10 Loopy Facts About “Bromance” Megastar Bii

10 Loopy Facts About “Bromance” Megastar Bii

10 Loopy Facts About Bromance Famous person Biisquishysushi March 23, 2016 0 LINE it!10 Crazy Facts About Bromance Star Bii Were you interested in Du Zi Fengs flower boy bestie Wei Qing Yang in the gender-bending Taiwanese drama Bromance? For the ones unfamiliar with the actor Bii (pronounced “bee”), here’s the entire lowdown.

The levelcall “Bii” stands for “Be I, I”, alluding to his dual identities. Born to a Korean mom and Taiwanese father, he used to be born and raised in South Korea, yetmost effective held Taiwanese nationality because of Korean laws. His Korean name is Pil Search engine optimization Jin.bromance_biiHe did now notlearn how todiscuss Chinese till he got here to Taiwan in 2006 to teach for his debut. His circle of relatives lives in Korea and they keep in touchonly in Korean. When he changed into young and his dads buddies would call, the only real Chinese he may just say was, My dad isn't home.bii2Bromance is his first primary acting role. He prior to now exclusively held cameo roles in three dramas: Someone Like YouLove Around, and Zhong Wu Yan.bromance3He fulfilled his necessaryarmyresponsibility in Taiwan because he was continuously called a sissy by way of his control boss. One eveningat thelong ago from gazing a functionality he was teased back by his boss. Fed up, he determined to shave his head that night and enlist. He says the army was a excellentrevel in and a large deal helped make stronger his Mandarin.bii4He is a leftie. For maximumduties like gambling the guitar or drawing, he is a leftie but for other projects like writing or eating, he uses his appropriate hand.bii5He was scouted by an SM ability agent right throughprime school.However, the opportunity failed to lead anyplace because his mother didn't approve of him changing into a singer. Still, he did not surrender on his dream and at age 17 signed with his existing manager and boss, whom he met via his fathers friend.bii7He debuted as a singer in Taiwan with the unmarried album “Bii” in 2010. The single was a moderate good fortune and his boss agreed to release a complete album below the condition that he gather 10,000 thumbprints from fans. Fans from everywherethe arena took on the concern and he effectively released his first album, “Bii Story,” but it was the hit song “Come Back To Me” from his 2d album that boosted his popularity.He composes his own songs and lyrics. A a laugha phase of his track is how he mixes in combinationother languages in his lyrics. For example his song “Action Go!” comprises Korean, Mandarin, English, and Taiwanese. Despite the reality that his albums ceaselesslycome with Korean versions of his songs, he is essentially active in Taiwan, not Korea.He wears guyliner and makeup to hide his freckles. He claims as some way to draw his eyeliner in lower than a minute.bii6He has a brother named Pil Seo Young, who is six years younger. Fans stay hoping that Seo Young will debut also, but he turns outglad being an ordinary guy and has no intentions to turn out to be a celebrity. Good genes run in this householdevidently though.필서영(@philseoyoung)張貼的相片 於 2015 年 11月 月 18 4:02上午 PST 張貼

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10 Facts About Bromances Megan Lai That You Didn’t Know

10 Facts About Bromances Megan Lai That You Didn’t Know

10 Facts About “Bromance”’s Megan Lai That You Didnt Knowsquishysushi March 15, 2016 0 LINE it!10 Facts About “Bromance”’s Megan Lai That You Didnt Know Megan Lai is in the end getting the affection she merits amongst her newest gain Taiwanese drama, “Bromance.” Here are ten appealing facts about the cute Pi Ya Nuo that you nearly certainly did no longer know.

