EXO-L trend #EXOrDIUMdotinSeoul Worldwide!

EXO-L trend #EXOrDIUMdotinSeoul Worldwide!

With the help of EXO-L all across the world, #EXOrDIUMdotinSeoul is currently trending worldwide!

Back on March 30, 2017, it was announced that EXO will wrap up their EXO’rDIUM tour in Seoul with their two encore performances on May 27th and 28th. Today, the first of their two encore performances was showcased. 

EXO held their solo concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, also known as Jamsil Olympic Stadium. Only a handful of solo acts performed here. EXO joins an elite set of artists who performed here such as, ‘Stevie Wonder’, ‘Lady Gaga’, ‘Seo Taiji’, ‘god’, and more.

Exo Planet #3 – EXO’rDIUM is their third tour which started back on July 22, 2016 and is set to finish tomorrow. 

EXO won that “best concert” award for a reason [winks] #EXOrDIUMdotinSeoul


— gen (@kaisoommaya) May 27, 2017

the whole jamsil stadium is filled with this breathtaking and beautiful rainbow ocean by exo-ls#EXOrDIUMdotinSeoul pic.twitter.com/WoPYAbO7xs

— soft stan (@FLUFFEEXO) May 27, 2017

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