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Shoes Designed by way of Running guy Fanatics Are Now a Reality

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Shoes Designed by Running Man Fans Are Now a Reality You will soon be in a position to spot probably the most shoes to be worn by forged contributors in SBS reality display program “Running Man,” thank you to sneakers co-creation platform ROOY.

Earlier in the year, ROOY partnered with SBS on the lookout for a fan-submitted shoe design that would lift the show’s aesthetic and lend a hand coordinate the forged members’ footwear. The contest, which garnered 777 submissions, has in the end announced a winner: Seung Soo Noh, whose design will now be manufactured into the reliable Running Man shoes.

With a unlock date of December 2015, the shoes will soon be noticed on your favourite Running Man members. In the meantime, ensure that to try cool video of the shoes in production, and remain tuned to Soompi for an exclusive giveaway!

Agency unearths Reality In the back of GFRIEND’s Eunha and Pro C’s Buffy’s Selca

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Agency shows Truth Behind GFRIEND’s Eunha and Pro C’s Buffy’s Selca Recently GFRIEND’s Eunha and Pro C’s Buffy‘s selca in combination used to be uploaded on social media.

The two of them are status in front of the Han River at night, their heads close together in an affectionate pose. The photo became deleted many hours later, leading many to take a position whether the two idols are if truth be told dating.

However, Pro C’s agency J. Track Camp have recently refuted the rumors, saying, “The image was a spoiler from Pro C’s new comeback song ‘Han River at Night.’ Please display the hot song your support.”

Pro C is a subunit of Mad Town, a hip hop duo made up of Buffy and Mad Town’s leader Moos. The subunit debuted in 2013 and feature currently released two tracks, “Bad Memory” and “Love Hurts.” “Han River at Night” could be their 3rd virtual single. Featuring GFRIEND’s Eunha, it's going to be released on October 21.

Yoon Eun Hye Wins A Third Round Of Reality Fashion Show

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Yoon Eun Hye Wins A Third Round Of Reality Fashion Show

The plagiarism charges leveled against actress Yoon Eun Hye did not prevent her from winning another round of the Chinese design reality show "Goddesses" New Fashion" aka "Goddesses" New Clothes."

The program teams up professional designers and celebrities who must then create their own exclusive line. The format of the show is similar to the American design reality show "Project Runway."

According to the Korean media outlet Joongang Daily, the actress won for a third time thanks to her creation of a full-length gray coat. Paired with a handmade clutch, the coat won the highest bids from the show"s guests and online shopping malls. The designs earned a bid of $6.5 million for the exclusive right to sell the coat.

One of the guests bidding for the coat was EXO"s Tao. Yoon was so grateful for the support she received that she began to cry.

"There"s more to it than meets the eye," she said. "I appreciate people who have supported me."

In September the actress was accused of copying a coat created by designer Yoon Choon Ho. The coat was not exactly the same but both coats were white with fringed sleeves.

The designer questioned the similarities on social media, prompting the controversy.

But Yoon Eun Hye"s agency J Army Entertainment denied the accusation, saying that the actress had not seen Yoon Choon Yo"s design and that her coat was inspired by the film "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe."

Shortly after the controversy made the headlines, the actress canceled some of her appearances at upcoming scheduled events. According to an article published in the Korean media outlet Ilgan Sports, the actress said she would not make a scheduled appearance at the Busan International Film Festival.

"She will not be appearing at the Busan International Film Festival, as previously announced," said a statement by her agency. "For the time being, she is carefully considering activities in Korea and China. She currently doesn"t have any plans."

Her agency also stated that she would not return for the third season of the Chinese fashion program. The actress debuted as a member of the girl group Baby V.O.X. She is known for her appearance in the dramas "Coffee Prince," "Princess Hours," "Missing You" and "Marry Him If You Dare."

This year she can be seen in the film "After Love" with co-star Park Shi Hoo.

