EXO-L Chanted For Their Missing Member During Last Concert

EXO-L Chanted For Their Missing Member During Last Concert

During EXOs EXORDIUM DOT IN SEOUL, concert fans began to chant for missing member Lay.

Image Source: @oohTaoHun

Leader Suho gave a speech, letting fans know that he had spoken to Lay, and he missed EXO-L and EXO.

Sobs. we all miss yixing as much as he misses his members and exo l😭😭cant wait to see you with the rest soon!! #yixing #exo #suho #lay pic.twitter.com/2pCAtnaW7e

— ♥ potato hajar 兴 ♥ (@injunHYUNxander) May 28, 2017

Toward the end of the speech, fans began to chant Zhang Yixing – Lays Chinese name in support of the absent member.

170528 Fans chanting Zhang Yixing when SUHO mentioned him 💞 #EXOrDIUMdotinSeoul

v: xxuelie pic.twitter.com/Iiyul7OZ4f

— EXO FANBASE (@EXOfanbase_Int) May 28, 2017

Lays absence during the show was felt by many, as fans noticed his banner was not hung around the massive stadium.

EXO individual posters are already placed in jamsil stadium #EXOrDIUMdotinSeoul

OT8😢💔 LAY ISNT PERFORMING WITH THEM😢💔 pic.twitter.com/nNOgcCrYW2

iyey 👅 (@baekhoenee) May 24, 2017

Fans also noted during the show that there were 9 ending cards held up, with Xiumin holding two, which was believed to be Lays card.

Lays absence was also felt when he later liked several posts about the show on his fellow members Instagrams.

170527 Yixing liked Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Sehun Instagram updates for #EXOrDIUMdotinSeoul #EXO #LAY pic.twitter.com/vYVNDGepNb

Intl. EXO-L 🌐 (@intexolteam) May 27, 2017

The touching support for Lay during his absence is proof of the bond between EXO and EXO-L.