 She is a singer and composes her own music. Her first album “Love” used to be released in 2004, soon after she started acting. My favourite song is “It’s Me,” a crushing ballad about the pain of knowingly loving the incorrect person from her maximumfresh album “F.A.C.E.”She debuted as a style xv years ago. It is astounding how she looks precisely the same, with the exception of for her makeup. She is most effective around 1.74 meters (around 5’7) tall, so her modeling professionserious aboutmag pictorial shoots, tv commercials, and tune videos. Are you ready toin finding her in this Vic Zhou music video below? She is a best-selling author. Curious about her secret to younger and radiant skin? She has you covered with her best-selling e book titled “Taiwan’s Dae Jang Geum Skin care Collection: Megan Lai’s Oriental Attractiveness Secrets.”meganlai6Musicals are on her resume, too. She has participated in one annually since 2009, adding the hit “Crazy Idol Drama” produced throughFolks Theatre. Here's a clip of her with co-star James Wen.She is kind of 40. Turning 37 this year, to be exact.bromanceI know, my reaction too.She almost give up the entertainment industry. Fed up with continuously being typecast as the pitiful 2d lead, she almost quit the industry ahead oftouchdown her first giantdestroy equally Wong Qian Qian in Story of Time,” a throwback drama about five families and their childrencreating up in the ‘70s in Taiwan. Wong Qian Qian turned into a breakout role for her, proving her reputation and talent as an actress. In her words, “Sometimes you need to quit, yet God doesn’t let you, and before you realize it you’ve already continued through.”storyoftime“Bromance” isn't her first gender bending role. She in the past starred as a boyish barista in the romantic comedy “Cafe Waiting Love,” a film about the workers at “Cafe Waiting,” where love unearthspeople who wait.  cafewaitingloveNot only does she have the looks, she also has the brains. She won a master’s stage in design control and studied whilst juggling her acting career. Her background in design resulted in a collaboration with Adidas at the “supershell project” in 2015.adidasmeganlaiWhen it comes to dating, shes a normal woman. She hopes to marry and get started a family, but being a famous person makes it not easy to stay the divide between love and her career, so she prefers to preserve IT private.bromance2She hates the media’s promotional tactics. Its the a section of her activity she still doesn't get. “How come each time I advertise my paintings the media conjures either dating rumors or rumors about me not getting along side costars?  Though whetherit's all rumors is up for debate, as her “Story of Time” co-star Leroy Yang was stuckclose to her area by paparazzi in 2009.meganlai2meganlai3 Source (1) (2) (3)

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Five Amusing Facts About Sung Yu Ri

Five Amusing Facts About Sung Yu Ri

Sung Yu Ri(Photo : KDramaStars) Sung Yu Ri currently snagged the leading role in the impending melodrama Monster - 2016. Even supposing her final small screen appearance was once in the 2013 drama Secret of Birth, she has kept busy with movie roles, maximum recently performing every bit a diva actress in the 2015 omnibus drama film Summer Snow.

During her profession shes faces complaint for her acting yet shes worked tough to fortify her craft and nowadays she is proud of the results.

Here are a couple of more facts you maybe canwish to know about this pretty actress.

1. Sung Yu Ri debuted as a member of the k-pop womanteam Fin.K.L, which stood for Fine Killing Liberty. They were some of the beginning Korean idol teams and brieflyhave become popular, liberating4 albums. After the fourth album, Yung and her bandmates Ock Joo Hyun, Lee Hyori and Lee Jin interested in solo careers.

2. Sung changed into born in Germany. Her father Sung Jong Hyun, a professor of theology, was reading there at the time. Sung's circle of relatives returned to Korea when she was four years old.

3. Sung had her first leading role in the 2003 drama Thousand Years of Love. To play a Baekje princess who time traveled to trendy day Korea she learned horseback riding and martial arts.

4. It took her some time to win appreciate for her acting. In 2006 the Korean media outlet Chosun Ilbo voted her the worst singer became actor. When she was solid in the historic drama Hong Gil Dong in 2008, the Hong sisters were criticized for casting her but her functionalitysooner or later won praise.

Singers-turned-actors have a tendency to be less terrified of cameras, which is an advantage, she stated in an interview with the Korea Times. But because they are incessantly high-profile when they make their acting debut they can besusceptible tobloodless criticism. The criticism may also be hurtful but Ive learned that this is asignal of passion and one most conquer it.

She hardly faces crititicism at this point in her career.

5. In Monster - 2016 Sung Yu Ri will play the leading role contrary Kang Ji Hwan. It's going to exist their 3rd fourth dimension time running together. They eitherseemed the drama Hong Gil Dong and in the action-comedy film Runway Cop, which comes to a detective who is going undercover as a waystyle for a drug case. Their kiss scene provoked remark and that was what she was hoping for.

