EXO’s Kai opens up about his depression and how he deals with it

EXO’s Kai opens up about his depression and how he deals with it

EXOs Kai cast aside his idol image and opened up about some of his deepest thoughts in a recent interview with Dazed Magazine.

After making his official acting debut, EXOs Kai has started to receive more attention from various media outlets. This has led to being featured in many solo interviews. Kai recently sat down with Dazed Magazine for an interview and opened himself up completely.

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The interview began with Kai giving the interviewer permission to refer to him by his real name, Jongin.  Kai explained to the interviewer that, Hearing the name Jongin while I work is a bit awkward at times but it makes me feel good, despite it not usually being used outside of personal matters.

늘 좋은 말만 해 주는 조닌 ㅠㅠ 책 많이 읽는 게 다 보이자나 pic.twitter.com/xdBmKQBHBX

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Once introduced, Dazed wasted no time in understanding Kai further and his opinion on embarrassing interviews. The interviewer asked Kai, Someone once said an interview is like the diary entry I wrote last night. It must mean that you couldnt read it the next day because its embarrassing.  What do you think?

It might be embarrassing to read the interviews from the beginning of our debut that I did with a young heart, but I dont think Ive felt that occur just yet. To begin with, I dont tend to say embarrassing things.

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Then, the topic moved on to Kais dancing.  Since his debut, fans have deemed Kai to be one of K-pops best dancers. When asked about the possibility of no longer dancing as he gets older.

Dancing isnt the only thing that makes me happy, so dancing might not be fun when Im 27 years old. (If that does happen) I think Ill boldly let it go.

EXOs Kai never fails to impress with his dancing abilities! / Source:  x-weibo

But dont worry EXO-Ls because Kai followed up his statement by reassuringly saying

However, I have felt as much stress as happiness since I was eight years old to this point.  Seeing how I havent quit (dancing) yet I think Ill keep doing it.

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When asked, Can you tell us what kind of person your mom is? Kai told Dazed,

When I walk down the road with my mom, shell walk ahead of me. When I asked her why she said Hey, dont call me mom, people will recognize you; it makes me feel shy.

Kai also gave his mother credit for how he was raised. He also shared that he thinks of her when he is tired after practice. Kai displayed just how much he loved his mother with this brief moment.

I often see loneliness cast on your face. / Source: ourexoticplanet

The interviewer then asked Kai, I dont really know Jongin-ssi, but somehow I often see loneliness cast on your face. Is that simply my imagination? Kai immediately gave his deepest feelings by responding,

My personality tends to be bright, but I do think there is fundamentally a part of me that withdraws. I like being alone and I tend to cry a lot. I also dont have friends. Once in a while, Ill be depressed and downcast, but in those moments Ill just stay at home. I dont make an effort to ignore or try to escape these emotions. I look it (depression) straight in the eye, cry my troubles away, and shake it off because its not something to be ashamed of.

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The interview was wrapped up with the final question, What can we do to be happier than we are now? Kai responded,

Some may not agree, but I think happiness may not be all that great. I think its a problem with effort, but there are times when you consciously make an effort to be happy and see happiness right in front of you. I think a lot of people dont personally realize that they are happy when theyre happy and often just pass by it. Depending on how you make up your mind, this moment right now may be the happiest moment of your life. I make a lot of effort to say that Im happy, to be happy. If I say, I really liked the interview with hyung today when we part ways, wont you and I both feel happy? Happiness may be something that isnt too hard to achieve.

Despite being only 22, Kai proved himself to be wise beyond his years regarding issues many face in life.