EXOs Chen And Baekhyun Talk About #KoKoBopChallenge And Their Unique Concepts

EXOs Chen And Baekhyun Talk About #KoKoBopChallenge And Their Unique Concepts

EXO members Baekhyun and Chen appeared as guests on the September 9 broadcast of SBS LoveFMs Kim Chang Ryeols Old School radio show, to promote their repackaged fourth album and track Power.

Baekhyun touched on the groups short duration of promotions for Ko Ko Bop and said that promotions for the song and SM TOWN clashed, which affected their appearance on many music programs. However, they acknowledged their fans wishes on more promotions and said, Yesterday, we held a fan meeting and we will show ourselves more through various promotions.

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Speaking of Ko Ko Bop, the singers shared their thoughts on the world famous Ko Ko Bop Challenge, which were videos of fans dancing to the chorus of the song then uploaded on various social media platforms with the hashtag #KoKoBopChallenge.

Baekhyun said, Im not really sure what made it go viral, and Chen added, We didnt know and when we heard about it, we were shocked. We didnt understand it and thought, How did it become this?’ To this, DJ Kim Chang Ryul commented it being similar to Super Juniors Sorry Sorry syndrome that was popular in the past.

Chen and Baekhyun also shared their thoughts on EXOs concepts. Chen shared he liked the fun concept and said, If you watch the Power music video, its like an Earth warriors concept. It reminded me of cartoons I watched when I was young like Power Rangers, Vector Man, and Flash Man.

Baekhyun also added, I think our super power concept is something that is uniquely EXOs color. Every time we come back with a new song, our fans look forward to our worldview and figuring out how our story continues.