EXO Showers Their Beloved Leader Suho With Affection On His Birthday

EXO Showers Their Beloved Leader Suho With Affection On His Birthday

May 22 is a special day for EXO fans everywhere as it is lovable, earnest Suhos birthday!

EXOs Chanyeol started out the day by revealing how almost all of the members went out to eat together, just for Suho. Unfortunately, Lay was unable to be there, most likely due to circumstances out of his control.

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Along his adorable photo of EXO sitting side by side at a sushi restaurant, Chanyeol wrote [We] should be together on Leaders birthday. I love you [and] happy birthday Suho.

On the same post, Baekhyun left his well wishes with lots of humor and puns, as expected. Written as if he was a radio DJ giving his final message of the night, Baekhyun said, Suho with a heart as wide as a lake! While hoping that you will always be someone as essential as water, I will end todays Baekhyuns House of Wise Sayings. Sleep well, and lets love today and tomorrow! I will say goodbye after we listen to our last song. Shall we greet each other again next time, as we listen to Curtain, sang by Suho [to finish]?

At the very end, he added a hashtag that read, Happy birthday EXOs leader Suho who protects EXO, since Suho actually means to protect in Korean.

Finally, Sehun, one of the other EXO members active on social media, shared a photo of Suho with his birthday cake along with a short and simple, Happy birthday.

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Since the six members of EXO-K are its promotional models, snack company Pepero prepared a special video and event in honor of the Suhos birthday as well.

In the short 11-second long clip, the members tease Suho by giving him Pepero boxes that say, Buy us a meal while wishing him a happy birthday, before he turns around to his actual surprise.

Happy birthday to one of the best idol group leaders out there!

Happy Birthday to #EXOs Suho! #HappySuhoDay https://t.co/QUHV20PPu7 pic.twitter.com/Tty6vEy5jg

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