EXO Fans Are Mad At The Gaon Chart Rankings Because of This

EXO Fans Are Mad At The Gaon Chart Rankings Because of This

As many fans of K-Pop expected, EXO’s recent comeback with “KoKo Bop” off of their ‘The War’ album is taking over the charts and all of Korea by storm. However, EXO fans are upset with the recent ‘Gaon Chart’ rankings for this reason.

Gaon Chart had made some tweaks and changes to the rankings and made a mistakewith EXO in the process and fans noticed almost immediately. The Gaon Social Chart features YouTube and YinYueTai links for all of the artists, except EXO’s new album.

Gaon also announced that they made changes to the Social Chart statistics to only collect data from YouTube, Twitter and YinYueTai, and no longer includes data from Weibo. Unfortunately, the new changes directly affected EXO as each of the members’ teasers had received millions of views alone. One prime example is EXO’s Sehun whose teaser release broke 2 million views in just 1 hour! It now has over 9 million.

A similar situation happened last year where Goan Chart counted EXO’s last album has two separatealbums, counting their records from the Chinese and Korean markets differently. How do you feel about Gaon Charts new changes? Is it unfair to EXO?