VIXX N Says His Ideal Type is SNSDs Seohyun

VIXX N Says His Ideal Type is SNSDs Seohyun

VIXX N confessed that his ideal type is Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Seohyun.

February 25’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show invited BTS’s Rap Monster, VIXX’s N, TopDogg’s Sangdo as special guests.

About his ideal type, N said, “I like girls who are innocent and intelligent. For the outward appearance, I think SNSD’s Seohyun sunbaenim is the closest to being my ideal type.”

“I also think that Seohyun sunbaenim reads a lot and she is smart,” added N.

VIXX N Says His Ideal Type is SNSD’s Seohyun

Then DJ Jung Chan Woo made everyone laugh by saying, “If you like smart girls, you should date a librarian.”

Meanwhile, N surprised everyone by revealing that he once ranked number one in his class.

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SNSD"s Seohyun Says Yoo Jae Suk is Her Ideal Type

Girls′ Generation (SNSD) member Seohyun finally opened up and chose Yoo Jae Suk as her ideal type.

The singer appeared on the February 11 broadcast of Mnet′s The Beatles Code 2 with a handful of her fellow SNSD members.

In the ′Music 101′ section, in which stars talk about songs related to their first loves, Seohyun opened up on the man who first made her heart go aflutter.

After choosing Britney Spears′ Sometimes as her song, she added, "It′s a song related to my memories of feeling fluttery for the first time, though it may not exactly be first love."

Super Junior′s Shindong, MC of the show, asked, "Didn′t you say you don′t know what first love feels like? I thought you said you love Keroro," and Seohyun added, "That was six years ago. I didn′t live without feeling any feelings [of love] at all. I have felt excited before."

Seohyun is known for rarely showing interest in men, saying such things as "I like yams more then men" or "My ideal type is Ban Ki Moon."

The MCs showed interest at this show of love from her, and continued to ask what her ideal type is.

Seohyun answered, "[My ideal type is] Yoo Jae Suk. I like every part of him in general."

She commented that she thinks the eyes are the most important part of the face, and said, "I like eyes that are bright."

SNSD will launch its arena tour in Japan after wrapping up promotions for I Got a Boy in Korea.

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Kangta Picks SNSD As Ideal Girl Type,

Kangta Picks SNSD As Ideal Girl Type, "Yoona's Face, SooYoung's Personality"

kangta, girls generation, yoona, sooyoung

Kangta Picks SNSD As Ideal Girl Type, Yoona's Face, SooYoung's PersonalitySinger Kangta picked his ideal girl type from Girls' Generation, catching attention.

Kangta made an appearance in tvN Baek Ji Yeons People Inside that was aired on June 4, when MC asked Kangta for his ideal girl type, he answered "Yoona's face and Sooyoung's personality."

During the interview, Kangta revealed his honest thoughts and answers about dating and marriage.

He said, "Since 2007 I haven't dated. I could count my dating experiences with my fingers. After my debut as H.O.T, I dated total of 4 times, and out of them, my first love was the longest that I dated for 5 years."

He also talked about his fellow single singer Shin Seung Hoon, who had said "If I get married I'm scared I won't be able to write or sing sad ballad songs", but that he himself "could write sad ballad songs even if I got married tomorrow, revealing his desperation for marriage.

When the MC asked him for his ideal type, he answered "Looks are still very important to me. If I were to put it into words, I like the 'party' type mixed with 'good wife' type."

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Guess whos the ideal type girl of football star Ji Sung Parkits among SNSD!

Guess whos the ideal type girl of football star Ji Sung Parkits among SNSD!

Guess who’s the ideal type girl of football star Ji Sung Park—it’s among SNSD!

English Premier Leaguer Ji Sung Park’s favorite female idol star was recently released—SNSD’s Yoona.

In the episode of SBS’s I Love Sunday-Running Man that aired on June 3, World Cup for Park’s Dream Girl was featured off the bat. The footballer chose SNSD as his favorite girl group and chose Yoon among the members.

The Manchester United midfielder elicited strong responses by choosing SNSD over all the other girl groups such as miss A and Kara.

Comedian Haha, however, wasn’t satisfied by Park’s confession about his favorite girl group and suggested Park should reveal his favorite member among SNSD. As Park got flustered by the suggestion, Kim Jong Guk quipped, “We’re not saying you should go out with her.” The football star confessed, “It seems that I was envisioning that,” which made everyone laugh hard.

