for 2PM”s comeback, tweeting on April 9, “Let”s open a round of FanTalk! I have about 15 minutes! Go!”. During this chat, one fan tweeted, “Please take care of Tiffany! :),” to which Nichkhun replied, “do I ever not? Never = ].”

Although most celebrities would shy away from the slightest mention of their partner even after going public with a relationship, Nichkhun showed that he”s confident enough to express his love for Tiffany by letting us all know that she”s in good hands!