The film is a comedy film, so it doesnt emphasize the romantic side very much, said Sung in a 2012 interview with enewsworld. I sought afterto turn information technologyis commonly a deep romance via that one kiss scene.

Monster - 2016 will air in April 2016.


Five Amusing Facts About Yoo Seung Ho

Five Amusing Facts About Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho is the charismatic superstar of the court drama "Remember." In that prisonmystery he plays an attorney who needs to end up his father's innocence prior to he loses his memory. He also latelyseemed in the movie "The Joseon Magician," gambling a magician who captures the guts of a princess. And his next film taskmay be "Kim Seon Dal," playing a Joseon generation con man.

The 22-year-old actor has been acting since he used to be six and his professionpresentations no symptoms of slowing down. Here are a couple of more things you'll be able towould like to know about him

1.He made his debut in a advertisement for cellphones. The ad crusade asked other folks to publishpictures because they sought after a new face. Yoo's mother sent in her six-year-old son's image and he become cast. A year later he started to appear in dramas. His first adult role was in the 2010 drama "Flames of Desire," playing a chaebol who was now not ambitious and as a substitute marries at 21.

2. Regardless ofprovides from several universities, he determined to forego school to pursue acting. Then he enlisted. All able-bodied Korean men should serve two years of obligatoryarmyaccountability between the years of 18 to 35, yetmaximum actors wait till they are older and feature established a career. Yoo enlisted before turning 20

"You have to movethe armyone day so, I assumed that it should exist a excellentconcept to go and I also idea that it may smartly bea laugh equally well," he acknowledged in an interview with Segment TV. "Once I were given into the armed forces then I saw some men with the red caps on, you know the ones assistant instructors. The instant one saw those guys I said to myself, "Ahhh... I don't believehere's what I used to be thinking of."

But despite his fears, he did so well in fundamentaleducation that he went directly to serve as an assistant instructor. At the day of his discharge he cried on account of all that came about and those he left behind.

"I shared such so much of memories with those guys."

3. Even before enlisting his idea of a fun holiday was backpacking. In an interview with Grazia magazine, he spoke about possible backpacking plans.

"I do not wantthe restsumptuous or comfy for my trip," said Yoo. "A backpack is the sole thing I need.Actually before I entered into the military service, I went to Jeju island with my close friends.We rented scooters and rode around there, which gave me a huge number of opportunities to think.It was raining and bloodless there, but we had not made a decision where to stay. That was a tricky trip, but for me, it was fun time with close friends."

4. He shared one of his first post-military-service interviews with actress Park Shin Hye. She declared that she needed to be his co-star in the future. The actors in the past co-starred in a song video for rapper-actor So Ji Sub. And they did a promotional campaign in combination for Lotte. Park joked that Yoo used to name her his ideal kind just that he had since switched to IU. Yoo and IU did a photoshoot together in 2012.

5. He is still young but he knows who he wants to marry.

"I would prefer any person who is around my age," he said in an interview with the Korean media outlet Newsen. "A 4 year age difference is ideal."

And she ought topreferably be a non-celebrity.

"I like girls who glance innocent," said Yoo. "My ideal style has replaced since I returned from the army. I loveladies who have long, wavy hair."

During the KBS interview with Park Shin Hye, he also described his ideal lady as dressed in dark colors, loving animals and wearing books. But he's in no hurry to get married and his acting agenda is busier than it was before he enlisted.


Five Amusing Facts About Lee Je Hoon

Five Amusing Facts About Lee Je Hoon

Lee Je Hoon channels a detective from the beyond in tvN's hit weekend drama, 'Signal.' (Photo : ) Lee Je Hoon has an outstanding rsum of Korean movie roles and he's now attracting attention from global drama fanaticsvia his portrayal of Park Hae Young, a detective who can channel a deceased investigator in the tvN crime series, "Signal."

In "Signal," the 31-year-old actor, who in the past worked with popular stars adding Suzy (Gu Circle of relatives Book), seemscontrary acclaimed actress, Kim Hye Soo (Coin Locker Girl).

Through its incorporation of real-life cases, including the serial-killer investigation that served as the root of "Gap Dong", "Signal" continues to attract in viewership, with the series emerging as the most-viewed weekend series on cable television.