The huge fan of Yoona even recorded a video message to Yoona; “Hi, Yoona. I’m on my holiday. Do you have some time to spare?” Park’s unexpected suggestion to Yoona surprised all the members.

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Who Does Kim Yoo Jung Make a selection Over Park Bo Gum As Her Ideal Type

Who Does Kim Yoo Jung Make a selection Over Park Bo Gum As Her Ideal Type

Who Does Kim Yoo Jung Select Over Park Bo Gum As Her Ideal Type?leonid July 16, 2016 0 Who Does Kim Yoo Jung Select Over Park Bo Gum As Her Ideal Type? Kim Yoo Jung surprises with her solution when faced with the query of her ideal type.

The actress sits down for an interview at the July 17 episode of KBS2s Entertainment Relay, where she participates in a game of Ideal SortInternational Cup.

Seeing actor Sung Dong Ils call in the mix, the actress jokingly earns issues as a doablelong run daughter-in-law when she comments, I believe whats very important isnt my opinion, yet Joons (Sung Dong Ils son) opinion.

The ultimatecircular of the sport is a face-off between Sung Dong Il and Park Bo Gum, and Kim Yoo Jung selects the former as her ideal type over her upcoming drama Moonlight Drawn By way of Clouds co-star.

She explains, Sung Dong Il actually is my ideal type. I fell for his beyond photos, as pictures of the veteran actor from his more youthful days are revealed.

However, Kim Yoo Jung also most effective has praises for Park Bo Gum and says, Hes very kind. Hes so patient to the point that you could wonder how there generally is a guy like him in this world.

Meanwhile, those two young actors latest drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds premieres on August 15.

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Seo Kang Joon Explains Why His Ideal Type Is At all times  Other in Interviews

Seo Kang Joon Explains Why His Ideal Type Is At all times Other in Interviews

Seo Kang Joon Explains Why His “Ideal Type” Is At all timesOther in Interviewsilmare42 March 20, 2016 0 LINE it!Seo Kang Joon Explains Why His “Ideal Type” Is Always The several in Interviews In a up to date interview with “The Famous person Cupid,” actor Search engine optimization Kang Joon talks about fellow celebrities he’s close with, answers a question around his ideal type, and more!

When asked what famous person he’s closest with, as hostile to his fellow contributors of the crowd 5surprise, Seo Kang Joon alternatives his former Roommate housemate Lee Guk Joo. He adds, “I also changed intoin point of fact near alongside my co-stars whilst filming ‘Cheese in the Trap.’”

Seo Kang Joon also reveals that he’s now just rightpals with his fellow solid members of the SBS rangedisplay “Law of the Jungle,” adding AOA’s Seolhyun, 2PM’s Chansung, B1A4’s Sandeul, and more. “We’ve had a couple ofstaff dinners in combinationyeton account of my in a foreign country commitments, I haven’t been readyto move sometimes. Still, we remaininvolved and send messages in a set chat room. We’ve grow to be very close-knit,” he says.

In reaction to a fan who asks him to callanything he’d maximumlove to have, Seo Kang Joon answers, “I wish I used to be but two centimeters taller.” He adds that even supposing he doesn’t think he’s specifically short, his “Cheese in the Trap” co-stars Park Hae Jin and Nam Joo Hyuk were either taller than him, which made him wish he was oncejust a little taller.

Seo Kang Joon also explains why he always provides a different resolution when asked to describe his ideal type. “I always just answer with whatever I call to mind when I listen the query in an interview, but if reality exist told 1 don’t have a specific type,” he says. “I like those whoI will acceptsmart conversations with, who are wise, and who laugh a lot. The foremost thing isn’t whether they have compatibility my ‘type.’ It’s whether I fall for them.”

Although it was later reported that Seo Kang Joon was sickat the day of the interview, the actor does a truly perfectprocess answering enthusiasts questions kindly and candidly. Watch his interview in the video below!