What Yoo Ah In and Kim Woo Bin Were In reality Like in Prime School

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What Yoo Ah In and Kim Woo Bin Were truly Like in High School Yoo Ah In’s and Kim Woo Bin’s surprising beyond has been revealed.

On the October 11 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” a famous person news program, the sudden past of 2 stars were published to the viewers. the 2 stars were Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ah In.

It used to be revealed that Yoo Ah In had rebelled so much in high school. He won numerous tension right through his school days and had even dropped out of high school. Afterwards, however, he had passed his GED examine and became in a position to paintings toward his dream of being an actor.

Kim Woo Bin had a other past. Unlike his characters on television, Kim Woo Bin was a style student all through his school days. It was revealed that Kim Woo Bin at all times maintained wonderful grades whilst juggling other everyday jobs reminiscent of component time jobs. With an IQ of 147, Kim Woo Bin no longer handiest studied diligently in school, yet also worked not easy to be triumphant in his dream of being a way model.

Show Me the Money 4, Ep. 7-10: Reality TV vs. Expectations

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20150909_seoulbeats_smtm_mino Show Me the Money 4, Ep. 7-10: Reality TV vs. Expectations Written by Cjontai On September 11, 2015 Weve finally reached the final episodes of Show Me the Money 4 (SMTM4), and its been quite a journey towards the end. Even before the first episode aired, there was plenty of buzz and controversy over who should and shouldnt be in it. The show has been plagued with issues over inappropriate lyrics and unethical rule changes, but that didnt stymie its popularity in the slightest. In fact, the only thing more perplexing than Mnets questionable definition of fairness is figuring out if any of the participants actually benefited from this hip hop K-drama.

When we left off in the previous review, Team Zico and Paloalto (ZiPal) had received a troubling blow after learning about Team San E and Verbal Jint (Brand New) swapping out Hanhae for Black Nut only days before their team diss battle. For those of you not up to speed on what the big deal was, Black Nut was originally eliminated after a team challenge, but Team Brand New changed their decision without consulting the other teams. This decision upset just about everyone on the show.

San E and Verbal Jint explained their thought process and apologized for their actions, but apparently, that was only to the viewing audience. In their confessionals, the other team captains and contestants complained about the swap. The ones most irked by Team Brand New was Team ZiPal because it meant they had to re-organize their original performance to accommodate the change. Mino spoke about how he even lost sleep preparing for a battle with Hanhae, and now he had to re-write his diss to focus on Black Nut at the last minute. The show producers pushed back the performance date as consolation, but Zico and Paloalto made it quite clear that they were upset with Team Brand News inconsiderate move.

This fueled both teams to do their best as they all had something to prove. Team ZiPal threw more disses at San E and Verbal Jint, who took the criticism without question. Team Brand News strategy involved throwing off their opponents with bold gestures. Ironically, Black Nut flubbed his lyrics this time and poured most of his energy into distracting Mino with his crazy actions. Apparently, this paid off as Team Brand New took the win by a slim margin.

The losing teams from the diss battles had to eliminate one of their rappers, so Team Jay Park and Loco (AOMG) dropped Sik-k while Team ZiPal dumped Ja Mezz. In addition to losing a rapper, both of these teams would also face each other in a showdown that meant the failing team would be completely out of the competition. This created a lot of tension on the teams since the captains could only pick one rapper to represent them. The remaining rapper would be automatically eliminated without setting foot on stage.

Although Geegooin knew Lil Boi was the favorite for Team AOMG, he worked hard to gain Jay Park and Locos attention. Lil Boi repeatedly messed up during rehearsals, which made his team captains nervous. When it came time to choose between the two, the AOMG staff debated heavily over who to pick: Geegooin was a stable performer, but Lil Boi had better presence. Team AOMG took a risk and chose Lil Boi.

Team ZiPal was left with AndUp and Mino, and like Geegooin, AndUp faced a formidable wall against Mino. Still, he tried his best to impress his team captains, but they chose Mino in the end. After Team ZiPal performed, the results for each team was revealed. Team ZiPal won, so it was game over for Team AOMG.

