F.T. Island discuss their June comeback with ‘Dazed’!

F.T. Island discuss their June comeback with ‘Dazed’!

F.T. Island got together as a full band for a pictorial with ‘Dazed’ magazine’s June issue!

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The boys showed off their own, unique quirks and looked comfortable and natural in front of the camera. The band will be celebrating their 10th anniversary since debut this year, and said, “It was all possible because we are a band… In a band, nothing is possible if even one member is missing. We are happy to be members of a band.”

Hongki also discussed their comeback set for this June in sync with their 10th anniversary celebration. “Because we want to do well, we have a lot of thoughts in mind. The most important thing is music… It will be an album with a mixture of music we like and music that the public likes,” he shared.

Primadonnas have a lot to look forward to in June!

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