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2NE1 Sandara Park "What's Up? Everybody Scream!"

2NE1 Sandara Park unveiled her new hair style. Sandara Park posted a photo on her me2day on Feb 15 with a comment saying "What's up? Everybody scream! Just for Fun". In the photo, Sandara Park showed her new hair style with a straight line in the front, after giving up the 'Apple Hair' that she used to have for so long

Mezamashi TV airs preview for 2NE1′s “Scream” PV

2NE1 is gearing up for the release of their Japanese single “Scream”, and ahead of its release, Japan’s Mezamashi TV aired a preview of the girls’ music video for “Scream”

Short PV of 2NE1′s ‘Scream’ revealed!

Recently, allkpop reported that a preview of the PV for 2NE1‘s new Japanese release, ‘Scream‘ aired on Mezamashi TV. On March 6th, much to the fans’ delight, a short version of the PV was released

Preview for 2NE1's "Scream" MV revealed

Girl group 2NE1 is gearing up for another round of Japanese promotion and will release a single and collection album simultaneously on March 28th. The single will be titled "Scream" and will contain a total of five tracks including title track of the same title and Japanese version of "Fire

2NE1 Releases Short Ver. MV of "SCREAM"

2NE1's short version music video of "SCREAM" was released today on avex's YouTube channel. Their single for "SCREAM" as well as their first Japanese Album "Collection" is set for release later this month on March 28

2NE1 releases short PV for "Scream"

Earlier, a preview for 2NE1's new upcoming Japanese release "Scream" has aired through Japan's Mezamashi TV. On March 6th, an official short PV has been released through AVEX official Youtube channel

Full PV for 2NE1′s “Scream” released!

On March 6th, 2NE1 released the short PV for their upcoming Japanese release, “Scream“, and the full PV has just been released! The video displays the strong, unique concept characteristic of 2NE1, as well as a catchy dance-beat that is sure to bring fans to their feet

2NE1 New Japanese Single "SCREAM" MV Clip

Avex has released a one minute 38 second clip of 2NE1's upcoming Japanese music video, "SCREAM." 2NE1's newest single, "SCREAM" is a Japanese original song. In the video, 2NE1 keeps with their tradition of wearing funky, fashionable outfits

2NE1′s first live performance of “Scream”

Via tokyohive: The ladies of 2NE1 performed their upcoming Japanese release, “Scream” for the very first time on NTV‘s“Reco Hits!” Reco Hits! is a TV program that is hosted by two popular models and revolves around the most popular ringtone (recochoku) songs

2NE1′s “Scream” to be used as a CM song for ‘HIS Taiwan Campaign’

2NE1‘s latest Japanese track, “Scream“, has been selected to be used as the campaign CM song for ‘HIS Taiwan Campaign‘. On March 14th, the Oricon Style reported that “Scream” would be used for the campaign featuring a famous Taiwanese actress, and also being sponsored by a popular travel company in Japan

2NE1 reveals performances of “Scream” and “Crush”

2NE1 reveals performances of “Scream” and “Crush” With 2NE1’s release of their latest album “CRUSH”, the group have revealed their performance for their song “Scream” on Naver LINE’s star cast

Will.I.Am: “2NE1 Is Coming Out Crazy”

We’ve heard for some time already that 2NE1 and Black Eyed Peas’ rapper/producer Will.I.Am are working together for the group’s U.S. debut album. So far, it has only been reported that they’ve finished producing about 10 tracks in total, but no official word has come out from either party

2NE1, SNSD, and Wonder Girls at Forefront of U.S. K-Pop Invasion

K-Pop girl group’s representing the top three entertainment agencies in Korea (JYP, SM, and YG Entertainment) plan to release their albums one after another in the United States beginning this January

YG shares official ’2NE1 NOLZA’ concert clips

If you’re kicking yourself for missing 2NE1‘s epic ‘Nolza‘ concert from last summer, you need to stop and take a look at what YG Entertainment has just shared! On January 17th, the agency dropped armloads of goods for Blackjacks around the world with clips from 2NE1′s ‘Nolza’ concert in Seoul

‘Etude House’ reveals new still-cuts of 2NE1′s Dara

New still-cuts of 2NE1‘s Sandara Park for makeup brand Etude House has just been revealed! On January 17th, Etude House shared two photos of Sandara through their official Twitter. It looks like the concept was inspired by an everyday student look, as hinted by Sandara’s slightly messy hair, her nerdy glasses, and open textbooks on the table

SHINee’s Minho becomes a gallant gentleman for 2NE1′s Sandara Park

SHINee‘s Minho is much beloved for his talents, but now his appeal got kicked up another notch after netizens espied his chivalrous manners towards 2NE1‘s Sandara Park. Snapshots from an Etude commercial shoot were shared online under the title, ”Minho taking care of Sandara

2NE1′s Dara shows off her signed copy of MBLAQ’s ’100% Ver.’

2NE1‘s Sandara Park became the object of envy for MBLAQ after she shared a ‘proof shot’ of her signed MBLAQ album. On January 14th, Sandara revealed through her me2day that she received the album as a present from her brother Thunder and his groupmates

2NE1 Shares Live Video Performances from “NOLZA” Concert

On January 17, YG Entertainment shared a number of live performance videos from both 2NE1’s “NOLZA” concert and Big Bang’s “2011 Big Show.” Here, we’re sharing the four video clips from 2NE1’s 2011 “NOLZA” concert held in August

2NE1’s Park Bom Celebrates Minzy’s Birthday with No Makeup Photo

2NE1’s Park Bom celebrated Minzy’s 18th birthday with a beautiful no makeup photo of herself. On January 18, Park Bom tweeted, “Hey all~Today is our maknae Minzy’s birthday. For some reason, I felt like cooking brown-seaweed soup for her, but at this late night, there are no ingredients