As for the other two teams, they had less pressure since they were able to retain their rappers. With three rappers each, they faced a different challenge. They had to pit one rapper against the other teams chosen rapper, and then choose one from the remaining two to perform with the captains. Like the last mission, audience votes would determine the winner, and another MC would be dropped from the losing team.

The choices were predictable aside from Team Tablo and Jinusean (YG) picking Innovator and Incredivle over Super Bee. Team Brand New won again despite Basick making a mistake and informing the audience that he did. Verbal Jint didnt feel happy about this win either because he felt they couldve done better. Tablo expressed sadness for losing two members from their team but praised everyones efforts.

Since Team Brand New had two rappers left, they got to choose the match-ups for the semi-finals. While discussing who to pit against each other, Tablo and Zico used aegyo to appeal to San E and Verbal Jint. It was a cute moment that lightened the mood before Team Brand New made their decision. The semi-final battles would be Black Nut versus Mino, and Innovator versus Basick.

Paloalto asked Team Brand New for one favor: Black Nut cant mention Mino in his rap. He proposed both rappers talk about themselves for once instead of doing another diss battle. Team Brand New agreed to this. Black Nut had been dissing Mino since the beginning, even going so far as to make Song Minos going to win anyway, a popular phrase throughout the show. This irked Team ZiPal who wanted people to view Mino without prejudice, so they hoped this rule would help his case.

Later, San E scolded Basick for not only making a mistake during his performance, but also telling the audience about it. He was frustrated by Basicks lack of passion, but apparently, there was a reason for this. Scenes of Basick with his wife and child revealed a backstory of what happened in between rehearsals. Basick was stressed with his fatherly duties, so he struggled to focus on the competition. It was a stark reminder of what he stood to lose if he failed.

After a pep talk and encouragement from his captains, Basick returned to fighting form for the semi-finals. Both he and Innovator put on energetic performances, but Basick took the win.

Basick wasnt the only one gaining support from his family as scenes of Mino dining with his father were shown. He gained a lot of encouragement to pursue his dream from him. We also see a calmer side to Black Nut as he helps his mother in her restaurant. As the most widely discussed contestants on this season of SMTM, it was nice to view a side of these rappers that wasnt centered on controversy. Normally, I would yawn at fluffy backstories, but considering the negativity from previous episodes, it was a fresh breath of air to see something positive.

Returning to the performances, there was some debate over the influence of the featuring artists, in particular, the person Mino had for his: Big Bangs Taeyang. Black Nut gained support from Jessi, and Basick had backup from Mamamoo, but Taeyang was the biggest of all the names involved. Considering how many times Mino boasted about removing his YG tag, the inclusion of Taeyang in his stage felt a bit hypocritical. Regardless, Mino won and proceeded to the finals.

From the beginning, there was little question if Mino would make the finals. The larger question at hand was who would be his opponent, and now we had an answer in Basick. Both rappers had their strengths and weaknesses, so it was expected to be a close match.

For the finals, there would be a solo and a team performance and multiple rounds of voting. The multiple voting system made little sense other than to give those who changed their mind after watching the stages a chance to vote differently. One could even joke that it seemed like San E and Verbal Jint helped make that rule. All jokes aside, the performances were solid and entertaining. Both contenders deserved to be proud of themselves.

Mnet milked the tension out of revealing the results, making the show feel longer than necessary. Things were neck and neck between both rappers, but the final tally showed Basick as the winner. Cue the confetti and cheers from the audience as this season of SMTM finally ended.

As much as people were predicting idols would be the downfall of the show, I feel like the show producers did the most damage on their own. The positive aspects were strong contestants and teams who put their all into creating memorable performances. The negative parts were anything that detracted from the competition itselfpetty backstage drama and media play over scandals.

The negative aspects fueled plenty of debate as to why anyone even bothered participating in this mess of a show. Its too early to say if anyone truly benefited or lost credibility from this experience. There are some who fell down the respectability ladder (ahem, Brand New) and others who gained a few more brownie points for simply enduring all of the garbage. With images both tarnished and polished by their appearance on this show, it really is up to the participants to bank on this opportunity in the aftermath.

