Extreme Diets Done By K-Pop Idols To Get Nice Body Figure

Extreme Diets Done By K-Pop Idols To Get Nice Body Figure

There are many K-Pop idols doing extreme diet in order to have great body line. They want to stay slim so they will look great with any outfit on stage. Also, some idols do extreme diet in order to follow the rule in the company.

Among many extreme diets, some diets done by idols are being way over the normal ones. As reported by AllKpop, one extreme diet by Park Bom is by eating cabbage. She eats mostly vegetables with mainly cabbage in it. It makes her full and stops her from snacking.

Another extreme diet is by eating sweet potato. It makes full and the person will be slim in a very short time. Also, this diet is good when someone is bored with always eating vegetables. Another extreme diet is banana diet. This is done by Seo In Young by mainly eating banana in the menu. This diet done by Seo In Young was also popular in Japan, geeky ulzzangreported.

Another extreme diet is having one meal a day. Sistar’s Soyu was reported to try this extreme diet. She can get her sexy figure by only eating one meal a day. People also notice this diet method when they watch “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” One lead, Ahn Min Hyuk, is known to only eating one meal a day to keep his figure.

Another diet method is done by Sistar’s member. Dasom does extreme diet by eating raw food. As the food is raw, it has less seasonings, oil, etc. Thus, there will be no unnecessary additional calorie in her food. There is no surprise that Dasom has flat stomach and nice body figure.

There are still many extreme diet done by idols by doing excessive workout or eat only little of food. But if people want to try, it is better to consult it with the doctor, so there will be no side effect for doing the extreme diet.

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