Here are five a laugh facts about "Signal" star, Lee Je Hoon.

Lee Je Hoon wooed Omit A's Suzy in 'Architecture 101.' (Photo : Architecture 101) 1. He romanced Miss A's Suzy in "Architecture 101" and gave the impression amongst Kang So Ra in the musical flick, "My Paparoti."

Lee Je Hoon garnered acclaim through his chemistry with Miss A's Suzy in the 2012 movie, "Architecture 101." He imparted nostalgia as the past edition of Lee Sung Min, a tenderguy who attends architecture faculty with his group crush.

In "My Paparoti," he embraced the role of Jang Ho, a teenage gangster who overcomes adversity, in his pursuit to develop into a classically-trained vocalist.

2. He nearly pursued a profession in biotechnology prior to catching the acting bug.

Lee Je Hoon used to be a biotechnology main at Korea University, before moving to Korea National University School of the Arts.

3. Before achieving advertisement acclaim, he seemed in more than 18 indie and student films.

His credits variety from a racy role in the quick film, "Just Friends?" to a supporting role as a hanbok maker in the erotic flick, "The Servant."

4. Lee Je Hoon, Yoo Ah In were co-stars in "Fashion King" and feature portrayed every otherdebatable role, out of doors of the series.

Lee appeared as the Crown Prince Sado, a royal who becomenot able to ascend to the throne after he was brutally murdered by his father, King Yeongjo, in "Secret Door." Yoo later portrayed the Crown Prince Sado in the critically-acclaimed film, "The Throne."

5. He portrays a detective in "Signal" yet served as a real-life member of Seoul Metropolitan Police, all the style through his army service.

Lee served with the insurrection police department of Seoul Metropolitan Police, before portraying a violent crimes investigator in "Signal."


Five Amusing Facts About Lee Il Hwa

Five Amusing Facts About Lee Il Hwa

Which actress gave the impression in all 3 dramas in the "Reply" series? While you guessed Lee Il Hwa, you're correct. In the latest drama "Reply 1988" she played Duk Sun's mom.

Lee started acting when she used to be 21, performing in the SBS drama "Calendula," and she has seemed in dozens of dramas since then, adding "Iljimae," "Midas," "Heartstrings" and "Prosecutor Princess." In the 2 decades of her occupation she graduated from supporting and leading girl roles to gambling drama moms. Yet she's still a beauty.

Here are five facts you would in all probability not know about her.

She played either Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Eun Ji's mom. The primary role become in "Yawang" and the 2nd one was in 'Reply 1997." She also played Hwang Jung Eum's mother in "She Was Pretty" and Lee Jong Suk's in "Doctor Stranger."

Many actors seem in more than one movie or drama in combination onlyit isinfrequent to play a relative in one and then a wife in another. Even if she played Kwon Sang Woo's mom in "Yawang," she played his wife in the 2015 film "The Accidental Detective."

Despite playing predominantly mom roles now, Lee's slender figure latelybrought about her to be flawed for a more youthful woman. The 45-year-old actress attracted attention when she was photographed with her "Reply 1988 co-star Park Bo Gum at the cast's commute to Phuket. Judging via her measurements, observers assumed that she was decades younger. Some assumed the co-stars were a couple.

In genuinelifestyles Lee Il Hwa has been married twice. She first married singer Kang In Won in 1996 but divorced him a year later. Her moment husband was a school professor.

In 2012 she appeared in three a hit dramas, "Feast of the Gods," "Reply 1997" and "My Daughter Search engine marketing Young." In 2015 she appeared in "Orange Marmalade," "She Was Pretty" and "Reply 1988." Not a bad song record.


Five Amusing Facts About Lee Hyun Woo

Five Amusing Facts About Lee Hyun Woo

(Photo : KBS2 ) Lee Hyun Woo leads the worldforged of the KBS2 drama, "Moorim School," an action-packed series that combines martial arts with supernatural elements.

In his first primarytv role since acting every bitthe 2nd one lead in the 2012 SBS series, "To the pretty You," Lee portrays Yoon Shi Woo, an idol crew member who suffers from inexplicable hearing loss, ahead of enrolling in Moorim School, a fabled establishment that emphasizes self-improvement throughout thetrain of magic.

