EXO members celebrate the 3rd anniversary of their fan club EXO-L

EXO members celebrate the 3rd anniversary of their fan club EXO-L

EXO celebrated the 3rd anniversary of their beloved fan clubEXO-Lthrough several Instagram posts.

In the first video uploaded through Sehun’s Instagram page, the members of the group start off by singing happy birthday to their fan club for turning 3 years old. Afterward, Chanyeolsays, “Even if it’s 3 years or 30 years or 300 years, we want to continue to keep taking care of your birthdays. Thank you.”

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Another video was uploaded through Chanyeol’s Instagram to continue their celebration. Kai is seen saying, “First of all, congratulations on your 3rd year anniversary. Let’s continue to stay together for many more years. We love you.”

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Baekhyun uploaded the last of the three videos through his Instagram page. He said, “Hello everyone, first of all, we came back with a third video the 3rd anniversary. Have you been enjoying our recent comeback ‘KoKoBop’? Have you also been enjoying my new hairstyle? We just wanted to thank everyone for the support. I’ll pass it on to the next person since I’m running out of time.” D.O. continued by asking all the fans to stay healthy. Chen also added, “Thank you so for supporting us for the past three years. Stay healthy!” Then Xiumin finished off by jokingly saying, “We’re five years old, call us oppa.”

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In addition to the members who participated in the most recent comeback, Lay also sent out a message for the fans through his Instagram but also letting the fans listen to some fresh tunes.

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Congratulations EXO-L!

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