EXOs Sehun And Suho Share How They Reacted To Their Own Power MV

EXOs Sehun And Suho Share How They Reacted To Their Own Power MV

During a recent appearance on the September 6 broadcast of SBS PowerFMs Choi Jung Hwas Power Time, EXOs Sehun and Suho discussed their newest repackaged album, THE WAR: The Power of Music, and its title track Power.

Suho revealed that the members actually hadnt been able to see the final music video until it was released on September 5.

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It was an unexpected surprise. This [music video] felt like it was a comic, or an animation, he explained. Because [the background] was all CG (computer graphics), we were curious about how it would turn out as well. We filmed everything against a green screen, and [the people in charge] just told us to trust them. It was really cute, and I think its the first time Ive seen a music video like that.

While discussing his habit of releasing spoilers ahead of their comebacks through social media, Sehun also gave a slight hint about the choreography for Power, and posed for the camera. Joining in, Suho added, We just showed you an important key move.

The pair also shared that they hoped they could energize people with their newest title track, saying, It has a message of how we can become stronger together as we become one through music. Life is difficult these days, isnt it? [This track] is meant to cheer you on.

Meanwhile, EXO will be holding their first comeback stage on the September 7 broadcast of Mnets M!Countdown.