While he continues to act in youngster dramas Lee is an achieved performer who captivated domestic audiences via the hit espionage film, "Secretly, Greatly."

Here are five amusing facts about Lee Hyun Woo.

1. Lee Hyun Woo is a former kid actor, who drew attention via his appearance in dramas like "The Legend."

Lee Hyun Woo debuted in the 2004 KBS series, "OollaBoola Blue Jang." He garnered certain tending through his portrayal of kid roles in "The Legend" and "King Sejong the Great," before receiving acclaim in the faculty series, "Masters of Study."

2. He's an completedfootball player as demonstrated by his portrayal of Cha Eun Gyul in the 2012 series, "To the stunning You.

A member of the fame soccer team, FC Avengers, Lee conducted his own soccer stunts in "To the Gorgeous You."

3. He up to now acted contrary Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Woo Bin.

He gave the impression opposite Kim Soo Hyun in the blockbuster, "Secretly, Greatly," before taking up Kim Woo Bin in the 2014 crime film, "The Con Artists."

4. He used to be rumored to be romantically concerned alongside IUbefore the K-pop soloist published that she changed into dating indie star, Jang Kiha.

Lee attracted attention with his appearance in the IU track video, "You and I." The stars went directly todevelop into an endorsement or CF (commercial film) couple for the clothing brand, Unionbay. However, dating rumors involving the sexy on-screen couple were dispelled in 2015, when IU revealed that she was dating Jang Kiha.

5. He lately released his first unmarried as a solo vocalist with Louie of Geeks on "Your Face."

Lee Hyun Woo formerlyseemedat thenormal soundtrack for "Secretly, Greatly," with "Ode to Youth" and was featured on the O Broject release, "It's a Lie." In January 2016, he delivered his first solo single with Louie of Geeks titled "Your Face."


Jang Keun Suk Says 2014 Tax Evasion Scandal Was once  In keeping with 'False Reports' And 'Distorted Facts'

Jang Keun Suk Says 2014 Tax Evasion Scandal Was once In keeping with 'False Reports' And 'Distorted Facts'

Jang Geun-Suk Discusses Tax Evasion Scandal(Photo : Yonhap News)Actor Jang Keun Suk has after allspread out just about his 2014 tax scandal, when he was once accused of tax evasion in China.

Although the big name had donated millions to herbalcrisis relief efforts in Japan and the Phillipines, his symbolturned into tarnished because of the tax evasion controversy in 2014.

Because of the uproar, he bowed out of Korean formdisplay "Three Foods A Day," and was fined just about $10 million USD as punishment in Jan. 2015.

On Jan. 7, Keun Suk told Yonhap News in an interview, "I saw false reports and was harmby way of the distorted facts, yetthank you to the folks that believed the truth, and my fans, I used to bein a position to get thru it."

"I never broke the law and earned all of my cash fair and square," the 29-year-old actor stated.

He also shared the hardships he underwent all through the scandal, bringing up that he became his telephone off for three weeks and have shyed away fromtouch amongst acquaintances.

However, Keun Suk will get started off 2016 by returning to acting with a role in a soap opera, his first role in a South Korean production in three years.

Now that the scandal has blown over, the actor is making plans to extend his charitable foundations and use the cash he earns one day for philanthrophy

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Five Amusing Facts About Hwang Jung Min

Five Amusing Facts About Hwang Jung Min

The closing3motion pictures that Hwang Jung Min starred in had been a hit.

According to the yankee entertainment newsletter Variety, "The Himalayas" earned $8.55 million over the three-day New Year's holiday weekend, drawing 1.24 million moviegoers. "Ode To MY Father" crowned the box administrative center in its first five days promoting 1.5 million tickets. 'Veteran" topped the box workplace for 4 consecutive weeks.

And yet Hwang Jung Min is an actor who other people once stated "did no longer have the face for movie work."

That face is smiling now.

Here are a couple of more facts you would most likely not know about this very a success actor.

1. He is also equallyprofitable as he's because he does now notlove to accept a break. He films three to four videos a year. People are at all times telling him to slow down yet it isn't in his nature.

"Even when I do take a wreckI will notsit down still," Hwang told the Korean media outlet Newsen. "I am an actor so I need topaintingsso long ashere's my job."

