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2NE1 releases preview of Japanese “Love is Ouch” through new CF

Girl group 2NE1 has revealed a preview for the Japanese version of “Love is Ouch” through a CF for ‘CanCam‘ magazine. ‘CanCam’ is a popular women’s magazine in Japan that focuses on fashion and lifestyle

2NE1 Releases "I Love You" MV

After many teasers, 2NE1 has finally released their comeback music video for “I LOVE YOU.” The song was previously released on iTunes on July 5 as a digital single. 2NE1 will make their first live comeback performance on SBS “Inkigayo” on July 8

2NE1's Park Bom, Doll-Like Comeback Teaser Photo Revealed, 'I Love You'

park bom, 2ne1, teaser, YG 2NE1's Park Bom, Doll-Like Comeback Teaser Revealed, 'I Love You' Girl group 2NE1's member Park Bom released her new album teaser image. On June 26, YG Entertainment released on their official blog, the pictures of Park Bom's wearing a long dress that showed off her curves

The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness spotted sporting a “I Love 2NE1″ shirt

Jay McGuiness of British idol group The Wanted was recently spotted wearing an “I♡2NE1,” which has been receiving much interest from Blackjacks. This is not the first time McGuiness has shown interest in 2NE1

2NE1 confirms “I Love You” to be their comeback title track

2NE1 has confirmed “I Love You” to be their comeback title track! YG Entertainment previously confirmed the group’s comeback date to be July 5th through a teaser photo update on the YG-Life blog, marking the group’s first Korean comeback in nearly a year

YG Unveils Group Photo of 2NE1 for "I LOVE YOU"

On June 29, YG Entertainment unveiled a group photo of 2NE1 from their upcoming album on its official blog. Unlike the black-and-white teaser stills of the individual members, the latest photo combined all the members’ photos and displayed them in color

2NE1′s Dara hints at music details for new single, “I Love You”

2NE1‘s Dara has given a few hints onthe group’s upcoming single, “I Love You“. Dara posted the photo below to me2day on June 30th and wrote, “To commemorate 2NE1′s release of the new track ‘I Love You’ on July 5th! Quiz on what genre it’ll be!!! I’ll give you a couple of hints so try guessing~ The correct answer will be revealed tomorrow night!!! ^^ Fighting! This song… is one that all ages will like! Hm… it doesn’t seem like a song 2NE1 would sing…! There’s a twist! It’s fusion! I’m itching [to tell you]! Hehehe

Teaser for 2NE1′s “I Love You” revealed on Inkigayo

On last evening’s episode of SBS‘s weekly music show ‘Inkigayo‘, viewers got a taste of 2NE1‘s upcoming track “I Love You“, set to be released on July 5th! The fierce foursome welcomed the new month with a twenty-second preview of their comeback single

2NE1 releases Dara’s “I Love You” audio teaser

Last night on SBS‘ Inkigayo, popular girl group 2NE1 released a teaser of what sounds like the chorus of bridge to their upcoming digital single, “I Love You“.  Moments ago, the ladies released  Dara‘s official audio teaser

2NE1's "I LOVE YOU" Sandara Park Teaser, 15 Seconds Revealed!

2NE1 released a teaser for “I LOVE YOU” on July 2, which showed 15 seconds of the upcoming song and it sounds awesome! The 15 seconds reveal that the song has electronic elements and we are treated to Sandara Park’s vocals

2NE1 reveals "I Love You" audio teaser ft. Dara

With 2NE1's comeback coming up in just a few days, YG Entertainment has released a 15-second audio teaser to increase fans' excitement. The teaser features a snippet from 2NE1's comeback title track, "I Love You," with Dara's vocals

2NE1 Singing Love Songs? Shocking!

2ne1, yg 2NE1 Singing Love Songs? Shocking! On July 2, 2NE1 released their song, "I Love You." On YG's official blog they wrote, "We have released a 10 second teaser of the song, "I Love You." The released portion is Dara's part which has an electronic pop beat, "I think of you everyday/ I stare at the phone that does not ring/ How come you still don't know my heart," were the lyrics that were heard in the teaser

2NE1 releases CL’s teaser for “I LOVE YOU”

After revealing the “I LOVE YOU” teaser for Dara, the teaser for 2NE1‘s CL has been revealed. Labeled ‘electro-pop’, “I LOVE YOU” has a mellower vibe than many of 2NE1′s previous title songs, though still retains the signature feel of a 2NE1 track

2NE1 releases "I Love You" audio teaser ft. CL

2NE1 has released the 2nd audio teaser for their upcoming single, "I Love You," marking their first new single release since last year. On June 3rd, the teaser for CL was released, which follows the 1st audio teaser released yesterday featuring Dara

[AUDIO] 2NE1 releases Dara’s “I Love You” teaser

With just few days before their much-awaited comeback, 2NE1 has just released new audio teaser for upcoming single “I Love You” featuring Sandara’s vocals. The 15-second teaser reveals a snippet of 2NE1’s new mid-tempo track as well as a new photo of Sandara, rocking her shocking half-shaved haircut

2NE1 releases Park Bom?s teaser for ?I LOVE YOU?

After revealing the “I LOVE YOU” teaser for Dara, and CL the teaser for 2NE1‘s Park Bom has been revealed. Labeled ‘electro-pop’, “I LOVE YOU” has a mellower vibe than many of 2NE1′s previous title songs, though still retains the signature feel of a 2NE1 track

2NE1 releases audio teaser for "I Love You" ft. Park Bom + additional image teasers

Only a day remains until 2NE1 releases their comeback single, "I Love You." The group has teased Blackjacks endlessly with teasers beginning with solo images before revealing audio teasers on July 2nd beginning with Dara and CL

[Exclusive] 2NE1 “I Love You” Review

(YG Entertainment gave Soompi a chance to listen to “I Love You” prior to its release for the world’s first review of the song!) 2NE1 has come a long way since their 2009 debut track “Fire,” establishing themselves as a confident, sexy, and stylish hip-hop/R&B group

YG-Life enters count down for 2NE1′s “I Love You” release

After unveiling the last of the audio teasers and teaser photos earlier, YG-Life has updated with a count down timer (here) for the release of 2NE1‘s newest single, “I Love You“! There is less than 12 hours to go until the girls of 2NE1 will drop their much anticipated track

2NE1 releases "I Love You" MV teaser

Following the audio teaser releases of Dara, CL and Park Bom for 2NE1's upcoming single, "I Love You," YG Entertainment has released the music video teaser for their track. The teaser features the repetitive chorus of "I Love You" and scenes of the members with a longingly stare