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The Popularity of Rookie Group Chaos Keeps on Growing

The new boygroup Chaos, comprised of five members (Hee Jae, Dong Min, Hyun Sun, Du Hwan and Park Taeyang), has been gathering much attention and popularity with their new hit single and music video. On January 6, the rookie group released their first hit single “She Is Coming” and the comments on their music video on websites like Youtube and Melon Chart show that their popularity is growing on a fast pace

Rookie Girl Group SPICA Receives Love Calls for Endorsement Offers

Lee Hyori's protege Spica, which released their debut song and music video for "Potently" just yesterday, has caught the attention from advertising companies.Their music video for their very first single "Potently" was first uploaded on LOENENT's channel and then uploaded on their agency's official Youtube channel B2Ment

CHAOS member Park Taeyang is well connected for a rookie

Photos of CHAOS member Park Taeyang with various senior artists have caught the attention of netizens. On the official Facebook page of CHAOS, a photo of Park Taeyang and Trouble Maker duo Hyunseung and HyunA posing for the camera was revealed

Shinhwa adopts a rookie mentality for their comeback preparations

Veteran group Shinhwa who will be making their long-awaited comeback in March have adapted a rookie mentality for their comeback preparations. According to their label Shinhwa Company, the members are making sure to be in tip top shape for their comeback

Rookie Groups to Look Out For in 2012

exo, bap, spica, six bomb, kpop With a New Year, the K-Pop industry is on a roll releasing new talent to kick off 2012. With new groups taking the stage, who will rise up on top?We introduce three new groups to look out for: EXO, B

Rookie girl group CHI-CHI: “SNSD are our role models”

Last month, rookie girl group CHI-CHI confidently announced, “Our goal is to be like SNSD” and stated their wish to “become Asia’s top girl group”. Despite their honesty, the girls’ statements were misunderstood as pretentious

Fat Cat is awarded ‘Rookie of the Month’ by Cyworld

Fat Cat has been selected as the most loved rookie artist for the month of January! According to her agency, the Cyworld Digital Music Awards chose Fat Cat as the ‘Rookie of the Month’ thanks to her song, “Is Being Pretty Everything”

A Pink: Most Promising Rookie Girl Group 2012 by MTV K

February 6, 2012 10:11 PM EST MTV K ranked the top 10 rookie girl groups of 2012during last week’s episode of Studio 5. The groups include from Dal Shabet and Piggy Dolls to Chocolat and spotlight artist A Pink

Female rookie Ailee unveils concept photos

In anticipation of her debut, solo artist Ailee has unveiled three different concept photos. On February 8th, Ailee shared three new pictures through her official webpage, revealing her ability to effortlessly switch up her image

Rookie group B.A.P holds in-studio interview with ‘Mnet Wide’

Mnet Wide recently caught up with rookie group B.A.P, who made a powerful entrance into the K-pop scene with their fierce new single “Warrior“. During the brief interview, the boys hilariously tried to emulate Bang Yong Guk‘s husky voice as well as maknae Zelo‘s unique rap skills

Rookie group Chaos reveals close friendship with X-5

Rookie group CHAOS member Dongmin snapped a photo with X-5’s Haewon on February 29th at the waiting room of jTBC’s Music On Top. The caption says “Please watch us on ‘Music On Top’ today and please show us your love

Rookie Girl Group EXID: "JYP Is One Reason We Must Succeed"

Not long since their debut, rookie girl group EXID has been under the spotlight lately. EXID has already been gaining interest for being the first girl group of famous producer, Shinsadong Tiger. The genius behind such hits as T-ara's "Lovey Dovey," B2ST's "Fiction," and 4minute's "Mirror Mirror," he is known as the "hit maker" in the music industry

MC Yoo Hee Yeol praises rookie singer John Park on ‘Sketchbook’

Singer Yoo Hee Yeol sang the praises of rookie John Park who recently made his official debut. On the most recent episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘, Yoo Hee Yeol revealed that he was both proud and jealous of John Park

Rookie singer Ailee wins two titles from Cyworld Music Awards

  Singer Ailee has won two titles from the Cyworld Digital Music Awards just one month after her debut. Ailee, who officially debuted on February 9th with her digital single “Heaven,” dominated the Cyworld Music Awards last month where she won two awards for, “Song of the Month” and “Rookie of the Month“

SM’s rookie groups, EXO-K and EXO-M release 2nd prologue single on March 9

SM’s rookie groups, EXO-K and EXO-M are to release the 2nd prologue single on March 9. At midnight on March 9, two groups are to release the Korean version and the Chinese version of the 2nd prologue single “History

Rookie Solo Singer Shayne Releases MV for "See You"

Shayne Orok has released his new music video for "See You" as well as his new mini album "Shayne's World" today. His mini album includes four tracks plus an Enlgish version of a song and an insturmental

Shin Seung Hoon praises rookie duo 2BiC

Singer Shin Seung Hoon had the highest praise for the members of the new duo group, 2BiC, who recently released the music video for their single “I Made Another Girl Cry“. Shin Seung Hun posted on his me2day, “Composer dongseng

LEDApple to perform the finale for Japanese rookie concert

LEDApple is getting ready to take on the Japanese market! Ahead of their official debut, the boys will be attending the ‘K-Pop Rookies Party Vol. 1‘ as the final performance that night. To be held at the Nakano Sun Plaza on March 16th, the two-part concert invites only the up-and-coming rookies to the event

The hip hop rookie M.I.B returns, supported by Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae

The couple Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae have thrown themselves with enthusiasm into helping the rookie group of their agency. M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters) attracted much attention last year as a new “blockbuster” hip hop rookie in the world of singers

Rookie singer Choi Hyo Jeong sparks interest

Choi Hyo Jeong, who rose to fame for her role as the girl that plays the guitar in the movie “Mr. Idol“, became a topic of interest even though she has yet to debut. Netizens who saw her picture through an online community board commented, “She’s a goddess“, “The image of a girl playing the guitar has a pure feeling,” and “Her voice seems pretty“