I dont think Mino suffered at all from doing SMTM; in fact, I dont see a change in his popularity whatsoever. He got a chance to show his skills, and that was that. He experienced a minor setback with his lyrical controversy, but other than that, nothing changed. He may have gained and lost fans, but that can be said of everyone on the show.

If there are losers to be had, it would probably be Mnet itself. All of the scandals tarnished the networks image of fairness and transparency, which makes it difficult to take a competition seriously when the audience suspects foul play from the start. This will be their challenge going forward with season two of Unpretty Rapstar. Can they keep things focused on hip hop, or will they find themselves repeating the same mistakes from SMTM4?

Overall, Im thankful for a pool of contestants who kept me on my toes, even if it wasnt always for rapping. Like a lot of people, I also worried about SMTM turning into The Song Mino Show, but it turned out differently from my expectations. I enjoyed learning about other rappers, both mainstream and underground, which is what I truly wanted the most from SMTM.

Its always a joy to discover unfamiliar artists whose music you may enjoy, and Im looking forward to seeing them flourish in their careers, especially Basick. Im glad his risk paid off because there are many in his position who wouldve never even dreamed of doing what he did. His victory shows that you can still achieve your goals, no matter what your circumstances are. Congratulations, Basick!

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Kim Yoo-jeong, in reality more beautiful than flowers

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Kim Yoo-jeong, in reality more beautiful than flowers

Actress Kim Yoo-jeong posed all through photocall whilst she used to be attending the hole tournament of father up shop for "CRT300-Art of Classic" by way of New Balance, close to Daerim Art Gallery on September 4th.

New Balance has released their classic fashion CT300, which became firstly released in 1979, traffic to the store can view the quite so much of introduction in their 2015 products, history and pictorial of the recent collaborative works created by the corporate and globally noted artists.

Lee Seung Gi Joins 'Journey To The West' Reality Show

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Lee Seung Gi Joins 'Journey To The West' Reality Show

Lee Seung Gi is one of four k-celebs who will take part in the new travel-themed reality show "New Journey to the West."

The cast also includes emcee and comedian Kang Ho Dong, rapper, dancer, composer and former Sechs Kies member Eun Ji Won, and comedian Lee Soo Guen.

And reality show viewers may recognize the director"s name. Na Young Suk has directed a host of reality TV series, including "Grandpas Over Flowers" and "Three Meals A Day."

"Journey to the West" is based on a Chinese novel that was published during the Ming Dynasty. It is considered one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature and is known in English-speaking countries as "Monkey." It"s the story of a legendary pilgrimage involving a Buddhist monk and his protectors. The members of the quartet are known as The Monkey King, The Pig Guy, the Monk Sha and the Master. They undergo the pilgrimage to obtain some sacred texts but have to endure many trials along the way.

The modern day quartet of Lee Seung Gi, Kang Dong Ho, Eun Ji Won and Lee Soo Guen will also have missions to accomplish along the way and they won"t be easy. The original story has been described as a comic adventure and also a source of spiritual insight. Given the comedians taking part, the modern-day version will definitely focus on the comedy part, but they may also acquire some insight in their travels.

Trailers for the show were released in Korea on Aug. 25 and 28 and have so far had 2.5 million views. CJ EM produced the series.

"We are excited to introduce "New Journey to the West" to Chinese viewers through Tencent, one of the largest online platforms in the country," said Seo Jang Ho, head of International Sales and Acquisitions at CJ EM.

Lee Seung Gi has worked in dramas and films. His last k-drama was the police thriller "You"re All Surrounded" with Cha Seung Won. He recently appeared in the film "Love Forecast" with Moon Chae Won and next year can be seen in the film "Marital Harmony" with Shim Eun Kyung.