He doesn't even look forward tolarge roles.

'It's not very important to me whether the role introduced is small or not."

2. He started his profession as a musical actor, performing in such musicals as "Cats," "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Assassins." The transition to films used to be not simple as he turned into told he didn'tappear to be a film actor. It was so tough for him to wreck into film he more than once regarded as giving up on his dream.

His breakout hit was the 2005 melodrama "You Are My Sunshine," in which he played a farmer in love with a prostitute who had AIDS. He took the role because he was moved by way of the authentic tale of 2individuals in love. And when he won the maximum productive Actor award for that role at the Blue Dragon Film Awards he was modest.

"All I did was upload a spoon to a dinner table that had already been ready by others," he said.

3. Not simplest can he sing and act but he does some of his own stunts. He did the entirecombat scenes in "Fist of Legend." In that film, he played a unmarried dad who enters a combined martial arts competition.

"I could notrely upon a stunt double to precise the detailed feelings in the fight scenes. "For me, attacking was much more difficult than protecting and the director stressed out adding drama to the action. Prior to entering the ring, I felt as though I had transform a gladiator."

4. He chooses his scripts in a captivating way. He imagines they are books. Would he would like to lend them to his friends?

"There are books which areappealingample to make me are taking a look to give them to my pals as a present. I make a selection screenplays similar to that," he said right through an interview with Yonhap News.

5. He worked with Uhm Jung Hwa on three films and she said he was her ideal form of man. He complimented her in go backpronouncing that she was the actress he very bestbelovedrunning with.

The cohesionyou notice in the films is real," he said when he gave the impressionat the KBS program "Win Win." Its a feeling that cannotactually exist explained. Do notyou observedthat isa large deal?Its like whilst you play tennis: if the opponent plays well, you'll be in a position to play smartly too. Our teamwork was like that."

The actors seemedin combination in "Dancing Queen," "Your Finish Is My Beginning" and "Five Senses of Eros."


Five Amusing Facts About Sung Hoon

Five Amusing Facts About Sung Hoon

In "Oh My Venus," Sung Hoon plays a certified boxer referred to as the Korean Snake and for his next role he'll play a model-turned-professional golfer. The actor will play the good-looking athlete Kim Sang Min in an upcoming drama titled "Five Children." The weekend drama is ready honey and struggle between circle of relatives members. It is usuallythe tale of a unmarriedmother and a single dad who meet and feature a 2dprobability at love.

Since we might beready to exist seeing more of this talented actor, here are a couple of facts you won't know.

1. He couldsteadily be forged every bit an athlete because he used to be one. He majored in swimming in faculty and swam on a team for 14 years yet had to surrenderbecause of an injury.

"I changed into going to be a pro swimmer but that plan were given shelved," stated Sung Hoon in an interview with the media outlet One Television Asia. "I've at all timessought after be an actor and duringthe assistance of my agent, my dream got here true."

When he debuted in 2011 in the drama "New Gisaeng," he felt harassed to do his best.

"As it was my first drama and I in point of fact did now notknow the way to act it helped me feel less nervous," he said.

The swimming talents did come in at hand when he had to movie an underwater kissing scene.

2. He did neatly in his first role and was cast back in "Faith: The nice Doctor" with Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho. He was so desperate to make his highest in "Faith" that he lost more than 10 pounds to play the role of the airymurderer Chun Eum Ja. He also took daegeum courses then he could play the bamboo flute that his persona used to enact magic spells.

3. He conducted in a musical even supposing he was certain he had no making a song skills. He gave the impression in the musical "Summer Snow" in Japan for the sake of his fans.

"There was no other explanation why for it," he said in an interview with the Korean media outlet Joongang Daily. "I chose to celebrity in it for my fans.

4. When asked what his ideal kind was, he kept it simple.

"I like the adorable type," he said.

And he said that his attainablefemale friendwill have to not be too tall. He's six feet tall, in order thatthankfullywould not rule out too many women.

5. Deciding to act was a sensibleselection as Sung Hoon won an SBS New Actor award for his first role, an revel in he called hard and memorable.

Have you observed this actor in any of his roles? What do you call to mind his potential?