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Stellar Dishes on Friendship With GFRIEND, Ideal Type, and Horny Concepts

Stellar Dishes on Friendship With GFRIEND, Ideal Type, and Horny Concepts

Stellar Dishes on Friendship With GFRIEND, Ideal Type, and HornyIdeas notclaira March 4, 2016 0 LINE it!Stellar Dishes on Friendship With GFRIEND, Ideal Type, and Sexy Concepts In a pictorial with International bnt, ladyteam Stellar mentioned their sexy concepts, ideal type, and their friendship with emergingwomancommunity GFRIEND.

“‘Marionette’ was once our ultimate chance,” the women explained in the interview. “We had to do an attractivethoughtso as to gain attention from the public.”

Hyoeun added, “I wish to shed our sexy symboland test out for an blameless or adorable concept. I wish toin finding Stellar’s own authentic color.” Gayoung said, “But at that time, we best had one chance. I only remorseful about that we couldn’t build at the care that we got.”

On the subject of ideal type, the girls of Stellar proved they were up with the daysvia naming contemporary “Cheese in the Trap” famous person Park Hae Jin as their ideal man. “I’m his fan,” Gayoung said. “I used to visitthe similar hair salon as him, but I used to be so embarrassed I couldn’t even glance at him in the process the mirror. I remorse that I didn’t greet him at that time.”

“I don’t care about age difference,” Hyoeun acknowledged approximately her own ideal type. “I needany individual who has a cute, puppyish eye-smile.”

Member Minhee, on the alternative hand, published her close dating with GFRIEND. “I’m close with Yerin,” she said. “She’s like my more youthful sister.”

Stellar, known for their sexy concepts in “Marionette” and “Vibrato,” lately wrapped up their promotions for their newest song “Sting.”

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Shim Eun Kyung unearths which Oscar nominee is her ideal type

Shim Eun Kyung unearths which Oscar nominee is her ideal type

Actress Shim Eun Kyung published which in a foreign country actor has stuck her eye in fresh yearsthroughout her appearance on MBC radio's 'Bae Chul Soo's Song Camp' on February 26.

DJ Bae Chung Soo said, "Were there no men who asked you out?" and she replied, "I do not mean so."

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Moving on, she used to be asked about her ideal type, and she said, "I like men who are like good-looking young men.  Recently, there has been a male actor by way of the call of Eddie Redmayne in the film 'Danish Girl,' and his smile became so pretty.  I think I love men who give off that feeling.  While observing the movie, I watched it while falling into his smile.  His acting also left a deep impression, and I think like even winning the maximum efficient male actor award would not existample for his acting."

Maybe the 2 can some day act together!


Who is Lovelyz ideal type

Who is Lovelyz ideal type

Lovelyz mentioned their ideal kindsall through the interview with 'GEEK'.

Last year, Lovelyz first album 'Lovely8' with the name song "Ah-choo" won attention with its authentic melody. These days Lovelyz is appearing a new facet of them during thedisplay 'Lovelyz in Wonderland'.

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During the interview with 'GEEK', Lovelyz was once asked about their ideal types. Kei changed into commencementto answer to as she said, "I like somebody who is comfy to be with, has leadership, and also humorous." Baby Soul then answered, "I like great guys."

The women were also asked about their ideal White Day dates. They were asked what they would wish to do if they were given an afternoonto move on a date with their ideal type.

Ryu Soo Jung answered, "I wish toconsume cake at a coffee shop, and walk at the streets keeping hands." And then Jin answered, "I needto glance at a movie, and I would like him to stroll me to my house."

Lovelyz had lovely small desires for their dream date. More in theirtaleand beautifulpicturesmay also bediscovered in the March factor of 'GEEK'.


Who is Ladies' Code Juni's ideal type

Who is Ladies' Code Juni's ideal type

On February 24, Ladies' Code held their exhibit for unmarried album 'MYST3RY'!

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During the click conference, a reporter asked member Juni if there were any men that looked as though it wouldpercentagethe similar 'code' as the singer. Juni replied, "There's somebody 1would actually like to share an analogous 'code' with. I haveacknowledged so since debut, yet my ideal kind is Choi Siwon. He isrecently serving in the military, but if I have the opportunity, I would like to movediscuss with him with a signed CD."

She did notcling back her fan-ship for the Super Junior member, adding, "I'm the kind ofmassive fan, and all around my career, I would favor to befriend Siwon. If our CEO lets in it, I willcheck out my very best to stopover at him in the army."

Juni is such an adorable fan of Siwon!