He"s no stranger to reality shows, having appeared on "Good Sunday, "Happy Sunday," "Love Letter," "Strong Heart," "Healing Camp," "Three Meals A Day" and "Running Man." He worked with Na Young Suk on "Sisters Over Flowers" and "1 Night, 2 Days."

DSP Media’s New Girl Group April Release Unique Virtual Reality Profile For Member SoMin

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DSP Media’s New Girl Group April Release Unique Virtual Reality Profile For Member SoMin

DSP Media"s new girl group April released a virtual reality profile for member SoMin on April 10.

Profiles for members JinSol, NaEun, ChaeWon, YeNa, and HyunJoo will be released at noon of each day following April 10.

SoMin"s profile contains a short description of her, photos that rotate 360, a teaser video, and an interview video. Its cute and unique design make people feel as if they"re reading a fairy tale book.

"April members had so much fun making this virtual profile book because it"s different from regular photoshoots," a source from DSP Media commented.

"We want many people to come and experience April"s profiles and have fun," the source added.

April will officially debut on August 24.

WonderGirls Shares Clips of Band Rehearsals on NewReality Show

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WonderbGirls /bShares Clips of Band Rehearsals on NewbReality /bShow In the primary episode of Wonder Girls‘ new show “Real Wonder Girls:The secret of Wonder Girls’ Comeback,” enthusiasts get a glimpse ofthe gang rehearsing as a four-member band with their instruments.

Although they haven’t beenready to performcontinue to exist mosttrack shows all the way through their comeback,the gang recentlycarried out versions in their hit songs “Tell Me,” “Nobody,” and “I Feel You” on their instruments at the show “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.”

Their new reality show’s first episodecapabilities clips of theindividuals practicing as a band asa long way back as September of 2014. They’re alsoobserved rehearsing their new edition of “Tell Me” in addition preparing to shoot theirdevice teaser videos for their new unmarried I Feel You.”

Yubinmay be seen gettinga bit of frustrated as she practices, and then she presentations off her pocket book of all her theory andtrack sheets that she’s beenoperating on.

You can watchthe sweetness Girlsindividuals rehearsebeneath entire with English subtitles!

Are you inspired by Wonder Girls’ musical skills?

wonder girls reboot album imageBeef up the artist by purchasing Album Title from YesAsia Related

Technology allowsregulate of things in virtual reality

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Technology allows<b>regulate </b>of things in virtual reality

When a man dressed in 3-D glasses raised his hand and poked it into the air, a work ofpicket in the screen used to be pushed apart and fell off. Soon after,every other man in the screen also driven out a work of wood.Here is the so-called "virtual fact Jenga" game.The two men have accessed virtual fact from other locations and are playing the game.

Park Jeong-min, a researcher at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology,acknowledged on Tuesday his team had evolved technology that permits users to govern things in almost reality as though they are real. In a not-so-distant future,it'll likely becomeconceivable for aa couple of number ofother individuals to play a game simultaneously from other locations, or medicalexecs tohabits simulation ofsurgical treatment in virtual fact in advance.

The studies team devised astrategy to manipulate things in virtual fact by the use of "kinect", a motionreputation sensor this is used inthree-D televisions or Microsofts game console "Xbox" First, the team inter-linked 3 3-D tv sets and installed two sensors on most sensible of them. Then, they reflected visualpictures from thethree-D televisions by the use of mirrors, and installed coordinates of virtual reality at the sensors. The team made the sensors to recognize knowledge on motions of the users who are if truth be told moving in genuine space, processing the coordinates of virtual and genuine spaces.Simply by dressed in 3-D glasses, users canenjoy a situation as though he is moving the thing in the 3-D video.

Microsoft also evolved a identical virtual fact device, yet it concerned complicated apparatus, and couldbest operateinside a area of 60 centimeters each and every of height, width and length. The tool developedby means of the Korean studies team can freelycross thingsinside virtual fact in a area about 2.3 times larger than that. the hot device also has a margin of about five millimeters, offering a top level of precision. People from other locations can simultaneouslyget admission to and move theidentical thing in virtual reality. The tool has won patent in Korea and the U.S.